An "Organized Thank-You"

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by SnorlaxStampede, Aug 12, 2003.

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  1. SnorlaxStampede

    SnorlaxStampede New Member

    I would just like to thank all the Compendium members who went to the trouble of saving the Gym for us. I started playing pokemon when the Jungle Expansion came out so I've been here through all the Hype. I remeber spending recess trading cards and trading cards behind the cafateria when my school made Pokemon contraband. But, sadly, I didn't find the Gym until its second reincarnation. When the TCG started too lose popularity at school I spent more and more time at WizPoG perfecting my Dark Muk deck. When I moved to a new, small town that was totally void of the card play I took refuge in the electronic gaming forum. The people there were helpful and patient with me and I evantualy became so capable that I rose to the position of MOD on the Ruins gaming fourm. The Gym has become a sort of electronic home to me, and even when I slack off on my posting I still feel welcome when I come back to full activity.

    In sort, I am very gratefull to all the work you people have put forth in order to save the Gym for all of us, and for all the work you will put forth to keep it up and running and up-to-date. And I encourage any others who feel the way I do to post their thankyous here as a sort of "Organized Thank-You."
  2. tia3

    tia3 New Member

    The 'gym has been a great place to 'hang out' and express oneself ever since its creation. The one thing i would change, however, would be the addition of a FICTION FORUM!!! We all appreciate Team Compendium and the saving of the Pokegym for a second time. And hopefully, they will make this place complete for those who, although no longer versed in the game, still love the atmosphere of the great Pokegym.


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