Amphachu's report for Oklahoma states

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by amphachu, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. amphachu

    amphachu New Member

    This is getting typed up on my iPhone, so there are going to be some typos. Anyways, Charlie and I were the only ones from Arkansas to go to Oklahoma because everyone backed out at the last second for other things. I decided to throw a fire into Luxchomp for my ERL just in case I run into any steelix or dialgachomp. Charlie was playing T-Tar. Now onto the report!

    Round 1 vs. Reanea w/ Victreebell

    She didn't really get anything going, and I just ko all of here pokemon with luxrays.


    Round 2 vs. ??? W/ Vilegar

    He got a pretty good start to my trainer heavy start. I don't see a supporter for half the game, and he rolled over my face...


    Round 3 vs. Paul w/ Luxchomp

    We both get boring starts with smeargles, but neither of us had any supporters, and i ended up using ERL to nab 3 prizes with Thunder Fall, and I also dragon rushed for a fourth. Time got called, and I was ahead on prizes. GG


    Round 4 vs. My good friend Michael Randolf w/ Gengar/Kingdra

    I was pumped because i knew it was going to be a great game of amzingness. He donked me...


    Round 5 vs. Robert Long W/ Steelix

    I destroy his set up with luxrays and Garchomps, and he finally started to get a tanking Steelix, but i attached a fire to ERL, galactic switched another energy to him, and used denotation spin for the ko on his belted Steelix for the game.


    Round 6 vs. ??? W/ Luxchomp

    I mess up on my first turn, and I couldn't get Dragonite out. He jumped on it, and just out played me.


    Round 7 vs. ??? W/ Trainerdos

    He starts with an active karp and a benched Regice. I go second and triple flash bite his magikarp for the ko. He ended up getting a gyarados on his next turn, and took a prize with it, and my next turn, I drew into the top half of ERL. It then dawned on me. His bench was Skuntank G, 2 Uxies, Azelf, and a damaged regice. I used bebe's for the other half of ERL, and used Thunder Fall for 5 prizes. GG


    Well, I did end up with the record I wanted, but I had a blast. Adrian, Denver, Ty, Joe, and Charlie all made the day a blast. I made some good trades, sold some cards, and bought some cards too. For this being my first states, it didn't go that bad. Play of the day definitely went to taking 5 prizes with one Thunder Fall.

    Everyone else that made the tournament awesome
    Thunder Falling for 5 prizes.
    ERL for just being a total beast.

    Not making top cuts

    Well, this is goin tone my last tournament until Spring battle roads. Hope you guys enjoyed the report!
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  2. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    It's gonna be your last tournament till Fall BR's? or Spring Br's?
    The ERL for 5, was amazingly epic. I wish that one of us would have made Top Cut, but regardless, it was a good day.
    I will get my report up.... soon.
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  3. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Great to meet you yesterday!
  4. amphachu

    amphachu New Member

    Oops I meant to put spring. Too bad you couldn't make top cut though.
  5. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Umbreon... Is the card I hate MOST.
  6. michaelmasacre

    michaelmasacre New Member

    Hey man great report.
    Your round 5 opponent was Robert Long
    Thats so sick you took five prizes in one go. I definately think that was a solid tech for your deck!
  7. djjonnytsunami

    djjonnytsunami New Member

    I think sToRm07 was the only person running an Umbreon lol.
  8. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Was Storm07 running Yanmega/Umbreon?
  9. djjonnytsunami

    djjonnytsunami New Member

    Yupp! He's my roommate (Michael Magee). I'm running Gyarados right now, but I'll most likely be switching to Yanmega after rotation. It's hard to go back to running energies, since I've been playing without them. I didn't do so hot at the tournament though, I was so unlucky. But it was the first tournament Michael and I have ever been to. I got 69, but Michael was 8 on the initial standings before getting knocked out after the first match of top 16.

    ---------- Post added 03/13/2011 at 06:31 PM ----------

    I got vine whipped by the Tangrowth x_x I was so embarrassed. I think I passed after doing nothing but draw for the first four turns. It took five prizes before I even got my Gyarados out! But I swept five prizes and sadly lost in the end.
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  10. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Yanmega = new gyarados (post-rotation) haha
    Where are y'all from?
  11. djjonnytsunami

    djjonnytsunami New Member

    We both go to college in Edmond. But I'm from Bartlesville, OK, and he's from Dallas.
  12. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    awesome. Are you guys going to Texas States? Or Arkansas? or neither?
  13. sToRm07

    sToRm07 New Member

    I *might* be able to make Texas States. But most likely will be camping with the fam.

    wylie is not too far away from dallas, so that would be an easy drive if i was not camping!!
  14. Ninja

    Ninja New Member

    Oh wow. Nice 5 prizes :D
    Although i have no clue who anybody was. Lol
    I went 3-4 with drapion vileplume haha. But yeah storm i talked to you after you lost. Sucks you had to go against luxchomp.(who was my friend btw). U should try your best to make it to texas states. It will be a blast haha.
  15. Tylertyphlosion

    Tylertyphlosion New Member

    Hopefully you make it to a states, they are a blast. I will be heading over to Arkansas!
  16. amphachu

    amphachu New Member

    Lol I was the guy in the leg brace if you saw me. I also didn't realize it, but apparently when I did that thunder fall, I yelled it out, and everyone in our part of the room stopped playing to see what had just happened lol. If I was able to make it to a states next week, it would have to be Arkansas since its my home state, but Ill be in disney world with my high school band, so thats out of the question.
  17. MrSmileyPants

    MrSmileyPants New Member

    I think we should both take a rogue deck to at least one BR
  18. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    seriously, did I lose to both you guys?! I was playing Vilegar with a Lost World/Prime tech. I lost to Magee AND I lost to another dude who was running gyrados! CRAZY!
  19. Ninja

    Ninja New Member

    I was the dude with the pikachu shirt. Red hair. Glasses. And striped hoodie with a blue hood :D i dont remember anyone in a leg brace tho...
  20. djjonnytsunami

    djjonnytsunami New Member

    Yeah, we have that deck and play test against it in our dorm pretty much every day lol.

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