[Auction] Lot of 8 New w/Tag Poke Dolls/Misc. Pokemon Plush [Closed/Lock Please]

Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by TexasTorchic, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. TexasTorchic

    TexasTorchic New Member

    I'm currently in the process of liquidating my Pokemon TCG and merchandise collection. Keep a lookout for new deals, I'm always listing new auctions! :)


    This auction is for a lot (I will not break up the set) of 8 Poke Dolls and miscellaneous Pokemon plush. Photos are attached.

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
    Picture 3
    Picture 4
    Picture 5

    You will receive the following eight plushes:

    Igglybuff (two different styles)


    The plushes are in new condition, though some of their tags have some creases/bends from storage and handling. I did not notice any flaws on any of the dolls. One Igglybuff has a minor bend on its "swirl" where it appears to be separating from the plush. All of the plushes are brand new with tags from a smoke free and pet free home. I'm a collector; I store my toys in clean, new plastic bags inside large plastic totes in my home office. Please examine the photos if you have any concerns prior to bidding as all sales are final.

    End time:

    This auction ends 11:59PM Central Standard Time on Monday, February 28th.

    Starting price:

    $5.00 USD.

    My terms:

    Due to the short time and low starting price I request that bid increments be in no less than $1.00 USD; bid increments of lower than $1.00 will be ignored. Payment only accepted through PayPal. Payment is due within 48 hours of the auction's end. Failure to agree to these terms can result in being blacklisted from future sales, and the item will be either offered to the next highest bidder or relisted at my discretion.

    Shipping, packaging, and handling is $13.00 for United States bidders (shipping is not included in your bid). The plush will be mailed inside clean plastic bags in a box, sent via the USPS. There are several plush toys here, so please understand that I cannot lower the shipping cost any due to the package's size.

    Also, please understand the cost of shipping covers not only the mailing cost, but also the price of packaging as well.

    I will gladly mail internationally upon request. Just let me know where you are so I can give you a shipping estimate. (International shipping is rarely much higher than the domestic quote.)

    Good luck and happy bidding!
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  2. Forte

    Forte New Member

    I bid $7

  3. Jazzbie

    Jazzbie New Member

    13$ is my bid

  4. TexasTorchic

    TexasTorchic New Member

    It's now 11:59 local time. Congrats to Jazzbie; I'll be sending you payment details.
  5. Jazzbie

    Jazzbie New Member

    :eek:ooo awesome!!!!

    (Haha yes...i was lurking.)
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