Your opinion on Voltorb?

Discussion in 'Trading Figure Game' started by Jigglychu, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Jigglychu

    Jigglychu New Member

    What do you think of Voltorb? At first glance he seems worthless, but has an interesting use...

    VOLTORB:lightningMP 3

    29% - Explosion ** -Voltorb and all surrounding Pokemon are Knocked Out.
    29% - Tackle (10)
    29% - Spark (20)
    13% - Miss

    3 MP is always a good thing, you can manuver around quickly to get to the goal. But almost all of Voltorb's results are bad. Miss, and weak attacks, and one purple attack that KOs itself also. But since a pokemon can't get out of the PC until another takes its spot, If Voltorb explodes, it not only KOs your opponent, but gets your better pokemon out of the PC and back into play!
  2. Yggdrasill

    Yggdrasill New Member

    Voltorb can be decent, but it's very situational. And, most likely, it'll be Knocked Out because you'll either spin miss, or one of the white attacks.

    Explosion is ok, but will most likely bring down just Voltorb and the defending Pokemon. In the case that it's not surrounded, it can also take down one more. But, just as often, it can take down one of your own as well.

    I'd much rather use Absol, if you're determined to move some Pokemon out of your Center without the use of Max Revive. Packing 2 MP, a decent 70 damage white attack, and no Miss spaces makes Absol better, in my opinion. And double edge will act pretty much in the same manner as Voltorb's Explosion.
  3. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    Yes Absol is about 10X more consistant. All of it's attacks aren't terrible and useless like voltorb.
  4. Jigglychu

    Jigglychu New Member

    I see..... I'll have to get my hands on an Absol then.

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