Are magic theme decks any good?

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Mama_Luigi, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    Andd by that, I mean better than pokemon theme decks. Thinking of getting into the game because pokemon's getting boring, but I don't want to spend a lot of money.

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    And which would you reccommend for a new player?
  2. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    It depends on how competitively you want to play. They just released some decent theme decks that are at least fnm worthy for 30 bones a shot. On the far end they have 10 dollar theme decks that wouldn't fight your way out of a paper bag.
  3. chase4787

    chase4787 New Member

    Super glad this was asked. I remember playing the demo for the mtg game on my ps3. Since then it's been in the back of my mind. What specific theme deck would you recommend? Is there a better option for beginners? What set is the best to buy packs of?
  4. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb Active Member

    The decks that Artic is referring to are called Event Decks, and they're different than theme decks in that they're more expensive, and are made to be able to be competitive at FNMs (essentially league). They're basically watered down versions of tier 1/tier 2 decks, from what I've seen. They run 1 or 2 copies of something that you should run 4 of, maybe have too much of other things, etc. You won't win a Pro Tour or even a competitive FNM with them, but you won't get ridiculously crushed at all either.

    I think the red one is the best, although I can't quite remember offhand.

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