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  1. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Here is a deck I recently threw together

    3 amphy Ex
    3 Flaffy- Expedition
    4 mareep- exped
    4 marill- sandstorm
    3 azumarill- sandstorm

    Various draw trainers- I dont have the deck with me to give exacts
    3- Rare candy
    2- warp points
    4 multi-energy- for Wobby

    Lightning and Water energy

    I have found this deck works very well, and if it can get set up quickly, as it does most of the time it can play havok against those Blaziken decks. Everyone knows the power of Amphy -EX...10 damage to opponents pokemon when ataching energy from hand, and its attack is good when either heads or tails on a coin flip.

    What i have found though is that Marills ability to paralyze its target around 75% of the time is a great staller. Plus when you decide to evolve it to Azumarill, you should have enough energy to wreak havok on fire pokemon. It does 30 points per energy on heads requiring only 2 energy to make it go. Of course this is going to have problems against warp points, switch, even evolutions if you are not careful, but its really easy to have another sitting on the bench charged and ready to come out next. The nicest thing is that it runs on about 6 energy at most to really make the deck work

    Anyway....paralysis is a great way to shut down those annoying pokemon which can ohk everything they see.

    So far this deck is undefeated against my Gardy Ex, but that may be due to weak deck design.

    Any hints or observations would be nice
  2. Lugias_Realm

    Lugias_Realm New Member

    One thing to keep in mind though with the Blazy Decks, once they get started the energy is NOT coming from there hand but the discard pile, no added 10 Damage for attaching in this way!!!
  3. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    I have learned to never rely on the poke power of Amphy EX...but 10 pts here and there are always nice.
    His real power is in rolling tails....70 damage is nice but paralysis and 40 is better if you coant kill something out right.
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