10 minutes not long enough for GB matches

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by JohnnyBlaze, Aug 28, 2003.

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  1. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Based on my experience at the Milford, Mass. Ruby & Sapphire Challenge, I feel that 10 minutes is not nearly long enough for Game Boy matches. I would propose at most 20 minutes and at the least 15 minutes.

    Here is my reasoning:
    - With moves like Recover and Rest it can take at least 8 minutes for just 1 Pokemon to be knocked out. Then when the 2 minute warning is announced the Recover, rest, Pokemon is at full health and cant be taken out in 2 minutes. I know this because although cheap, I used this manuever in 2 of my matches.

    - With the amount of switching Pokemon in and out of battles along with the cut scenes and the amount of time waiting in between turns wastes plenty of time.

    -This is more of a question. At the end of 10 minutes there were plenty of times that people had Pokemon remaining. What happens in the event that 1 person has 2 Pokemon remaining and the other has 3 Pokemon remaining? I feel that simialr as the TCG it should be declared a tie. No one trainer actually lost the battle they just lost a pokemon. Maybe if any, the trainer with the most Pokemon should be given only 1 point instead of 2.
  2. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    You have some good ideas to consider.

    We had a great time with the Game Boy added
    to the event. I see lots of interest in future Game
    Boy side events.

    :clap: 1-----1 :clap:
  3. Tego

    Tego New Member

    I agree. A GBA match can take just as long time as a Sealed TCG match. Cut-scenes, attack animations, and the slow link speed (why is R/S multiplayer so slow?) make games long.
  4. soslowpoke

    soslowpoke New Member

    Thats odd...we never even had to call the 8 minute mark for any of the games last weekend. (And before you say anyting, we had 27 players)
  5. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Or, I once got into a Giga Drain (or maybe it was Mega Drain) seesaw battle with someone once that went beyond 10 minutes.

    Everyone hates the tiebreaker when it goes against them. But, in most cases, the tiebreakers ususally reward the more aggressive player. Manuevers like Recover are great defensive moves, but IMO, if the intent is to use multiple Recovers (or similiar defensive moves) merely to slowly drain your opponent's PP's, well, I'd certainly not consider that aggressive. However, if the intent to to stall a turn or two in order to Revive/Restore your main attacker, well, now that's smart (and aggressive).

    But, nevertheless, I can understand how tiebreakers are not perfect. But, if you know you're going to a tournament where tiebreakers will be used in timed games, that's just part of the metagaming.

    That said, I agree that 10 minutes is way to short for some 3-Pokemon match. I'd say at least 15 minutes (or 5 minutes per Pokemon if your teams are bigger), but still use the tiebreakers.

    Last edited: Aug 28, 2003
  6. ilc

    ilc New Member

    Yeah what soslow said. I think 10 minutes is more than enough, not once did I even cross the 8min mark.
  7. babayaga

    babayaga New Member

    I'm a little confused; this is the second time I've seen reference to a draw at the end of time for a TCG match with unequal knockouts. I'm assuming here that one TCG game parallels one single GBA battle.

    AFAIK, the DCI Pokemon Floor Rules (and the Universal FL) are the only rules around that govern timed events. The rulebooks don't even mention timed events. Under DCI rules (#216), at the end of time the player with fewer prizes (meaning that he or she has knocked out more of his or her opponent's Pokemon) is declared the winner of the game. A draw is only declared if both players have the same number of prizes at the end of regulation time.

    Yet there are references to a TCG draw when players have unequal numbers of Pokemon left/knocked out. Is there something here that I'm not understanding?

    I do think that the tournament GB battles need to parallel the TCG games as much as possible, and the method of determining game winner, whether it's prize delta or some other mechanism, should be the same for both in the new Official Formats. So, if we were to be consistent with the DCI rules, when time is called on a GBA battle, the player with the most remaining Pokemon would be the winner. I'm not saying that I agree with this rule, but it is what would be consistent with the current standard.
  8. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    So, if we were to be consistent with the DCI rules, when time is called on a GBA battle, the player with the most remaining Pokemon would be the winner. I'm not saying that I agree with this rule, but it is what would be consistent with the current standard. - Beth

    Yes I agree Beth. The question that should follow that reasoning is how many points should be awarded? In the TCG, 2 points are awarded for an adjudicated win. So in GB, then the player that won in that fashion should only get 1 point instead of the full 2.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2003
  9. Tego

    Tego New Member

    But again, 1 point for time win doesn't sound right. We need some official ruling on this. :/
  10. Ultramew

    Ultramew New Member

    A. Is this the correct forum for GameBoy matches?


    B. I agree, 10 minutes isn't long enough. What about us Baton Passers? It takes a long time to power up...
  11. babayaga

    babayaga New Member

    I'm unfamiliar with any rules that define different point awards for different types of wins. Could someone please tell me where this is hiding?

    As far as time limit goes, I personally didn't have a problem with time, but I think that extending the time to 15 minutes would be reasonable.
  12. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Notice that the Ruby Sapphire was a Biathlon:
    Hence, we had to run 6 rounds to balance the
    two different parts of the Tournament.

    The Trading Card Game received FOUR points for a win.
    The Game Boy received TWO points for a win.

    In a Game Boy Side Event such as what we will be
    running at The Sandstrom Prelease in Orlando,
    it would be very easy to simply use the exact same
    scoring system as the one that has always been
    used for the Trading Card Game:
    3 Points for a Bye
    3 Points for a Win
    2 Points for a Time Victory
    1 Point for a Tie
    0 Points for a Loss
    This could be done because it is all Game Boy.

    As far as the time limit goes, that is something that
    Pokemon USA needs to think about...
  13. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Yes agree that there was to little time for GB battles at the R/S challenge I once bareley made with like thirty seconds!:mad:
  14. Dek

    Dek New Member

    I think I see where people are going with the GBA battles and all 3 PKMN arent KO'ed. Therefore, I have an idea...

    How this works: If all 3 pokemon on a certain arent KO'ed by the 10 minute limit, the Judges should do the following:

    See how many pokemon are left on one side. See how many are left on the other side. Whoever has the most pokemon left of their side of the battle field wins. But what happens if both players have one pokemon left? Luckily, I'm prepared for soemthing like this:

    1. take one team's pokemon, add the current amount of HP of all 3 pokemon together, add the total HP of all 3 pokemon together, divide the current HP total with the total HP total, and you get a percent.
    2. Do the same routine with the other player's pokemon to get a percent.
    3. Whoever has the highest percent wins the match

    It sounds a little crazy and a waste of time, but I think it would really help out in the next R/S challenge.
  15. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/member.php?u=15

    At the Salt Lake City R&S Challenge that 10 mins to play the Game Boy part of the tournament was more then enough for most of the tournament. Only once did I have a pair not finish it in time. If the time needs to be changed I think 15 mins for that part of the tournament would be more then needed. Most of the TCG part of the tournament finished before the 15 mins of the round so it should be plenty for the GBA part
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