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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by PokemonFTW, May 6, 2010.

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  1. PokemonFTW

    PokemonFTW New Member

    The strategy behind this deck is to discard your entire hand T1 using Banette's pokepower, then use Exeggutor's first attack to have your opponent shuffle their hand into their deck and draw 0 cards, while you draw a new hand based on how many cards your opponent had in their hand. After your opponent has no hand you just finish them off with Banette SW hitting for 80 every turn.

    The List:

    Pokemon: 22
    3- Shuppet PL
    2/2- Banette PL/SW
    4- Exeggcute LA
    2- Exeggutor LA
    2- Baltoy SV
    3- Claydol GE
    1- Uxie LA
    1- Regice LA
    1- Unown Q MD
    1- Unown E MT

    T/S/S: 28
    4- Broken Time Space
    3- Rare Candy
    4- Pokemon Collector
    4- Poke Drawer +
    4- Pokedex HANDY910is
    2- Bebe's Search
    4- Pokemon Communication
    2- Expert Belt
    1- Palmer's Contribution

    Energy: 10
    4- Call
    6- Psychic

    The Break Down

    Shuppet PL- Best Shuppet in the format. Could possibly get a donk using fade out plus expert belt.
    Banette PL- You mostly just use his power to discard cards, can also be a decent attacker hitting for 60 if you have no cards in your hand.
    Banette SW- This will be your main attacker hitting for 80 if you have another Banette in your discard. You can also use this Banette for a donk using the first attack.
    Exeggcute LA- Great starter, can use the first attack to set up a Shuppet and a Baltoy on the bench if you go first and can't play trainers.
    Exeggutor LA- He is here for his first attack, used to get your opponents hand to 0.
    Baltoy SV- I use this Baltoy over the GE one because it is searchable using Exeggcute's first attack.
    Claydol GE- Draw power.
    Uxie LA- Draw power.
    Regice LA- He is in here so that if they start with a tomb you can switch it out to play trainers, can also use his power to discard Banettes and such.
    Unown Q- Gives stuff free retreat so you don't have to waste and energy attachment.
    Unown E- Used to give Banette +10 HP so you can use ghost head to donk pokemon with 80 HP, like Luxray GL and Garchomp C.

    Possible Techs:
    Slowking SS/HG- For manipulating what they draw to make sure they don't get anymore pokemon out so you can win the the first couple turns.
    Allakazam MT- Can be used to stop them from using powers such as Uxie's setup and Claydol's cosmic power to draw more cards, if they manage to get one of them out.
  2. iamapwnda

    iamapwnda New Member

    wow, that is a pretty interesting strategy. The problem I see is that it will be hard to get both your stage 1s out t1, but if you do it later, you could get rocked by claydol or a volkners or something.
  3. Spink

    Spink New Member

    I've thought of a similar deck, but using Shiny Milotic to attack because it con't take damage if you have no cards in your hand. I would recommend Night Teleporter because it can quickly reduce hour hand to 0.
  4. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    i don't like the 2-3 claydol, -1 'dol for 1 exeggutor.
  5. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    Pluspowers might help, so you can use a Shuppet Fade Out attacking strategy. It might be more effective than using Banette's attack. Banette's attack does require two energy, and it also is a Stage 1. I also think BTS is more efficient in getting out your Stage 1s than Rare Candy.
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