2nd Place Washington + 3rd Place BC (Seniors)

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  1. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Week 1: BC Provincials

    I play LuxChomp, because it is awesome. I use Dialga and Weavile to counter Gengars, Chatot because I had nothing else, and just Dragonite for my Mirror techs because I didn't predict many Mirrors (and I was right).

    We have 12 Seniors!! Whoo less than Cities. -_-' 4 Rounds Top 2.

    Round 1 vs. April w/ VileGar

    Set up as I want to with Dialga + Call start. Ended up Qing the Dialga to Retreat it, as she has trainer lock all game. I actually don't end up KOing the Plume for whatever reason, instead just take easy Prizes. Seems to work out fine though and I win by 4 Prizes. GG.


    Round 2 vs. Nakota w/ VileGar + Queen + Umbreon

    Early game I make a really bad misplay; I had seen Queen and Umbreon so I guessed for whatever reason he didn't have Plume so I saved my SP Radar and didn't Rush when I could have, instead opting for a slower approach that could set me up for the game. Unfortunately he then goes Oddish Gloom Vileplume BTS on me. =( I then Looker's myself, draw 3 Call off it. =/ I like draw pass for 3-5 turns before getting Cyrus and start making a comeback, but it's too late and he wins by one Prize. GG.


    Round 3 vs. Kabir w/ LuxChomp

    Did not want to play Kabir. =/ Oh well, it goes as a fairly normal Mirror Match, I set up my stuff, counter his stuff, stuff, IDK, yeah. In the end I Giant Tail Azelf to win by 2 or 3 Prizes. Was a pretty fun game. =) GG.


    Round 4 vs. Robert w/ VileGar

    I open Dragonite vs. Spiritomb. YES. I just attach Energy to Dragonite, pretty much accepting that it's over. He snipes my Zong when I have 3 Energy on it, I attach Giant Tail tails (=(), he KOs Zong, Giant Tail heads (=D), Polter for 60, Giant tail heads KO, he flips tails on Spell. =D=D I flip tails on my next Giant tail on his Uxie, but thehn he gets his Energy drought and I take Prizes, then I get mine but I still win by like 4 Prizes. GG.


    Nakota went 4-0, so I hope to make it, but Joey beats me out on Opponent's Opponent's Resistence, like 1.6% or something IIRC. Oh well, at least Joey won. =D


    Other people
    Giant Tail


    Not making Cut
    12 Seniors

    Week 2: Washington

    I decide to play LuxChomp again but take out Chatot and Weavile because they did absolutly nothing, and put in Roserade and Ambipom because I expected more Mirrors and Roserade is amazing.

    54 Seniors so Top 8 Cut with 6 Rounds. Cooooooooool.

    Round 1 vs. Koichi w/ LuxChomp

    I start lone Dragonite, 2 Metal, Lightning, other bad stuff. I manage to set up but it's too late; he has a way better set up then me. End up by trying to lock his Zelf Active but then he Belts and Locks Up lol. GG.


    Round 2 vs. Bye

    Lame, I want pointsssss. Also I wanted good Resistence lol. Not a great way to start out the tournament. =/


    Round 3 vs. ?????? (Forgot your name, sorry) w/ Sablelock

    He takes first Prize, but I take control from there. I had a great start (though he Judged it =(). He doesn't really go for Chomps here, which was weird, instead going for Luxrays. Oh well. I won by 3-4 Prizes. GG.


    Round 4 vs. Oliver w/ Garchomp Toolbox

    He plays Mewtwo, 1-1 Dialga is Prized. -_-' Luckily he gives me 5 Prizes so I managed to pull it out anyway. I made sure to only Bench it when I had two Chomps ready to snipe and when it was clear he wasn't Benching anything else though. He ended up not Benching anything and just tried to Recover stall, but eventually you run out of Psychics. GG.


    Round 5 vs. Simon w/ LuxChomp

    Fairly normal Garchomp war, came pretty close. I honestly forget if anything really major happened in this game, so Simon let me know if you read this lol. Ended up winning by 2 Prizes IIRC. GG. Edit: Roserade apparently saved me again here by locking it Active so he couldn't hit my Dragonite.


    Round 6 vs. Mathiew? w/ LuxChomp

    I'm guessing I have a superior start as I manage to win this pretty easily. Wasn't really intense, I was just glad to make Cut. GG.


    I sort out my decklist and everything, and get ready. We have a one hour break. 3 people from BC made Cut for Seniors, whoo. Sadly I am playing against April, someone else frmo BC. Oh wellz, first non-SP match of the day lol.

    Top 8 vs. April w/ VileGar

    Game 1:
    I start with 3 Poketurns in hand, like a boss. Then T2 I pull off the best play you will ever see: I Poketurn Roserade GL 3 times. That's how I do it. Set Up for 5, get some decent stuff, and start taking Prizes quickly. She scoops when I have 1 Prize left and was about to burn all my Trainers from my hand thanks to Dialga. GG.


