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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Wailord Master, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    So... I was not sure what to play but after testing for a while I begin to think about playing Vilegar...
    At 6ish on Friday night Charlene picks me up and drives me and Jack to Collin, Mason, Copper, Tariq, and the other Jack's Hotel room. We go eat at Hullihans with Brit and Kendle and Chad (We were lucky to get there because Charlene almost followed the wrong car...). After that we go back to the hotel room and Copper rolls my vile 2 times in a row and I get a bunch of trash starts. Charlene drives us back and me and Jack get home around midnight and I decide to build Luxchomp w/ Absol. BTW I'm in seniors.

    I arrive at the venue at 10 and there are already a lot of people there. I go turn in my list and talk to all the people. Brit tells me I should play his Gigas deck but I already turned in my list so its to late...

    Round 1 Vs Diego Garcia (I think) w/ FireDotDeck
    I open Luxray with Cyrus in hand and go second. He opens magmar and attaches fire and uses some attack for 30. I go Cyrus then bite. He tops another poke and benches it. I get Lux X then Flash Impact KO. Then again next turn for game.

    Round 2 Vs Conor ??? (or something like that) w/ Electebuz
    He starts with the w/ some 30 HP thing that puts itsef to sleep and you can't hurt it and does 20 to any pokemon. I BL electebuz and KO. Then 3 turns later he finaly gets heads on sleep and I KO his 30 HP thingy and bench him.

    Round 3 Vs Noah Yoshida w/ Vilegar
    I start pretty good with Chomp Cyrus DCE DCE and some other stuff. I go first and right before we flip our basics I'm like please start Q and he groans and flips over Q... And few could doubt what would happen next...

    Right after I donked him I hear the TO calling my name and apparently I won a 3DS!

    Now its Lunch Break and Me Jack Charlene Noah and all the STL/Springfield people go to Goodcents and eat and Noah freaks out because we only have top 4 and if he loses one more he won't be in top and some one is playing MewPerior with his same record...

    Round 4 Vs Deema w/ LuxChomp ERL
    I start Luxray Zong Cyrus and other stuff. He starts Lux Batand chatot. I turn 2 BL and kill his lux and he mimics for 8. I kill chatot and start sweeping. I have one prize left and he has 6 and I have dragon rush next turn for game but he ERLs and takes 4 and I take 3.

    Round 5 Vs Vance Kelly w/ Chen
    I start uxie with an OK hand. He starts blaze with a good hand. I cyrus to get stuff for D rush and psy restore for 20 or something. He goes cyrus for collector energy energy, and e-gain and pass. I go Cyrus for collector and D rush chomp. He collectors for ambipom sableye and chomp. retreats blaze and snap attack Ko's me. I think he has a spray and I prized an uxie so I have to collector for azelf uxie and chomp. I time walk Spray. I set up spray. He didnt even cyrus for a spray. After that my hand is 2 cards but I have uxie X but by the time I get something I'm down 4 prizes.

    Standings go up and its:

    1 Vance Kelly
    2 Deema (William Boatman)
    3 Jared Lange (Me)
    4 Noah Yoshida

    Top 4 Vs Deema w/ LuxChomp ERL
    Game 1: I just get the upper hand and rolled him like in swiss.
    Game 2: pretty much the same as game 1

    Top 2 Vs Noah Yoshida w/ Vilegar
    Game 1: I get and OK hand and roll him
    Game 2: I start chomp all trainers... Draw pass. Draw Poltegiest. Draw pass. Draw Poltegiest. Draw pass. Draw Poltegiest. Draw pass. Draw Poltegiest...
    Game 3: I start 5 trainers basic 1 supporter I actually make it a close game before he hits his first and only Fainting spell on my Absol and then my 7-9 tranier hand becomes to much for me to play out of.

    So I get 16 packs and a medal mailed to me and a 3DS not a bad day...

    Jack getting 4th in Masters
    Wining a 3DS
    Paul getting 2nd in Masters
    Hanging w/ Colin and everybody the night before

    starting all trainers
    starting all trainers
    Vance topping double spray
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  2. Happiny13

    Happiny13 Active Member

    You forgot to put Juwan in slops.
  3. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    lolwut? 17171717171717

    DIZZtheWHIZZ New Member

    Yay for being in props (this is Paul btw). Good job man. But it would've been even better if we both got first! lol
  5. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    yeh for sure good job by the way.
  6. Riq

    Riq New Member

    Great job and nice meeting you!! See you at regionals!!
  7. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Nice meeting you too! Are you going to be at MO states.
  8. Pokemon--Foo

    Pokemon--Foo New Member

    Hey guys this is Tim. Congrats on doing so well and I hope to see you all in Missouri next week. Good luck!
  9. pjwlrs

    pjwlrs New Member

    PM me the list please.
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  10. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Thanks. I'll see you at MO. Good Job yesterday.
  11. Riq

    Riq New Member

    oh yes i will be!
  12. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    Gotta defend your title at MO!
  13. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    I'll see you there then!

    @ Noah: I'll try
  14. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    I will too
    Grrr 17
  15. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    Haha ok... 171717
  16. pjwlrs

    pjwlrs New Member

    You always switch decks like midnight the day of the tourney without testing and then do good lol.
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  17. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    I do? How do you know?

    EDIT: Oh I posted that lol
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  18. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    he knows everything. also can you pm the list.
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  19. Wailord Master

    Wailord Master New Member

    PJ are you going to be back in time for MO states?
  20. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Great report.

    Congrats on 2nd.

    Lets see how you do in Missouri - didn't one of you guys win that last year!

    See you this weekend.

    Just place in my thread whatever order you want for Pizza - going to take a "Pizza Poll!"


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