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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Absolution, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    I have an hour to kill right now, so I figured I'd write a report from Sunday's BR to kill some time. Bear with me as this isn't all that thrilling of a report.

    After some testing and a couple of unsuccessful matches in Saturday's BR, I opt to take out the Ampharos from my Chomp deck in favor of Meganium d for a more favorable Empoleon matchup. Unfortunately NO ONE was playing that here today, as there were only 10 masters.

    Round 1 v. Dackery C. (Magmortar/Catty/Phlosion)

    We both had slow starts, but he wins a crucial Wager early after I Furret [my hand that turn was RC, RC, RC Meganium, Mentor) and I had a Gible on bench with energy. :[ I have since decided Furret is a terrible card and only induces Wagers which my opponents always seem to have. I could never find Warp Point this match either, which was huge because I needed to put his Mag Lvl. X out of it's misery with Chomp Lvl. X's power, which never happened. GG.


    Round 2 v. Eddie C. (Glaceon)

    In several matches testing the nights prior to this, we figured out Chomp wins this outright with little to no difficulty. It didn't help I added a second basic Metal to the deck for today [in the car, lol] knowing there'd be at least 2 people playing Glaceon. Turns out there was 4. Good news for me, sorry Eddie.


    Round 3 v. Jordan (Leafeon/Glaceon/Sceptile)

    I got a pretty ridiculous opening hand of Sentret, Furret, Energy and Mentor and proceeded to get setup without much difficulty. He missed a few energy drops and had a really difficult time finding the supporters he needed. He was also running the bad Eevee and Leafeon, so the most he ever did to my Chomps was 50. I Warp Pointed up his last attacker in a Sceptile for the second-to-last KO and all he had left after that was Claydol. GG.


    Round 4 v. David B. (Glaceon/Leafeon/Omastar)

    Another excellent matchup for Chomp, I managed to pick off a couple of his Eevees early, and proceeded to flip trip heads on DARGON PULSE to put everything within range even if I didn't have the necessary energy, or he had the Umby. He promoted a healthy Leafeon, Lvl'd up and KO'd my Meganium d. I promoted Chomp, attached a Fire and OHKO'd, although he thought Chomp only did a 100 with the body. I corrected him, and all he had after that was a Glaceon. He was tearing through his deck with draw to find Night Maintenance/TSD, but to no avail. GG.


    Only a Top 2 cut, and I got 4th. :/ We drove like 2 hours and all I got was a couple packs of garb cards. We have vowed never, ever to drive to another Battle Road in Indiana as it is a very big waste of money. Sorry Derek!

    Meganium d, even if there weren't any Empoleons, this card is still a beast.
    Trip heads on DARGON PULSE.
    Everyone for playing Eevee decks. Moar like this, please.
    Me, for winning a ridiculous amount of Wagers on both days this weekend.

    Top 2 being G&G and Magmortar. I'm looking at you, Scott.
    Hotel's restaurant being closed, when we all really wanted ice cream.
    No restaurants other than fast food and Applebee's in a span of SEVERAL miles from I-69 to I-94. Seriously, that was really lame.
    Indiana Battle Roads, as they always turn out the same.

    THE END.
  2. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    well congrats on making top 4. Yea Chomp :) 3 heads woot
  3. billbilski

    billbilski New Member

    Oh the hatred... Walks away with head between his legs - one lone tear streaming down his left cheek.....In order to ensure peace and harmony and the natural order and hopefully get into your props I should have some crazy rogue ready by Sunday ....
  4. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    It's alright Scott, I forgive you. Did you and Drew end up winning or what?
  5. billbilski

    billbilski New Member

    The earth was aligned improperly and Drew actually lost a tourney - that makes him like 14-16 for the year. He had a bunch of dead starts.. I won though - Psychic Lock/ Wager is brutal against Mags...
  6. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    Can't say much for attendance, as most Battle Roads had low attendance. You only needed 1 or 2 more players to be a top 4. However with tournaments being run in Angola more often, South Bend to start up soon, 3 leagues with over 200 players combined within 40 miles, don't expect Indiana tournaments to be small much longer. Just have to get the players at those leagues ready for tournaments. The one league is close, as they have now been playing for 6 months. Went to one and visited today and players and parents are very interested in Tournaments in Angola. I go back to visit them again soon, and will start pushing tournaments there. Expect new winners in the younger age groups very soon, as the 2 youngest age groups look to gain the most players from one of those leagues. Some of the decks I saw today were a lot like the winning decks I have seen on this board, and at our tournaments. They know how to play them too. I have gotten a lot of emails and phone calls in the last few days from some people in those areas looking forward to tournaments. Yes I already started putting the word out in Angola and South Bend about the upcoming Prereleases and Battle Roads Fall, even though they have yet to be completely scheduled. Look for prereleases hopefully by Friday.

    I highly expect by February to have more players at prereleases/tournaments in South Bend and Angola/Ft. Wayne then I have in Michigan. Lagrange almost beat RH and Tecumseh during the February prerelease. If only I would have had the time to advertise the May release as I did the Feb one we probably would have beaten Michigan attendance this past release. I forgot to put an ad in a newsletter that a lot of people saw last time and that was probably why LaGrange had lower then previous attendance, that and key people missing from that one including some of my close friends kids.
  7. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    Definitely good to see numbers in the younger age groups are going to [hopefully] go up Derek. The more tournaments you're able to run the better, for sure.

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