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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by plaidlesspez, Apr 12, 2004.

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  1. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    After testing with Swantons TA Lanturn/Magneton deck I found it to be too slow, and I want to make the fastest deck possible. So I've altered it a lot and here is my new deck:

    4 Team Aqua’s Electrike (Self Charge)
    4 Team Aqua’s Manectric (Holo)
    4 Team Aqua’s Chinchou
    4 Team Aqua’s Lanturn
    3 Suicune ex

    4 Pokemon Reversal
    4 TV Reporter
    3 Team Aqua Conspirator
    3 Archie
    3 Professor Oak’s Research
    2 Copycat
    2 Switch
    2 Crystal Shard
    1 Oracle

    9 Lightning
    8 Water

    This deck is all about speed. I am usually doing 50 second turn, sometimes getting a reversal flip to KO something early. Suicune is there for Blaze ex, I can OHKO it pretty easily. Shard KO's Rayquaza. Everything is self explanatory. So far in my testing i'm 2-0 vs Bex, 0-1 vs Muk ex, and 1-2 vs Turbo Amphy (very close losses here). I think I may need Wobby to beat Muk, but I don't know how many Muks I'll actually face at Gym Challenges. I'm also not sure if I can beat Gardy yet. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    Wow, knocked off the first page and no replies. I am sad. :( Can anyone give me a fix or any comments? I don't think the deck is that bad...
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  3. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    I like the deck but I can't really see it beating like Ampharos Ex or Gardevoir Ex, Blaze for sure though. It looks extremly fast.. But it looks like it could lose steam towards the end of the game. And also how often do you start with Electrike or Chinchou rather then the Suicune?

    I think it could do well, how is testing going with it btw?

  4. HypnosProjectHQ

    HypnosProjectHQ New Member

    Looks like it could work... how do you stop your TA's Lanturns from being Reversaled up and being KOed though?
  5. Gardevoir

    Gardevoir New Member


    +1 POV
    -1 Oracle (why have it if you're going to run 1)

    OBV - speed is what your going for :)
  6. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    Yay some replies! :D

    Gardy, what is a POV?

    HypnosProjectHQ, how do you stop anything from being Reversaled up if they get heads?? :confused:

    Jermy, why is Magneton good vs other decks? He it takes too long to get enough energies out to make him worth attacking. If he's not good vs Blaze why would he be good against other stuff? All I can think of is against Wobby and water maybe.

    Swanton, I've played against my bro's Turbo Amphy deck, and he beats me when he goes first. I loose the coinflip 4/5 times so I loose most of my games against him. When I do go first I am able to KO the stupid Mareep my 2nd turn, before it gets it evolved, and I have an easy game. Gardy I still haven't played against, I need to find some time to play. Oh yeah, I don't start with Suicune too often, usually one of the other two basics, but if I do that's what switch is for. I played twice today against a Cradily/Armaldo deck and I beat it both times, so add that to the record.
  7. Gardevoir

    Gardevoir New Member

    Point of View duh..

    lol, i meant POR, Im not awake yet -_-zzZ

    btw - ill answer jemry's magneton question, he can easily be charged by lanturn/manetric, not to mention he doesn't even have to do anything to pack dmg b/c of the amount of energy on the field. just pokepark it and your lanturns will live lol

    besides .. try magneton DR1's pokemon power w/ jugglers :O 5 cards for just 1 energy discarded !!
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