4th - Nats Rpt; Rayquazza Sniper

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    Well first off, I know this report is late, but I posted something on Oldpokes, and said that I would post the list and report on the gym at some point. I honestly didn't think I would have time to play a different deck at worlds so I didn't want to promote the list until it I was done with it.

    My son won the IL states with the deck and I won Miss Valley Regionals with this beating Ness and Jimmy in T4. I went from 1600 player after my only cities to top ranked player.

    Not bad given that Quinn and I were the only ones playing the list. The list was somewhat different then, but for Nationals I needed to tech it for Infernape.

    Pokemon - 12
    4 - Rayquaza ex δ
    1 - Mew δ*
    1 - Eevee (power one)
    1 - Latias δ body lock
    1 - Latios ex
    1 - Lunatone - purple fire
    1 - Solrock brown power lock
    1 - Espeon δ (healing)
    1 - Lickitung δ
    Trainers - 28
    2 - Copycat
    4 - Castaway
    4 - Mary's Request
    2 - Lanette's Net Search
    1 - Scott
    3 - Pokemon Reversal
    2 - Warp Point
    4 - Energy Removal 2
    1 - Cessation Crystal
    1 - Balloon Berry
    1 - Strength Charm
    1 - Oran Berry
    3 - Crystal Beach
    2 - Stones
    1 - Stump

    Energy - 16
    4 - Lightning
    2 - Water
    4 - Multi
    4 - δ Rainbow
    1 - Fire (tech for mew * and fire monkeys)
    1 - Psychic

    When people called this Destiny, I understood the generalization, but since we had a Castaway/Lanette/Mary engine with full set of disruption cards, it really wasn't accurate. If you looked at original destiny and this list, card for card, the deck is very different.

    My matchups were generally strong against most decks, except:
    Infernatpe- (Unless I do this teching)
    And just about anything with Metagross-DX could be tough.

    The Rayquazza tech core is
    Ray EX
    [email protected] EX/Latias
    4 energy removal 2
    3 -4 pokemon reversals (RIP)
    2-3 Warp Point.

    The disruption cards concept was to put my opponent behind on energy, and disrupt any sort of set up that they were trying to make. Reversal a 2 energy cost dragonite, snipe around it. That was the general game plane.

    For nationals, my regional winning was teched in to fit 5 anti infernape cards
    1/1 Lunasol
    3 Crystal Beach

    Nationals Games
    r1- Garny EX / Typoh EX Brad P W
    Lunasol hurt his Mewtwo d drop
    r2- Infernape - Marshall Cary - W
    Locked Down early with Lunasol, twas easy after that.
    r3 - Rai Eggs L
    fell into a some what dead draw/with this bad match up - I lose, again this is a bad match up.
    r4 - Metanight W ?
    Great Game, I can't remember all details other than thinking this is why we go to Nationals, we were tied at time, but I some how pulled it out, I am sure there was a flip involved somewhere.
    r5 - Ferriligator EX / d W
    Electric Type weakness was fatal.
    r6 - Flaridos W - Tom Stanke
    I told him earlier I didn't want to play him because I pulled a warp point from my list. I think I am in for another L, I start with Lunatone P w/multi, he starts with spinark, T1 Heads paralzd for 20, T2, he attaches and passes, T2 Strength Charm for win.
    r7 - Flaridos W - ? -
    This was more of the chaotic match up that they typically are, and he missed on some scoop ups, At time, I am up 2 prizes, i win.
    r8 - Swampert T-Tar EX W Keven Bennett-
    (I hit an early reversal, shut him Shut Down, and Latios EX Ice Barrier for the win)
    r9- Electivire W Shawn Gettys W
    KO'd 2 Electribuzz T3, thanks stone, I was able to stay ahead the whole game.
    If I lost R9, I doubt I would have made in top 32, my resistance was 54%, and the cut was 7-2 and 56%, even with the extra opponent win, I might have been on the wrong side of the line.

