3rd Place TN states report!!! TEPIG FTW

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Lumneion, Mar 17, 2011.

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    OK, so I originaly was not gonna do a report, but I got bored and there's nothing else to do so here goes.

    I got to sleep late becuse I live 30 min away from the place which was awesome. I carpool with two other freinds, because the rest of my family had to attend a feuneral that they found out about the night before. I'm in SRs and I'm expecting at least a top 4. Im playing G-dos because i've been playing it for like everz and it treats me well.

    We get there and JRs get 4 rounds, SRs get 4 rounds Top 4 cut, MAs get 6 rounds Top 8, soon enough round one parings go up!

    Round 1 vs ??? with Eeveelutions
    Yay! a pretty easy mach-up, oh wait whats my start... karp, bat. crap traners, etc. and he starts sableye with 3 eevees. Oh karp! I'm forced to use sea spray for 3 turns but I eventualy set up a G-dos and I
    6-0'd him, Lucky me.


    OK so Its the round before the lunch break and Im starving, I joke around with my freinds saying, I'm gonna donk because I'm so hungry.

    Round 2 vs Zackary? with T-Tar?
    I draw my hand... Sbleye, sp.dark, crobat g, etc. he stars lone basic (that I can't remember what it was) and I donk, dang I must have been realy hungry!


    So during round two they give out B&W plusies and they call out the names and the last name they call out "Drew Cate!" I go bizerk and start sceaming random comments like, "TEPIG FTW!",
    "Oh, ya! Pwnage!", and " I'm BI-WINNING!" after I calm down we get lunch at Cick-fil'a and prepear for round 3.

    Round 3 vs Andrew K. with BLG
    We both get good starts and he takes the first KO but then I take 6 strait prizes with G-dos because I hit 6 heads on SSU flips. Woo! I'm in top cut!


    Round 4 vs Benny V. with LuxChomp
    I get a god hand with a sableye start, after I Impersonate a collector, he is gonna try to donk me because I donked him in an earlier tourney, and he gets 10 hp away from the donk and I proceed to set up and take the win GG!


    Top 4 Cut
    1. Me G-dos 4-0
    2. Benny V. LuxChomp 3-1
    3. Andrew K. BLG 3-1
    4. Annie-Marrie T. LuxChomp 3-1

    Oh karp! I'm in a top cut full of LuxChomp!

    Top 4 vs Annie-Marrie T. withLuxChomp

    Round 1

    I get crap hand and she takes the lead


    Round 2

    Almost same as above except I get realy close to donking


    Annie-Marrie and Andrew battle it out for first and Annie Marrie eventually wins.

    X-0 Swiss
    3rd place
    Evan M. 1st in masters
    Cole Z. 3rd place in JRs
    Everyone who played in the tourney you guys are awesome!
    Team Awesome
    Lucky flips
    Clay and Rick for being awesome judges

    Stan K. for almost top-cuting but didn't because of a misplay
    poor spelling in this artical because im lazy

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