1st Place Kansas States Seniors With VileGar

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by dialga master, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    March 12, 2011

    Lenexa Kansas

    Ok, so this is my first of 2 reports I will be writing.

    So I get to the store at 10:00 and see it already crowded. I talk to people and learn that VileGar is the play for masters. That's what I'm playing, and I hoped that people in my division would not be playing that, because I can't beat the mirror. ☹ So we wait, and at 11:30, they post the pairings. We have 24 people, with 5 rounds and a top 4. I'm in seniors.

    Round 1 vs ??? w/ random
    I start and see he has a dialga. I'm like ☹. So I recover and start setting up. He gets scizor pime out with no energy, and I snipe around it. I really mess him up when I get the prime and LZ a lot of good cards from his hand. I 6-0 him.


    Round 2 vs??? w/ BLG
    I get setting up quick, but he has a blaziken start and luring flames stuff. Luckily I have unown q on the gloom he brought up so I retreat it and KO his Blaziken. He gets stuff like like luxrays and garchomps, but I just run through him because he has 5 trainers in his hand he can't get rid of.


    Round 3 vs Jared L. w/ LuxChomp
    He's playing luxchomp, and I know he teched in absol to beat vile, so I'm a little scared.
    I go first with an unown q start. He has garchomp C DCE.


    We get a 1 hour lunch break, and after people finish in masters, we all go to Mr. Goodcents. While we were there, I learn that someone is playing mewperior, and learn that if I play it, I will definatly loose. I also have to win out to make top cut now..

    Round 4 vs Isaiah w/……… Roserade!!
    Whew, dogged a bullet this round.

    He starts with roselia vs my gastly. I get collector and get tomb, oddish etc. I retreat my gastly and start to set up with my spiritomb. He soon gets a roserade hitting for massive damage against me, but I shadow room KO his roserade because it has a power. He doesn't have much else and I win


    Ok, so if I want to make topcut, I have to win this game.

    Round 5 vs ??? w/……. Oh no…. dialgachomp

    Ahhhhh!!!!! I didn't even know someone was playing dialga!!!

    Ok, so I get a good setup. He has garchomp active and attaches to benched dialga. I start setting up a vileplume and a gengar SF. He then gets dialga and attaches to it. I do stuff and end. He then retreats garchomp and Lv. Ups his dialga to dialga Lv. X, then uses defen. After I draw he's Like "Oh NO!!! I misplayed." He forgot to use the many trainers in his hand. >.<
    I then retreat my spiritomb and get gengar and poltergeist for 150. He then sends up crobat and aaons the dialga line back. I have bebes and a gastly with an energy benched. I draw….. HAUNTER!! I evolve gastly with haunter and bebes to get the gengar prime and evlolve using BTS. I retreat and hurl into darkness his Dialga Lv. X. The rest of the game is down hill for him from here.

    Ok, so after this round, it lookes like this.

    We will have a top 4

    Vance (ChenLock)

    Jared (LuxChomp w/ absol)
    Me (Vilegar)
    Randy (gyarados)
    William (LuxChomp ERL)

    One 4-1 won't make it in the top cut. They post the thingy and it lookes like

    1st Vance K. 5-0
    2nd Jared L. 4-1
    3rd William 4-1
    4th Me 4-1

    Wooo!! I made it!

    We turn in our decks and I play BW against vance.
    We get our decks back and start the top cut.

    Top 4 vs Vance K. w/ ChenLock

    Game 1
    I start unown q and he donks me.

    Ahhh!! Not again!


    Game 2
    I get a gastly. He gets rid of copycat with initiative. I draw spiritomb and play BTS to evolve to haunter. I retreat to spiritomb and darkness grace to gengar. He ko's my spiritomb. I draw.. Lv. Up gengar, and polturgiest. I do this for 4 turns and take 4 prizes because he has a ton of supporters in his hand and can't get judge. By the time he KO's gengar, I already have enough stuff to win.


    I think, oh gosh.. we don't have much time left, and he has a big advantage in sudden death.

    Game 3
    I start spiritomb with a collector and uxie in hand. He uses initiative of off impersonate. He gets double tails and is like ☹ I then use collector and uxie, and after d-grace have a gengar and vileplume out. He asks the judge if he can flip the table, but the judge says he can't. :p He the KO's tomb. I get gengar and take a lot of prizes and win.

    He's disappointed that he looses to me because of initiative flips.

    Well, it happens. ☹

    Anyway, jared wins his games and I have to play him. This is just like states last year…. *flashback moment*

    Top 2 vs Jared L. w/ Luxchomp w/ Absol

    Game 1
    I have uxie and oddish and draw all energy. GG



    Game 2
    I get mega setup. I have vileplume and a powered up gengar turn 2-3. He has a lot of pokemon, but has a hand of 10 traniers. He scoops.


    The judge says the 30 minute mark hasn't passed yet, so we take our time shuffling.

    Game 3
    I get stuff turn 3-4. He gets luxray bright look on vile, then I warp energy it back and KO luxray. He tries to get rid of psychic on gengar with tailcode, but I have one on my hand and attach and KO ambipom. He gets out absol and KO's gengar, and I flip heads on FS. He has nothing else and I sweep. GG


    So I win Kansas states going 6-1.
    I get a booster box, medal (coming in mail), $300 travel rewards at nats, a mat, and a round 1 bye at nationals. (I think)

    Jack for top 4'ing
    Pat with magnezone
    Everyone who made this possibly
    Mr. Goodcents


    I will write one for MO states, which is next week.
    If you want my list PM me.

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. DonphanAtoZ

    DonphanAtoZ New Member

    I'm smashing my keyboard right now. It's by chance that it made this message while I'm smashing it.

    ---------- Post added 03/12/2011 at 09:42 PM ----------

    Anyways good job. I'm disappointed I lost t4, woulda rolled Jared so hard like in swiss.
  3. pjwlrs

    pjwlrs New Member

    u lucksacked 17 times
  4. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Vance you would not have rolled me and in Swiss you topped double spray...
    Congrats Noah good game I have to win MO again though!!
  5. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    Yeah thanks!
    Gotta defend your title!
    (I'll still try to win though ;)


    I noticed that 3 of the 4 people in the top cut used purple sleeves...
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2011
  6. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Only Deema didn't have purple sleeves XD

    I'm going to write a report as soon as I can get my new computer working
  7. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    Thats good.
    Vance should write one.
    What happeded after I left?
  8. Hammertime

    Hammertime New Member

    Makes since that since it's the play in Masters, it's the play in Seniors.
  9. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Jack lost to Tim in top 4.
  10. Happiny13

    Happiny13 Active Member

    ^Not always. And great job Noah. I think you'll get like 90 points from this. gg. Vile is soo good.
  11. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    My report is up GG
  12. Hammertime

    Hammertime New Member

    Insert indication of sarcasm here.
  13. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    sweet im in the props.

    also chad vile is average.
  14. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    What do you mean by average??
    You always say that!!
  15. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Pete cheated me at yougio (the average game) he didnt tell me the rules. Then Brit beat him like 20 times in a row.
  16. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    it's just decent, nothing special.
  17. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    He said I couldn't bench monsters during setup and then he discarded my hand T1
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2011
  18. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    Jack made Top 4?
  19. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    you would have known if you didn't leave right after you won.
  20. DonphanAtoZ

    DonphanAtoZ New Member

    They deleted my report about x-0ing with palkia. wow. have fun ppl.

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