3rd place GA States w/Lostgar

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  1. Curry

    Curry New Member

    Haven’t written a report since regionals so I figured it was overdue. Nothing really special. Had a blah spring break the week prior to states due to having to work almost every night. Twitchy came over Wednesday and we left Friday morning after buying him a copy of Pokemon White. AFAIK, he has yet to stop playing lol. Got to Georgia and didn’t know what I wanted to play. I had narrowed it down to Gyarados, Magnezone, Ttar, or Luxchomp but didn’t have a good feeling about the weekend at all.

    The next morning we got to the venue bright and early as we had two members of the judging staff with us. I spent the next two hours still trying to decide what to play. Twitchy switched from luxchomp to gigas. I was talking to Steve and he told me to go ahead and play lostgar if I really didn’t like anything else. He’d spent the previous three weeks trying to convince me not to run the deck but I’d changed it up a bit and it runs smooth so I went with it. Turned in my list and went to talk to people before we had to sit down.

    Round 1 vs ???
    All I saw was an Ambipom G, an eevee (soe), and two umbreons but I went first and passed with machop. He SOEd for two umbreons and I seekered up the ambipom, communicationed regice into machamp, and candied up for the game.

    Round 2 vs Logan w/Absol/mime jr/palkia/lumineon
    I really liked his deck and this was probably the most fun game I’ve played since the release of SP pokemon. I got up a fast gengar after he disrupting spied for something and I managed to LZ his basic palkia and three uxies while he only hit my q and an r along with at least four trainers/energy. He fin lustered a few times to force me to waste energy drops after he seekered but I curse dropped the fish twice and he let loosed me into a lost world ftw.

    Lunch at chikfila =)

    Round 3 vs DLG
    I had to play down for this one =/ but at least I won one of the new binders =)

    He opens with dialga and attached before passing to me. I collector for an uxie and two Rs. Bench a third one and draw some cards, get a gengar out and LZ a garchomp x. He cyruses for collector and sp radar so I can’t seeker/take out next turn and I spooky whirlpool him into a LZd luxray and uxie. He breaks a deafen lock on me to kill a gengar so he can finally take a prize and I candy champ up so he can’t defean me to time. I get another uxie, a crobat, and a basic chomp in the lz and he concedes to my benched/rainbowed champ.

    Round 4 vs silly LC
    Dude had the weirdest luxchomp list I’ve ever seen. He opened with garchomp and called for weavile and something else. I got champ out T1 and killed his chomp. He poisoned me with toxic fang. I q my champ and retreat while spookying him to break his cyrus chain. I hit a random pokemon but see that I gave him three DCEs, a spray, and a radar =/ He topdecks his third cyrus a couple of turns later and starts to maul my field while I’m stuck with no supporters and a very small hand. At some point I set up into: Regice, haunter, machoke, collector, lost world and cry on the inside. I got five guys LZd but couldn’t seal the deal. Note: his deck was odd because it had two Aarons, a basic palkia, and two underground expeditions.

    Round 5 vs Twitchy w/Gigas =(

    I had to play down AGAIN AND it’s against twitchy AND I had to go first AND I opened with regice, r, seeker, seeker, machoke, lost world, energy. He mesprits me the whole game and I never played a supporter but he concedes since he said that was the only decent hand he’d gotten all day. What a bro.

    Round 6 vs Harrison Leven w/Luxchomp
    Harrison and I have never played a real game of pokemon. Someone always gets a terrible set and it never works out. He goes second with no supporter but still manages to get a field of five guys before setting up for 4 into nothing. I get a T1 gengar and LZ a chomp x. He still has nothing and I seeker into another guy. He finally gets a cyrus but I spooky away his collector and LZ two more pokes. He manages to kill my gengar after roserading it and d-rushing it while I got a fifth guy zoned. I LZ my 6th poke and he poketurns his roserade to take a second prize. He has no bench and I put lost world in play so I decided to take the high road and use machamp to win =)

    Round 7 vs Paarth Shah w/ DialgaChomp
    I LZ a DGX T1 but had nothing going for me after he sprays my first two uxies T3. I got stuck at 3ish cards while I sacked pokes to him. He had 3 prizes left when I said screw it and decided to use my only gengar to try to fill his lost zone (had two guys in there prior). Unfortunately, he only had three pokes in his hand so I lost =(

    Made cut at 11th seed and had to play Orion with his tomb-based ttar. I was ready for my day to be over when I sat down.

    Top 16 vs Orion w/TombTar
    Game 1
    He opened lone larvitar and bit my R. I drew, collectored for chop/q/uxie, communicationed something into champ, candied it up, qd r, retreated, and did set up for 5, hit the rainbow and won.

