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Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by sandshrew, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. Freze

    Freze New Member

    Can someone post the results with decks, please? Like Top 8 masters or something.
  2. sandshrew

    sandshrew Member

    Yes I will post the standings. Be patient my young padawans, I have other obligations too.

    No, I never post decks. As TO I am too busy to be concerned about that, or frankly, I do not know what everyone had played. If players want to post their type of deck, they can do themselves, but it is not done to do that of other players than yourself as this is not respecting one's privacy. Strictly as a TO I am also not allowed to do that overhere. We are also (locally) bound to publish names without last name either due to privacy laws, initials are OK.

    Many thanks for the players visiting. You made this a marvellous tournament by being there and showing great sportmanship! Finally 340 players madeit to the ECC 2013. It was a pity some players were confined to their hotelroom suffering a flu. Hope you get well soon.
    I also want to express my gratitude to my staff and volunteers, all being active for two evenings and two days in order to give the players an event of International class.
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  3. MvdV

    MvdV New Member


    Master standings after 8 rounds of Swiss (240+ players)

    1. Igor C. (Portugal) – Mewtwo/Bouffalant/Eels
    2. Finn L. (Germany) - Blastoise/Keldeo
    3. Pierre H. (France) -
    4. Anne Sophie M. (France) - Mewtwo/Landorus/Tornadus/Aspertia
    5. Marco F. (Italy) – Blastoise/Keldeo
    6. Joshua G. (Germany) – Darkrai/Mewtwo/Bouffalant
    7. Morten G. (Germany) – Darkrai/Garbodor
    8. Jake W. (United Kingdom) – Ho-Oh
    9. Thomas V. (France) - Rayquaza/Eels
    10. Alexander B. (Germany) – Blastoise/Keldeo
    11. Marek R. (Czech Republic) - Speed Darkrai
    12. Tomasz C. (Poland) – Darkrai/Garbodor
    13. Magnus Helle K. (Norway) - Garbodor/Mewtwo/Landorus
    14. Christian G. (Germany) -
    15. Gawein W. (Netherlands) – Blastoise/Keldeo
    16. Denny Falls R. (Germany) - Rayquaza/Eels
    17. Jonas E. (Denmark) – Blastoise/Keldeo
    18. David H. (Germany) – Darkrai/Mewtwo
    19. Sacha L. (France) -
    20. Benjamin B. (Norway) - Blastoise/Keldeo
    21. Bauke W. (Netherlands) – Garchomp/Altaria
    22. Simone S. (Italy) - Empoleon/Landorus/Roserade/Dusknoir/Shaymin
    23. Benjamin P. (Netherlands) – Mewtwo/Landorus Ex/Terrakion/Boufalant/Ho-Oh
    24. Mathias Lunnan B. (Norway?)- Darkrai/Hammers
    25. Julien D. (France) -
    26. Frederik F. (Norway?) - Mewtwo/Eels
    27. Twan van V. (Netherlands) – Darkrai/Mewtwo
    28. Marc L. (Germany) – Darkrai/Hammers
    29. Dennis B. (Germany) – Darkrai/Hammers
    30. Tamao C. (United Kingdom) – Darkrai/Hydreigon
    31. Mark H. (Netherlands) – Rayquaza/Eelektrik
    32. Charles B. (United Kingdom) – Blastoise/Keldeo

    Final standings:

    1. Dennis B. (Germany) – Darkrai/Hammers
    2. David H. (Germany) – Darkrai/Mewtwo
    3. Thomas V. (France) – Rayquaza/Eels
    4. Tamao C. (United Kingdom) – Darkrai/Hydreigon
  4. Luby

    Luby New Member

    Missing decks :

    3. Pierre H. (France) - Keldeo/Blastoise
    14. Christian G. (Germany) - Keldeo/Blastoise
    19. Sacha L. (France) - Keldeo/Blastoise
    25. Julien D. (France) - Empire (Empoleon/Roserade/Dusknoir/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX)
  5. Blue Blur

    Blue Blur New Member

    Hape, this was my first ECC and I will be happy to return; I had heard only good things about the ECC from the guys who went from our country the previous year and they were all correct. Thanks for such a well-organised, atmospheric event! It was very much like Worlds in all honesty, and not many events come close to that!

    Would definitely recommend anyone debating going next year to give it a try, it really is worth the trip out there!
  6. Tamoo

    Tamoo New Member

    Thanks for the tournament Hapé!

    Also, any idea where the videos from the top cut were uploaded to? Would quite like to watch them back, thanks :)

    Blue Blur: Are you UK based, if so who are you?

    Looking forward to next year
  7. Rambo

    Rambo Active Member

    Congrats on doing so well Tamao mate :)
  8. Blue Blur

    Blue Blur New Member

    Hape, do you have pictures from the event to upload at all anywhere? Also like Tamoo said, I am eager to see top cut games (particularly to see how on earth he lost his top 4 game ;) ).

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