2 new cards: Bonus Damage & Shaymin Sky Forme Lv.X!

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  1. Wish Of The Star

    Wish Of The Star New Member


    Bonus Damage

    When your active Pokémon uses an attack that has a cost with an energy card the same as that Pokémon's type, the attack does an extra 30 damage. (Do not apply weakness & resistance for defending/benched Pokémon)

    Shaymin Sky Forme Lv.X----:grass::colorless--150 HP

    :ppowr: Forme Transformation

    This Pokémon can only be put in play on any Shaymin Lv.X. You can take Shaymin Sky Forme Lv.X and move all damage counters and energy cards onto the Shaymin Lv.X that this card was placed on, this counts as de-evolving Shaymin Sky forme Lv.X.

    :grass::grass: Sweet Scent

    Flip a coin, if heads, the defending Pokémon cannot attack next turn, if tails, draw 2 cards.

    :grass::grass::grass: Energy Ball----60+

    Flip a coin, if tails, remove one energy card from Shaymin Sky Forme Lv.X and this attack does 50 + 10 damage.

    :grass::grass::grass::grass::grass:Seed Flare---130

    Remove 4 energy cards from Shaymin Sky Forme Lv.X, if you don't this attack does nothing.

    Weakness: :fire::water:+30
    Resistance: None
    RC: :colorless:colorless:colorless:colorless
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  2. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Ugh, you might want to remove the Glacedia Flower thing. After all, they don't use evolutionary requirements in the TCG.

    Energy Ball could do more damage.

    Seed Flare discards too much and doesn't do enough damage.
  3. Wish Of The Star

    Wish Of The Star New Member

    Advice taken and used!

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