    Game 2:
    I start with like 5 Supporters and a Poketurn. Joy. I Bright Look Plume and luckily she does not have the Warp Energy, so I KO it. From there I take Prizes, keep Trainers out of my hand, and stuff like that. She doesn't get me back under Trainer Lock until the last couple turns of the game, and by then it's too late. I was also abusing Healing Breath a lot this game I think. GG.



    Top 4 vs. Micha (misspelled that lol, sorry) w/ LuxChomp

    Game 1: This guy was pretty cool. Game 1 I don't think I hit a Cyrus all game and so scooped pretty quickly. Wasn't really a good game, but whatever. GG.


    Game 2:
    I donk with Dragonite. I love Dragonite. Beast card. GG.


    Game 3:
    This game a Dragonite and a Chomp were in my last 3 Prizes lol. Managed to survive with just one Chomp and my Ambipom for the game though. I remember Roserade locking an Uxie X which forced him to Psy Restore rather than Rushing me, so I think Rose won me the game here. Rose actually won me more games than I mentioned, just didn't say anything about Rose. Anyways yeah, I won. GG.



    Top 2 vs. Sam w/ Donphan/ERL

    Game 1:
    Meh. Was hoping Robert would beat him in Top 4, so I could play VileGar over Donphan and so two people from BC could be in the Finals. =D Unfortunately he lost, so I have to deal with Donphan.

    Game 1 was good for me, bad for him, and I stop him from doing much. I remember Roseradeing his Donphan (which won me the game) and yeah. GG.


    Game 2:
    Aggh, this game makes me so angry. I Roserade lock his ERL and take 3 Prizes in one turn, but every time I'd come close to getting a KO after that, he'd SSU. He went 4 for 4 on SSUs that game, if one of them were tails I might've been able to win. =/ He comes back and I can't KO anything else after that, he wins by 1 or 2 Prizes. GG.


    Game 3:
    Got a bad start, but it is workable. I get a Set Up for 6 off and hit absolutly nothing. I can't draw anthing after that and he wins. Almost KO'd the Donphan with Giant Tail, but got Tails. =( =P GG.



    2nd isn't so bad, just wish I could've won, or at least not lost to 4 SSU heads. =/ Kevin came second in Masters and Cor came Top 8 in Masters though so it wasn't that bad.


    Other BC people
    Other people in general


    Being tired even though I actually got enough sleep last night
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  2. MudkipPrime

    MudkipPrime New Member

    great job jack! I would have been 2nd if only my fainting spell did not betray me for every flip. =P

    i mean i would have been in top 2 =P
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2011
  3. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Haha yeah you too, wish you had made Top 2 lol. As annoying as VileGar is, it's still more fun than Donphan.

    Plus BC needed to win at least one Division. =P
  4. ATJdragon

    ATJdragon New Member

    good job jack
    bc came close lol. oh well, next year
  5. Barkjon

    Barkjon Active Member

    Cool. I was there too, but I did horribly bad with Sablelock with Blaziken. No idea why. I guess I should have played DChomp, lol.

    Nice job!
  6. pokesam128

    pokesam128 New Member

    hey it couldv' been worse last week i made top 8 t8 was 5 luxchomp 1 g-dos 1 oliver 1me i play oliver :(
    he lucsacked me so bad i drew absolutely nothing in swiss i went 4/0 he donked me then knocked me out of t8

    i was the donphan ERL that won
  7. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member

    GJ Jack I was your Round 4 opponent. Yeah, it was a pretty normal game, except the turning point was when you roseraded my uxie X for a turn not giving me the chance to hit with Dragonite :p But really, NICE JOB!
  8. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Julian - Yeah, second in both Masters and Seniors. Oh well we still did well for not having as many people as Washington/Oregon.

    Barkjon - Meh. Don't really like Chenlock, though it did win Masters so it must be decent. To me it seems it's too luck reliant, and I'd always flip two tails on Initiative when I need 1, and only flip 2 when their hand is amazing and has like 3 Collector.

    Sam - Yeah, luck is part of the game. But good job on winning anyway.

    Simon - OMG Roserade saves me yet again! =D Thanks though.
  9. The_Lurb

    The_Lurb New Member

    Sorry about your bad luck but gratz on doing so well! Coming down for Regionals?
  10. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Unless your Regs are on a different date than ours, no I'm not. Maybe for a BR or two though.
  11. Barkjon

    Barkjon Active Member

    Yeah. I was gonna play regular Sablelock or DCHomp but I sucked at DChomp and wanted some better matchups so I threw in Blaze.

    I flipped double tails every game, got crappy starts every game, got horrible luck every game. Hooray.
  12. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Oh yeah I hate when that happens. =/ Same thing happened at Worlds to me, except with LuxChomp. Went 2-5. <3
  13. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    Good job!
    Are you a member of team relick?
  14. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    I was a year ago, dunno if I still am as I haven't gone on the site in a long time.
  15. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    You're too good at this game =P. Congrats on 2nd and see you soon.
  16. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Lol thanks Cor, see ya next week?
  17. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    too bad jack, almost got it again :( good job tho ;)
  18. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Yeah, close, next year I guess. =P

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