4th with SPSnow

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Dual_Draw, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    Round 1 vs Garchomp C Disruption...thing...

    Yeah, he exeguttor'd me to 2 cards, I drew comm, dragonite, got snow started spreading. Never really looked back at that point, as he was unable to take a prize, and eventually I took 3 in one turn. GG.


    Round 2 vs Luxchomp
    Looking forward to this match up, have been for two weeks so yeah. I start Garchomp, DCE, Warp with supporters in hand, I'm just praying I top deck a basic. I win the roll, he flips over Unown Q and Garchomp C on his bench. I top deck...DRIFBLIM FB! Claw Swipe KO the Q, he benches a Garchomp C, put an energy on it and ends, I'm able to snipe it off, while putting a 3rd SP in play. He doesn't get anything for the rest of the game, and I seal the game by Luring Flame to Bronzong G, followed by sniping his benched Garchomp, then a Burned Claw swipe to Bronzong for the KO. GG.


    Round 3 vs Charizard
    I start Chomp/Water and pass. He Cyndaquil Beats me and I show him the Gain, Energy, Bat for game. GG


    Round 4 vs Abomasnow/Blaziken FB/Garchomp C (Mirror)
    I opened poorly with Blaziken FB and 2 Warp energy, with no search. He opened well with a T2 Blaze X, I responded with Dragonite FB, but he responded with Garchomp/DCE/Gain and I couldn't really get anything the rest of the game. GG


    Round 5 vs Luxchomp
    He opened well, with a Cyrus Chain, I opened with Drifblim FB, and struggled to get anything going, however once he ran out of Cyrus' I easily came back into the game, spreading and spraying may way to a bunch of knock outs. GG


    I finish in 2nd, with nuts resistance.

    Top 4 vs Scizor SF
    Game 1: This was just atrocious, he opened insanely well, and after a Cynthias for 8, I drew 4 energy and no search or draw, I was basically just sending stuff up to die, I somehow managed to pull back to 2-2, but then with a 2 card hand he ripped the Oak's to refresh and got 2 scizors up, and I had run out of fire cause he was netting warp points and reversals all over the place.

    Game 2: I was really conscious about time here, he was shuffling really slow as well, I was done my 7/2 pile shuffle and he just started his 7 pile. Anyway, I opened insanely, I had everything in hand to take as many prizes as I need in 4 turns, I hoped I had time for 4 turns though lol. I got a T2 KO on his Chatot, followed by T 3 and 4 dragon rushes to his scythers, then ended with a Jet Shoot, after that he had no basics left and I benched on T3 of time.

    Sudden Death: I knew I couldn't win if I didn't win the flip, I'm glad I did, but I opened Uxie, I put warp on and did 20, he belted his chatot and scyther and pushed up scyther, attaching and passing. I commed for Garchomp C, DCE'd it, and Oak'd for 6, needing a 3 bat drops and a gain for win. Snow, Cyrus, Cyrus, Blaze FB, Fire, something else. k, w/e, Psychic Restore Uxie, put it under push up chomp. Of course he has Scizor and like 4 plus power. GG.

    My brosis, Jack
    Jack for winning
    Kevin for copying my old list
    Ryan for winning
    Bidier for great consistant judging
    Sandy for the smoothest tournament so far

    50 people for playing Abomasnow and making it worse
  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Yay good job brosis.

    Can you now join me in Scizor hate? =D
  3. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Scizors for the win >.>'
    Good job on the finish though :)
  4. pikkdogs

    pikkdogs New Member

    did a scizor cherrim deck just win?
  5. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    ^ Nope, it lost in the Finals.

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