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  1. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    4 remoraid
    4 octillery

    4 goldeen
    4 seaking

    -- 16

    2 mentor
    2 great ball
    4 celio's
    3 glacia's stadium
    1 scott
    2 steven's
    2 copycat
    4 castaway
    3 cessation
    3 buffer
    4 plus power

    -- 30

    14 water

    -- 14

    STRATEGY: This is just pure Water power. Both Remoraid and Goldeen start off well, and can hose the Defending Pokemon by T2 (20+ possible Paralyze, or 30 with 10 self-damage) respectively, if necessary. Seaking bangs out 50 by T2, maxing out at 70 for Flail; Octillery snipes for a cool 40 (even better than Prinplup) and its ceiling is 60 damage vs Special Energy (and opponent loses the Special Energy).

    In order to maximize the drenching effect of the deck:
    (a) 4 Plus Power,
    (b) 3 Buffer Piece to stop part of opponent's attack,
    (c) 3 Glacia's Stadium to help vs Lightning decks (only weakness here),
    (d) 3 Cessation to keep building decks (like Flygon) at bay.

    Energy Removal 2 was considered but flips do not rule.

    Floatzel can be used in place of Seaking, and it has 10 more hp, and can do up to 80 damage with 4 energy.

    Empoleon is probably superior in every way, but I wanted to keep this all Stage 1. You could use Prinplup instead of Seaking, but the deck already has good sniping.

    Gyarados was considered but the dynamics of that are so different.
  2. Skull Bash

    Skull Bash New Member

    I'd say add in a 2-2 Mantyke/Mantine. Gives everything free retreat, and Mantine can also do T2 50.
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