A Pikachu tale of courage

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    In a far away land full of Pokemon lived a brave Pikachu and he is named Anakin. Anakin is the hero of this story. Our story starts with a Lucario came to visit with his trainer named Dawn. Dawn knew that the land is going to end due to earthquakes. Dawn was puzzled to see me being Anakin's trainer. She knew that my Pikachu is the chosen one to save the land. She asked me a question about my Pikachu and I nodded my head yes. But I have other Pokemon on my team. Including Charizard, Lucario, and Bulbasaur. My Pikachu ran off into a green meadow when he fell into a raging river. So my Charizard saved Anakin. My Lucario is nicknamed Luke and he understands my feelings for Anakin. He can talk in Human speech. He said Sara, we need to stop the mythical Pokemon from legends of old from destroying our peaceful world! But we need Dawn's help too. So Dawn and I left the little house by the sea to start on our quest to defend the peaceful land. Bulbasaur was weak to walk so he stayed behind. But the legendary Pokemon started to attack Dawn. I called on Anakin and Luke to battle. The Pokemon taken a direct hit from Anakin's thunder and Luke's aura sphere. The powerful Pokemon were defeated! Anakin saves the day! The end.
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