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    I decided after reading others reports to post how my cities went. Not remembering to much, I played Electivire Blissey for all of my cities and did not change the deck list at all during this time. I played in a total of 6 cities this year.

    My first cities were at Gamers Inc Cuyahoga Falls Ohio.

    At this city I went 4-1 in swiss.

    Round 1 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. ??.

    My first game I played against an Electivire/Ampharos deck. It just was a random built deck and did not get moving fast enough.


    Round 2 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. ??.

    My second game was against Magmortar/Typhlosion and I remember this being a very close game. I came across being able to use 2 pluspowers and only having to do 60 saving my energy on my electivire for the win next turn.

    2-0 vrs

    Round 3 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Jeanie N.

    My third game was against Exeggutor/Feraligatr d. I actually cheated this game and did not realize until after we had cleaned up. It was against a friend of mine and we were talking about it to others and then we had realized I would not have turn 1'ed her. She started with a holon's castform and I started with an elekid, baby evolution, double rainbow and plus power for the "50" even though swift is not effected by weakness and resistance. I never thought about it and I was sure I had done it probably during battle roads also.


    Round 4 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Andrew M.

    Next game I played against Banette/Lucario and it was just fatal. I could not get a mentor and we were just giving each other prizes until I ran out of pokemon.


    Round 5 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Dean ?.
    My last round in swiss, I played another Magmortar/Typhlosion deck, this time it was a quick win.


    Top Cut

    I played vrs Matt N. played Gardevoir/Gallade/Shiftry ex/1 Rayquaza ex d and ONLY 1 lightning energy.

    Our first game I think I conceded. Our second game I actually gave him 2 free prizes by Poeing to death to benefit from scramble and then getting a lucky/jumping out of my chair heads on a confusion roll or I would have lost if I have gotten tails and ended up winning that second game. Third game always gets me. I start with an elekid and he starts with the 1 rayquaza ex d and his 1 lightning energy. FISHY! Either way he only would have done 50 and I have an electabuzz in my hand so I could have possible survived but I thought he koed me with ray so I scooped and went home.

    4-2 losing to fighting in swiss and fighting and shiftrys in top cut.

    BTW, packs probably were no good as I have never opened a sw pack and pulled a level x yet so my luck is not very good. I have opened 2 sealed boxes and only received 1 honchkrow. I have had to purchase the rest.

    The next cities I played in was at Lorain County Community College CC 227a/b Elyria Ohio

    This cities my brother also played at too.

    Round 1 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Steve M.

    My first round I played against Kingdra ex d and idk what else. He just had to much stuff in the deck and could not protective squirrel fast enough for the electivires.


    Round 2 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Heather H.

    Round 2 I played his girl friend whom was playing dragontite ex d and ampharos. She started with Absol so I had no cards in my hands. I just was able to fuel on buzzes to get all my cards straight and she roseannes taking a guess that she would draw energy and did not have enough to attack later in the game. Giving me another w.


    Round 3 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Henry D.

    This game I played against Blissey Lucario. I just know that I did not win and it was not a very good game for me.


    Round 4 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Andrew M.

    This was an easy butt kicking as he played wormadams and I just killed the burmys quick with 2 energy on blissey and he could not get anything at all.


    Top cut

    Round 1 I played my brother who played Absol/Honchkrow

    He really had no chance being weak and the deck we built was actually terrible compared to how it looks now and should have looked then.


    Round 2 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Henry D.

    I lost the first game within 3 turns, as I did not get a basic. The second game was like the game earlier in swiss, I just couldn’t really handle fighting in electivire/blissey other than kingdra as it is also weak to me and is an ex.

    4-2 losing to fighting and swiss and then to the same deck again in top cut.

    The next weekend I went to another cities. Realm of Heroes Mansfield Ohio

    Round 1 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Renee M.

    She played Honchkrow and well she really did not know how to play it very well so a lot of things should have been different.


    Round 2 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Kevin E.

    He was playing Bannette/Absol ex/Ray ex d. He did not play ascension shuppets first off. He started with an absol ex and attacked 3 special dark energy to it and then played a super scoop up. Either way I ended up winning.


    Round 3 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Andrew M.

    Gardevoir/Gallade. It pretty much came down to I had a horrible start and then he just used gallade and I could not handle the weakness.


    Round 4 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Jon C.

    My buddy Jon played Banette Blissey. He went first, ascensions. I go and have no basics. He ghost heads my buzz for 60 for game.

    2-2 Jon kicked me out of top cut. We are still buddies though. lol Good thing is my brother made top cut that day and played Jon first round and beat him. Yay for 10 packs as he could not beat Andrew M. Gardevoir/Gallade.

    The next day we went to The Keep Massillon Ohio.

    This day was fun as my best friend Megan came with me so I was pretty excited.

    Round 1 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Jennifer ?. She was a shop keeper I believe.

    She played Electivire Blissey as well except she played the SW electivire instead. She did not play poe buzz so I just out played her.


