Anaheim, CA - Sunday, 12/16/2007

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  1. GreatFox

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    Three J's Sports Cards
    1232 S. Euclid, Anaheim, CA

    Sunday, Dec. 16th
    Registration @ 12pm (cutoff @ 12:45pm)
    Tournament Start @ 1pm

    Entry Fee

    How to Sign-Up and Play
    Please arrive onsite no later than ½ hour before the tournament start time. Thank you.

    Please allow enough time to fill out your decklist prior to Registration closing — download it now, fill it out,
    and bring it with you! You will need to turn in your decklist to register for the tournament. Also, please remember
    to bring your POP ID. Thanks.

    Prizes will be awarded to the top four finalists in each age group, as follows:

    1st Place = City Championship Medal, Bag of Goodies, and 18 boosters
    2nd Place = 10 boosters
    3rd-4th Place = 4 boosters​

    Additionally, each player will receive a Shinx promo card and a City logo pin, while supplies last.

    Tournament Format
    Modified, constructed (Premier rated, 16 K value); Top 2-4 single elimination finals.
  2. GreatFox

    GreatFox New Member

    Quick reminder. Tournament is this Sunday.

    Registration is at 12 noon and we will start Round 1 at 1pm

    Make sure to have you deck list completely filled out read to turn.

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