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    The bell rings friday, and I head out of school and drive up to Clint's house with my friend Dillon.

    We arrive there, I am for sure going to be playing Mad ol' Hatter, since I won my last city with it.

    Clint had to go to pep band for about three hours so Dillon and I stayed and play tested.

    We wake up and head out to Tualitin for the City Championship, meet up with Ben and Keegan.

    MASTERS: 20-25 People
    TOP 4 CUT

    Round 1
    vs. Dillon McCord
    I get frusturated because we played first round and it was not fair at all :frown:
    I start off with shuppet, ascension, I cannot remember what he started with, I believe a ralts. I remember this game being pretty close, I get out lati-lock to stop his blastoise d CG and then he knocks out my banette by flipping two prize card over and then I have to stall with latias d, he had to flip three prize cards over to knock it out, I get banette out and knock it out, and end up pulling it off for the win.
    gg sir


    Round 2
    vs. Stephen
    Shiftry ex PK
    I am like GASP because he is resistant and I am weak, he starts off by attaching, I ascension and what not. He goes and candies skill hacks my... omg nothing :) next turn I er2 his special dark and lay down a Crystal beach cuz I know he plays four boost. the game seems to go my way, he accidently skill hacks my ghost head thinking he could not ko my banette with the second attack and thinks weakness was applied with it or something, he misplays I ko it next turn and I end up winning.
    gg sir


    Lunch, Andrew, Ben and I head over to C. jr for lunch, I have never laughed so hard in my life, wow Ben is funny. We try to be responsible and walk to the crosswalk and then when we get there, there is a sign saying "Crosswalk Closed" so we are like WTH? So we break the law and cross the street OMG. Wow that was a fun break, back to the tourney.

    Round 3
    vs. Rich (Clint's Dad)
    So once again the odds are against me : / He starts with absol no energy passes and I ascension again and he attaches and winds away my banette FTW : ) I er2 his energy cuz I have no pluspower or anything to KO his absol. He gets energy drought the game cuz of my er2's I win woo.
    gg sir


    Round 4
    vs. Ben
    I told him to play 3-2-1 delcatty, BUT NO he didn't listen and played 4-3-1 delcatty, so he starts with skitty. Fails on the tail whip I ascension and do 80 t2 for the ko he sends up blissey for little damage then I just pummle him sorry sir : ( But come on its Ben : )
    gg sir


    Round 5
    vs. Kayhon (CyberManectricEx)
    He starts off badly and I end up turn 3'in him ftw, knocking out his absol t2 and kirlia t3, sorry man.
    gg sir


    WOO 1st Seed!

    Top 4
    1. Daniel - Banette
    2. Rich - DWD
    3. Kayhon (cybermanectricex) - Gardy/Gallade/Absol
    4. Cory (corypoke2) - Gardy/Gallade/Furret

    GAME 1
    vs. Cory

    Ugh I hate myself, I start off doing somewhat okay he just gets shiftry ex and pummles me WHYYYYYYYY, but it was close game at the end.


    GAME 2

    DEAL HAND I WAS LIKE WTH MAN. I am mad, I start with minun, he does likewise, except I have this as a hand, 1 Lake boundary, 2 CB, 2 CC, 1 Celios, 1 Minun
    I dont get energy until t5 about and I lose I was mad :mad:

    I still go 5-1 and Kayhon ends up winning the tourney.

  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    wow! Mad ol' Hatter.. I HELPED MAKE THAT OMGBBQ!!!!!!!!!!! and nice job losing to g&g = /

    I wonder if clints dad still thinks the deck is bad = D
  3. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Hehehe, that lunch was so freakin' awsome. Stupid crosswalk being closed and ben offering fries to every car that passed on the way back XD. Good job. And he played the same person first round sunday as his above report. Sucky. Good job on making top cut both days.
  4. Team_Rocket_Prodigy

    Team_Rocket_Prodigy New Member

    waiting for your second report. . . .


    I will do it either tonight or tomorrow lol I have been busy lately sorry Clint.

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