    Round 2 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Jeanie N.

    She changed decks today and actually played Magmortar/Typhlosion. She some how took an additional prize on accident or did not lay it down so I got a free prize and she had to put one back so it was just a bad luck game for her.


    Round 3 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Steve M.

    Today he decided to play Claydol ex with Weavile and mightyena ex. I knew he would play claydol as I traded him mine the day before. Well he was trading 2 prizes for one pretty much so I easily won this game.


    Round 4 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Jim F.

    Jim is an amazing play first off. I played him the year before at cities and to my advantage played sceptile ex d while he played flygon ex lm being victorious then. He played Venasuar this day and well I was pulse berrioring his buffer pieces and we had time called and I was ahead on prizes. I would say 50-50 match up on that deck for sure.


    Round 5 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Henry D.

    I would like to first announce that this store made those at the top tables stand so I was standing the entire time I played that day until top cut and I stupidly wore new shoes so my feet hurt like CRAZY! Back to the game. Well he played Blissey Lucario again and I lost. lol It is just that simple. I cannot beat any fighting decks. I actually came to this conclusion that I may beat gardevoir Gallade if both gallades are prized. Maybe!


    Top Cut

    Round 1 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Henry D.

    Well if I was ever going to beat fighting, this was the game. It was such a very close game I just ran out of steam at the end and had no more tricks up the sleeves. The second game started off and I just knew that I could not come back on time so I just gave him the win and went to eat and bought Kingdom Hearts cards with my Megan. lol We had to stay and it was really snowing bad because Uncle Mike C. brought us there and he was a judge so we had to wait for the final game to be over. Jim F. ended up beating Henry that day.

    4-2 losing to the same old decks as before.

    I am really surprised I remember so much of my cities.

    Next stop, The Gamers Lounge Sandusky Ohio

    Round 1 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Jim T.

    He actually was playing Magmortar with Omastar. He just had no draw cards and I stomped him.


    Round 2 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. ??.

    This kid I did not know. He actually played a baby deck which someone actually believed you still had to flip for babies like from neos. lol another easy win


    Round 3 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Liz R.

    She played Magmortar/Typhosion/Delcatty. I just started koing her pokemon before she could get set up fast enough and it was fatal for her.


    Round 4 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Jon C.

    Here I am playing my buddy Jon again. This game actually came down to, if you do not ko me. I win. I would have won with a warp point but he laid down a chansey and I could only do 90 for the win so that saved him and won him the game actually. It was a very intense game. I had him the entire time. Oh he played Banette Blissey again.


    Round 5 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Alex ?.

    I actually had to dodge 5 of 7 Gardevour Gallade decks to make top cut. The other 2 decks were my buddy Uncle Mike C. playing Nidoking/Nidoqueen or Honchkrow. Lucky me, I got matched against honchkrow. This game was fishy. The kid I was playing always seems to get very good luck so I shuffled his deck before we played. He actually played skill hack shiftry with was useless. Either way I pulled it out for the W.


    Top cut

    Round 1 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Austin R.

    I knew I could not beat him since he was playing Gardevoir Gallade but I tried. The first game I conceded after a while and tried a new strategy hoping both of his gallades were prized. lol yeah right. I did not played any supporters but mentor and he still had them out and kicking. Meaning I lost. And I got the like 20th Golem out of my packs. I hate that card.

    4-2 AGAIN! Losing to fighting.

    Now for my final Cities of 2007-2008 season. Yesterday I'm Game North Olmsted Ohio

    Round 1 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Julie ?.

    She was in town from Arizona and played Raichu with Blissey. I just koed her like crazy and she really had no chance,


    Round 2 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Joe P.

    This game was really luck. If I would have went first, I would have lost. But I went second... allowing me to win. LUNCH BREAK!


    Round 3 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. ??.

    This kid I have played before and he is not so key on the game. He played Shiftry skill hack with magnezone and metagross ex and a ton of crap. Another win!


    Round 4 ElectivireBlissey Vrs. Liz R.

    She still was playing Magmortar/Typhlosion/Delcatty. I once again just pushed to ko her pokemon to take the win.


    Since I was 1 of the 2 undefeated and Henry D. playing Bliss Lucario was the other. I just dropped out of the tournament. I do not believe I can win that match up and I was sick plus they needed help so no worries for me.

    YAY for 4-0

    I would have made top cut even if I just conceded that game. I just dont need the packs. I had given my pack I won in the raffle to a friend for free.

    For a grand total of 22-10. If I would have continued to play yesterday, I would have ended up going 22-12. I would have probably lost last round in swiss and played Garde/Gallade in top cut or Henry again. All of the games I had lost were either to fighting and to my buddy Jon. Lucky dog he is.

    Total Places went in order - Third, Second, Seventh?, Third, Forth, and I do not think I would receive a place for dropping yesterday. lol

    Thanks for reading! ElectivireBlissey ROCKS!
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