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    Okay, where we play Pokemon, the older ones of us are building new decks based upon the G/S/C Gameboy Gym leader's decks. We've got the little metal badges that we can use as prizes for our winners, but we only have the first 6 gyms (Zephyr Badge = Flying, Hive Badge = Bug, and so on. if you've played G/S/C, you know what I'm talking about). Anyways, this is a deck that I've designed for the Flying-type gym, but instead of using the traditional pokemon (Pidgey, Spearow, etc.), I've opted for some slightly more 'exotic' pokemon to put in there.

    Anyways, let me know what you think, and any suggestions/comments are welcome.
    The main cards I won't use are Energy Removal type cards, Bill, and cards like PokemonBreeder / Rare Candy (not that those two'd be much use in this deck), and this deck has to keep with Flying types, or dual-type pokemon that have one of them as Flying.

    "Zephyr" deck

    2 x Taillow (Ruby&Sapphire)
    2 x Swellow (RuSa)
    3 x Aerodactly (Fossil)
    3 x Murkrow (NeoGenesis)
    3 x Gligar (Skyridge)
    3 x Mysterious Fossil [Trainer] (Sandstorm)
    3 x Claw Fossil [Trainer] (Sandstorm)

    4 x Fossil Egg (NeoDiscovery)
    4 x Switch
    4 x Potion
    2 x Fast Ball (Sk)
    1 x Pokemon Fan Club (Aquapolis)
    1 x Oracle (Sk)
    1 x Professor Birch (RuSa)
    1 x Professor Oak's Research
    1 x Narrrow Gym (Gym Heroes)
    1 x Pokemon Tower (Promo)

    4 x Darkness Energy (RuSa / Sand)
    4 x Recycle Energy (NeoGen)
    8 x Fighting Energy
    4 x Multi Energy (Sand)

    The main strategy is to get Aerodactyl out on the bench so that your opponent can't evolve. Then we either get Gligar out there to poison/paralyse them, or put the Darkness energy on Murkrow to boost it's Feint Attack (up to a maximum of 60 - base 20+ 4xDarkness energy).
    Failing that, I'll use the Fossils as cannon fodder (Claw fossil, though technically not necessary for this deck, is useful coz it does damage back to them), and let them get knocked out while I charge up my pokemon.
    The Narrow gym is there so that they have less room to put out pokemon and charge them up, and as I'm not intending on having the fossils on the bench (so they don't get killed before they can be useful), I won't need the room.
    I have the Recycle energy to help my pokemon retreat, and if I get out PokemonTower, sure I won't be able to get it back into my hand, but in that case it's just like any other energy I could use, isn't it? The PokemonTower is so that if I'm up against a deck where they discard energy and the like, they can't get it back, and as I have no cards to return stuff from my discard pile, that's no problem for me.
    The only problems are if I have my Gligar/Murkrow with a Recycle energy and a Multi Energy, but if that happens, I'll just retreat using the Recycle.
    I'm considering going back to two of the claw fossils and putting in an AerodactylEx, but I'm not sure - what do you recommend?

    Anyways, post your comments and suggestions, and let me know what you think!
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