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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Dro~, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    If an evolved pokemon that has a double rainbow energy attached to it evolves into a pokemon ex, will the energy card get discarded? The card doesn't tell you what to do, does it?
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    We asked that at the Ruling Team meeting and the answer is pending
  3. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    very tricky... it seems that the intention is that DRE should not remain on a Pokémon EX but that isn't how the card is written :(

    from the card
    1) DRE can be attached only to an evolved pokémon (excluding Pokémon-EX).
    2) When the Pokemon DRE is attached to is no longer an evolved Pokemon, discard DRE

    I *hope* that the Japanese card is worded so that an attached DRE falls off a Pokemon EX
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  4. beatlerat

    beatlerat New Member

    Another DRE Question. Does DRE reduce bench damage by 10? Example...
    LCC-50 damage
    Does 10 damage to each benched Pokemon (both yours and your opponent's) that has energy cards (I assume this means at least one energy card) attached to it (Don't apply weakness and resistance to benched Pokemon).

    DRE can only be attached to an evolved Pokemon (Excluding Pokemon EX). While in play, DRE provides every type of energy but provides 2 energy at a time. (Doesn't count as a basic Energy when not in play and has no effect other than providing Energy.) Damage done to your opponents Pokemon by the Pokemon DRE is attached to is reduced by 10 (after applying weakness and resistance). When the Pokemon DRE is attached to is no longer an Evolved Pokemon, discard DRE.

    So it does 40 damage to the Defending Pokemon and none to each bench?

    Also if Manectric was put on the bench by Archie, then you could not use DRE on it?

    Search your deck for a Pokemon with Team Aqua in its name and put it on your bench. Shuffle your deck afterward. Treat the new benched Pokemon as a Basic Pokemon. If it is a Stage 2 Pokemon, put 2 damage counters on that Pokemon
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Yes, it reduces bench damage by 10. Nothing can add to bench damage, but things can reduce it.

    If Manectric were put on the Bench by Archie, it is treated as a Basic and therefore you could not play DRE on it.
  6. Clefable73

    Clefable73 New Member

    So you would still damage your pokemon with DRE attached to TA's Manteric?
  7. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    TA's Manectric does no Bench damage with DRE attached to it.
  8. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    It says, damage to your opponent's pokemon meaning with DRE attacked, all of your pokemon would take 10 and none of your opponent's pokemon would take 10.
  9. beatlerat

    beatlerat New Member

    Taking the literal reading of the card, I would say you are correct. The opponents bench is not damaged, but any of your benched Pokemon with energies attached would take damage.
  10. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    I think it is not a big deal if DRE is kept on a pokemon-ex that just evolved. Only stage 2 pokemon ex can take this advantage and most people use rare candies anyways, except maybe kingdra ex. I guess wally's training will get popular if DRE is allowed to stay attached on a pokemon ex.
  11. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    Thank you for the loophole, Dro~. Unless this is overturned, there's gonna be a LOT of broken decks using DRE.
  12. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    I wonder which pokemon ex can take advantage of this. I can't think of any. If it is attached to amphy ex, it'll only do either 30 or 60 damage, which is bad for an ex. Ampharos can set up fast enough that it doesn't need DRE. So is kingdra ex due to its genetic memory attack. Gardy ex gains nothing from DRE if it's directly attached to it. It may be good on blaziken ex but I don't have the cards to test.
  13. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    I think it'd be good on Blazi ex to burn things, but it isn't as efficient as one would like to deal the bench damage. 100 down to 90 is not going to kill big guys anytime soon.

    However, I see non-ex Pokemon STILL benefitting the most from DRE. Highly unorthodox decks are now suddenly viable thanks to this thing, and I mean it!

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