A Bulbasaur tale of courage

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    I am Sara a Bulbasaur. To tell a story of courage about a brave Bulbasaur. This story takes in a far away land full of wild grass Pokemon. Our story begins with a abandoned Bulbasaur. This Bulbasaur is named Grace and she was abandon by her trainer named Tom. So, Grace set out on her quest to find her trainer. On the way, she met me and Grace said Sara, I need you to help me find my trainer. So, I said sure Grace! I will help you to find your friend. Another Bulbasaur was abandoned by his trainer too. His name is Ash. And his trainer is named Dawn. Grace looked puzzled because she knows why Tom left her. Ash, Grace, and I set out together to reunite the trainers with their Pokemon. So, we set camp on a lovely green meadow. I knew that my trainer David left me to suffer. I was very sad when my trainer left me in a dark cave. Ash and Grace both said to me that a Oddish named Buddy can help us to find our loving trainers! The next day, Buddy found a young boy trainer and it was Grace's trainer! Ash ran in the meadow and he spotted a young pretty trainer wearing a pink hat and she picked up Ash and she was his trainer! But my trainer was looking for me but he was in a dense forest. I called my trainer's name but he never came. I yelled his name and he came running out the forest. He saw that I was hurt in a battle with a Pidgey. I was very brave when my trainer healed me. I knew that I made new friends that have the courage to find their trainers. I was very happy to be with my trainer. This is the end of my tale of courage.
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