    Game 2
    I had to go first and we played a decent game. I had a sf gengar up at one point and flipping heads on FS would have actually put me in a position to win on prizes but I failed the flip and scooped a few turns later when he loaded a ttar to counter my champ.

    Game 3
    I made him go first while I opened with gastly, seeker, seeker, psychic, rainbow, drawer, and haunter? I think. He passed with his lone uxie. I topdecked r and collectored for chop/uxie/regice. Regimoved away a seeker and psychic, attached to chop and did set up for 4 into azelf, gengar, candy, communication and drawered and retired, hit another comm, got q and champ and won the game.
    Beat the autoloss but being consistent and lucky.

    Top 8 vs Dialgachomp
    Game 1
    I lz some guys and see his hand of nothing while I prepare to roll over him. He topdecks lux ball to set up some. No big deal. A few turns later, he again has nothing but topdecks collector to get out of it. UGH. This whole time, I’m pretty blandhanded and ended up scooping to save time.

    Game 2
    He opens with draggy and I lz 6 guys in 7-8 turns. No room for deafen here.

    Game 3
    I again LZ 6 guys really fast and ask for a time check. He’s up 4-6 and has 43 minutes to either deafen me or take 4 prizes before I can get a lost world. His DGX and skuntank were both gone so he conceded.

    Top 4 vs Justin w/Gengarhate/luckychomp
    Dude ran hot all through cut but I can’t complain. I didn’t deserve to make it past T16. He opened with weavile AND murkrow game one while I took 6 turns just to get a haunter out =/ He opened with luxray, garchomp, bronzong, uxie, call, and hit two sprays in here somewhere game two to crush my dreams.

    Oh well. I gave it a good run. Deck was good most of the day. Only really screwed me over in two games and flowed perfectly most of the time. Haters gonna hate. Jim won his T4 game so I ended up third and am gonna get the bronze medal instead of the steel. Yay me =)

    Unown R
    Junk Arm
    Justin Sanchez
    The guy that went 6-1 with Dusknoir/Plume
    Lost world

    Underground Expedition
    Interviewers Questions
    Power spray
    Time change
  2. Nugget_

    Nugget_ Member

    lolwut? i thought it was bad. gj bigguy.
  3. ace_201

    ace_201 New Member

    I sure did roll hot through top cut. Luxray/call every game pretty much. Like i said. It was just my day. Things went well for me. But your lostgar is obviously amazing to make it like it did. Your drawing shenanigans were endless!
  4. kamz

    kamz New Member

    dude great job with lostgar a girl in juniors at our states ran it an got first but shes a junior and your a master
  5. toxicroak 96

    toxicroak 96 New Member

    I was hearing about your deck throughout the day, and it seemed cool. Nice job.
  6. mgm617

    mgm617 New Member


    Thanks for the props (I'm the Duskplume guy). I appreciate it. I had fun in my first Georgia tournament.

    Congratulations on your finish!
  7. Curry

    Curry New Member

    Nugget- Haters gonna hate =)

    Justin- You may have run well but that's what wins tournaments. Playing six or seven cards in a string of draw ones was pretty disheartening on my end though =/ Congrats

    Kamz- Thanks I think?

    Zach- Thanks. Don't know what people were saying about it though lol

    Mgm617- No problem. Liked your deck. Nice to see somewhat different cards to well every once in a while.
  8. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    GJ Aaron! We had a leaguer up here build a Dusky/plume deck to only change it out some right before KY states. He still went 4-2 with rogue Dusky.

    GL in FL states on saturday.

  9. BlisseyRocks

    BlisseyRocks New Member

    Thanks for the props! And gj with (L)uxray (G)archomp
  10. jrwaxman

    jrwaxman New Member

    I thought when we both made it to T4 that it would be you that ran me over in finals. Maybe this week!!
  11. Curry

    Curry New Member

    Justin- too bad it was your DESTINY to lose in t16 ;-p

    Jim- wish I'd been able to roll over you! I like my top two matchup either way but luck had to take after what it gave me in t16.

    Side note: none of my games went to time.
  12. Chiapet

    Chiapet New Member

    Heck of a job Aaron impressive wins. I really like the one over T-tar :)
  13. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    Its Jose, GJ Aaron with Lostgar. That guy who won running all that gengar hate. Its true Haters gonna hate!
  14. ace_201

    ace_201 New Member

    ... pretty much. My worst matchup obviously. And there were SO MANY of you guys playing Gengar! Like... I would even dare to say 50% of the field had some sort of Gengar in their deck. But! Realistically, Honchkrow was more for Gyarados...
  15. vegitalian

    vegitalian New Member

    Anyone who gives Unown R some love is alright in my books.

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