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Discussion in 'Ask The VG Experts!' started by Smeargle1, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. Smeargle1

    Smeargle1 New Member

    So, I've been playing the game for nine years and still only have a vague idea of how to IV breed. Perhaps someone kind and loving could be a friend and give me a step-by-step process? Oh, and do these exist in gen 3? If so, do they still have the same mechanics?:blue:
  2. neophenx

    neophenx New Member

    There's been guides and videos about the mechanics and process for a while, so a quick search on YouTube should yield some decent results, saving me the time of typing up the whole essay of a how-to guide you'd bee looking for lol

    However, I can answer your gen3 question. IV's do exist in gen 3, and are a part of the reason gen3 could not be backwards compatible with gen2, the way 2 was with 1. The IV's and EV's completely changed how a Pokemon's stats were calculated in the system, making the gen2 to gen3 translation very difficult to conceptualize. However, gen3's IV breeding and EV training alike would prove to be the most archaic, and naturally, outdated, by modern standards. In XY and ORAS, you can have parents hold a Destiny Knot to pass down 5 IV's to the offspring (selected at random from each parent), and an Everstone to pass down a certain nature to the egg, making it very easy to breed for competitive level Pokemon with just a little time and effort.

    However, gen 3 has none of this. Or, if it does have certain features (I think the Everstone mechanic MIGHT have been put into Emerald, I don't entirely recall), it was only an increased chance at passing the nature down, and even then I think only the female could pass the nature. Other changes happened over time as well. Egg moves used to only pass from father to egg, but now both parents can contribute egg moves. There's probably other things I'm not remembering off hand, but that about covers some of the basic gen 3 to 6 changes in breeding mechanics.
  3. Smeargle1

    Smeargle1 New Member

    Thanks, that helped a lot, especially since no one has actually ever said what the Destiny Knot mechanic actually did, and believe me, I've seen a lot of the tutorials that would have rendered this question irrelevant... if the guides had actually been good. But that's not something to be said for now, as it doesn't apply too much to the topic of this thread.

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