    Top 32 - Mike from NC Playing Jimmy's Ambush Deck. I have seen the match up before, so I know that I have a good plays against it. I lose game one, he played it well, it went about 35 minutes. I went very Aggressive game 2, getting 4 energy finally on a Clean Ray, and got 6 prizes before time.
    We start the 3rd game, and time is called before any prizes are taken.
    I started with a solrock LM only, and it looked bleak. I had a Mary to draw into a Scott and Latios EX. I was already holding a Stump. He getting damage on solrock, and he was obvious he was going to go after solrock with the prinplup. I scotted for Lannette, Castaway, Mary. He gets 30 damage on Solrock, i play Lanette for Mew*, RayEX and Latias. Attach d-rainbow to mew* retreat and stump away the solrock, my pokemon are clean of damage, and now I am sitting pretty and copy the damage spread for twice, I hit on some diruption (warp, reversal or Er2, or something) I have game and mim-cry his prinplup 40 attack to KO a Roselia. GG, I was amazed with that reversal of fortune.

    Top 16 Another Empoleon / Delta Marowak -Aaron Curry
    Game 1 I get aggressive early, and start moving through him with a big EX. Again disruptions work. He scoops at 20 minutes.
    Game 2 It was a good game, but he played it well, and he finally get's 6 prizes and he wins.
    Game 3 Time was limited now. So it will be another short game with will favor me if I start with a Ray EX, or something. I start with a Latios EX but get the energy to make it big and nasty and I take first prize in sudden death for game.
    I donked two of the Ambush decks, but I was familar with the match up, those were great players playing that deck.

    Top 8 Electrivire/Dragonite/Ray* Shaun G again.
    We play a typical old pokes 50 minute game. I think we both had about 1-2 cards left in our decks at the end. It was another game that you love to play. I saw enough of shaun deck in r9 to know the ray * was there and Electrivire could ohko me. I still had the advantage of snipe them early. The game started with me spreading damage around early because I knew that he played scramble. I hit on some key reversals (at least 2) to bring up energyless dragonites. I kept ray * at bay by keeping my bench ray ex clean of damage. The delta espeon was key for me in this battle. I can't remember the full order of battle, but he basically ran out of useful cards, and I get the 6 prize. I think I had about 5 cards left in my deck and he had 2. Rayquazza * was sitting on the bench for a long time with 3 enrgy on it ready to go. Great Game.
    We bearly had time to start the game when time was called.
    I get the trip. Yeah!
    Top 4
    Scizor EX/Metagross dx
    Our first game was the best, I snipe around for 5 prizes, and give up 5 prizes. I finally have to Latios EX Ice Barrier the Lone Scizor with 3 metals for 0, if I could do that for a few turns, i was going to power up for a KO. I was expecting a rare candy metagross dx retreat and power for 2 and game, I was certain that what was going to happen once I started doing that. I was wrong, He plays reversal, and hits the head to KO a damage ray on the bench. Great Game. I have 20 minutes and destroys my build with his reversals again. Reversals a 2 energy Latias (fire) build that I was building, and that was it for my hope.

    Top 2 (EDITED 3/4 match) Flaridos Steve Sivestro
    Game 1, we play hard, but he is a good coin flipper, and is obviously a level 10 Flaridos player. We had a fun match, but he was in control and wins. I had some good coin flips. By time I started game 2, I realized that I didn't use mew* to spider trap his pokemon. That strategy would been viable. We start Game 2, he mentors lays his pokes, I have good enough hand to play, but no desire, I shake his hand and take 4 th.(Chris F had just won)

    EVERYONE, it was a great day of pokemon.
    New Friends made at the event
    Me for winning a "trip" to worlds, and having to bring the rest of the crew with. Payback from two years of living off my kids successes for vacations to California. (Yes it was expensive)
    Me for going 2-3 in Worlds
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    GJ, but if you got 4th, thne why is T2 in your report? :confused:

    SLOW DECK New Member

    Edited, 3/4 match
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    Nice job have such succes with a red face paint Rayquaza EX Deck, I had a ton of fun playing you, and I hope to get the chance again, I'm glad I got to see the the list anyways good luck.
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    great job man.

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