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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by gohanposter, Apr 17, 2004.

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  1. gohanposter

    gohanposter New Member

    i have two decks for states that i want to make. but i dont know which one too use.Can you guys tell me which one i should use and any improvements to them....

    1st deck

    "The Green Dragon"

    4x treecko(dont know which one to use)
    2x groyvle(slash)
    3x scepticle(energy trance)
    2x scepticle EX
    3x dunsparce
    1x wobbuffet
    2x magikarp(dragons)
    2x gyrados(dragons)
    1x ditto(copy)

    3x multi energy
    3x boost energy
    14x grass

    3x POR
    4x Rare candy
    3x TV reporter
    3x pokemon reversal
    2x pokemon nurse
    2x switch
    1x chrystal shard
    1x PETM

    Strategy-Scepticle can do very well, but everybody keeps saying the blaziken EX owns the deck. i really dont see why, because blaziken EXs attack doesnt add weakness or resistance, so this deck will fair as good of chance as ant other deck. but i also added gyrados to OHKO blaziken EX. i can energy trance an energy to him, have a multi already attached and add a boost and kill the blaziken EX in one hit. i can also pokemon reversal the blaze and hopefully get heads and OHKO it that way. just let me know what you think and fixes.

    2nd Deck

    "psycic explosion"

    Ralts x4(dont know which to use)
    kirlia x2
    gardevior x3
    gardevior EX x2
    wynaut x3
    wobbuffet x3
    ditto x1

    boost energy x3
    psycic energy x15

    POR x3
    TV reporter x4
    potion x2
    oran berry x2
    pokemon reversal x3
    chrystal shard x2
    rare candy x4
    PETM x2
    masterball x2

    Strategy- i think that everybody really underestimates the power of gardy. i can stand toe to toe with blaze because of blaziken EX weakness and i have shards for rayquaza. It has pokemon reversal for some extra advantage on your opponet. I think this deck could do very well. Again just let me know what you think and any fixes you see necessary.
  2. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Safer w/ gardevoir. Sceptile will get pummeled by blaziken.

    The fix for Gard:

    "psycic explosion"

    -1 ditto
    -1 psy energy
    -2 potion
    -2 masterball
    -2 tv reporter
    +1 wynaut
    +1 boost energy
    +2 oran berry
    +2 copycat/POR (depends on your opp's deck speed)
    +2 switch

    Hopefully you can see where Im going w/ this. If you need any other modifications, let us know.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2004
  3. gohanposter

    gohanposter New Member

    ok, thanks. ill try that out and see what happens....
  4. lanturn1234

    lanturn1234 New Member

    Fix "green dragon"

    - 1 sceptile energy trans
    + 1 sceptile lizard poison
    - 2 magicarp
    - 2 gyrados
    + 2 wailmer
    + 2 wailord
    - 1 ditto
    + 1 crystal shard
    -2 switch
    + 2 petm
    - 1 grass
    - 1 multi
    + 2 low pressure systym
    -1 rare candy
    +1 dunsparse

    revised deck

    pokemon: 20

    4 treeko
    2 grovoyle
    2 sceptile ( energy trans)
    2 sceptile ex
    1 sceptile ( lizard poison)
    4 dunsparse
    1 wobbuffet
    2 wailmer
    2 wailord

    trainers: 21

    3 por
    3 petm
    3 tv reporter
    3 pokemon reversal
    2 pokemon nurse
    2 chrystal shard
    2 low pressure systym
    3 rare candy

    energy: 18
    13 grass
    3 boost
    2 multi

    Well sorry in the revise deck their are only 59 cards but any way fill it in as you please. The lps are for eneergy trans sceptile to keep it alive and to counter ninekin´s strategy, the waailord works well with boost to kill blazikensn and rayquaza´s ( with chrystal shard). Good luck at the states hope I helped. :D
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