A Madman's Rage: Aggron/Wailord/Espeon/Furret?!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Cyrus, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Now, I've played with and against this very good deck, and it is very powerful in all aspects. Yet it has really bad troubles against Gardevoir. Here's a little way to solve that!

    Pokemon (22):

    2 Aron (Sandstorm)
    2 Lairon (Sandstorm)
    2 Aggron ex
    2 Wailmer (Sandstorm)
    2 Wailord
    2 Eevee (Sandstorm)
    2 Espeon (Sandstorm)
    2 Sentret
    2 Furret
    4 Dunsparce (Sandstorm)

    Trainers (22):

    4 Professor Oak's Research
    4 Oracle
    4 Wally's Training
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Mr. Briney's Compassion
    2 Pokemon Fan Club
    2 Town Volunteers

    Energy (16):

    4 Metal Energy
    4 Boost Energy
    4 Cyclone Energy
    4 Water Energy

    Now, let me note that this deck does a LOT of unorthodox things, but all for the right reasons. Save Dunsparce, not a single Pokemon in here has more than two copies, since no specific card will ever be in used for a long amount of time. The exception to this is Aggron, but most likely, he'll never make more than one big, climactic appearance.

    This deck has lots of synergy: as much, if not more than the initial Aggron/Wailord theory. Dunsparce gets things situated, turn two Espeon EATS Gardevoir, turn two/three Wailord EATS Blaziken and its incarnations, Aggron is just big and beefy ('nuf said =P), and Furret is their director, fetching boosts for 'Lord and Eon, and getting plenty Metal for our EX bud.

    ...While I've played it, and it flows quite nicely, I still wonder if there's any room for:

    A: more draw cards.
    B: Power Charges.

    Any help appreciated-Thanks all!

  2. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Squeezing in Espeon could work but not if you try to throw in so many unneeded cards. I've played Briney in Wailord/Aggron ex and it didn't work as well as I thought. What in the world are the Rare Candy for?? Hopefully you've Sparced for all the basics and don't need the speed. No reason for turn 2 Aggron ex. Prof. Elm's Training Method over Wally's Training every time. The deck is slow so I don't know why your trying speed cards. With 4 Sparce you don't need Fan Club. You need Switch and I think Warp Energy is better than Cyclone. Atleast go 2/2 or maybe just 2 Warp and 2 Rainbow. Even with 2 Town Volunteers 2-2-2 of everything will just not cut it. Any deck with Furret should 4 Birch. So atleast:
    -4 Wally
    +3 PETM

    -1 POR
    -3 Candy
    -2 Fan Club
    -2 Oracle
    -2 TV
    -3 Briney
    +4 Birch
    +1 Aron
    +1 Wailmer
    +4 Potion
    +1 Wailord
    +2 Switch
    +1 Lairon

    -2 Cyclone
    +2 Warp

    That actually looks like it can work with the 2-2 Espeon except you really need Shard too. -1 Wailord & -1 Lairon for +2 Shard. It looks like it may cut some consistancy to Aggron but I need to test some more to see how weak it is to Garde w/out Espeon.
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