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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Water Pokemon Master, Jan 2, 2004.

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  1. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="

    The point of this deck is to get Azumarill powered up with water energy and to get him out as fast as possible. Then, if he dies, I can bring him and the water energy back with the various trainers. The only thing I am worried about is that I put in way too many supporters. Also, I am thinking I may not even the Swampert line. What do you guys think?

    20 Pokemon
    4 Mudkip
    3 Marshstomp
    3 Swampert
    4 Marill
    4 Azumarill
    2 Dunsparce

    25 Trainers
    4 Oaks Research
    3 Seer
    3 Town Volunteers
    3 Pokemon Fan Club
    3 Switch
    3 Full Heal
    3 Elm's Training
    3 Fisherman

    15 Water Energy
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  2. Hm. Looks just a tad slow, and heavy on the supporters.

    Pokemon: 23
    4x Mudkip
    2x Marshstomp
    3x Swampert
    4x Marill
    4x Azumarill
    2x Dunsparce
    2x Skitty
    2x Delcatty

    Trainers: 22
    3x Oaks Research
    3x Rare Candy
    2x Seer
    3x Town Volunteers
    2x Pokemon Fan Club
    3x Switch
    3x Elm's Training
    3x Fisherman

    Energy: 15
    15x Water Energy

    Ok. Delcatty gives you increased draw power, obviously, and you certainly do have the ability to get it back into your hand. (And you commented that you can't get your hands on the Fisherman, you might consider that new energy recycle type card from Dragon) Also, the rare candy. It's not the case that you just simply use it to evolve from Mudkip to Swampert. The idea behind the 'Blitzkrieg' method of attack has always been the best method for the Pokemon TCG, seeing as how we have such massive card drawing and search engine options. (Which is just a fancy way of saying 'speed = good') Remember that rare candy also lets you place a basic then evolve it immediately, aside from your first turn. THUS, you could conceivably pull some annoying stunt such as placing a marril, evolving, and throwing down a few energy cards. Instant attacker. You have a COMPLETE element of surprise that you wouldn't have without the rare candy. Good luck tommorow! :)
  3. Steven B

    Steven B New Member

    Maybe add a Meditite because of the weakness to Electricity. ;)
  4. Flippin treeko

    Flippin treeko New Member

    ERS is a top card for a trainer, 3 energy to your deck or 1 to your hand's got me outta few dodgey situations, speedds things up a touch too.

    Are you getting a good return on seer?? The stats would suggest finding another 2-3 spaces for energy cards to up the number you get out for azumarril.

    Weakness guard for amphy??
  5. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Drop Swampert... Azu can burn a turn to put as many NRG on it as you want... I say

    Pokemon: 20
    2x Magnemite
    2x Magneton
    2x Azurill
    4x Marill
    4x Azumarill
    2x Dunsparce
    2x Skitty
    2x Delcatty

    Trainers: 22
    4x Oaks Research
    3x Seer
    3x Town Volunteers
    3x Switch
    4x Master Ball
    3x Energy Recycle System

    Energy: 20
    12x Water Energy
    4x Lightning
    4x Boost

    Now you can change Strategy, and it is even more awsome in 2-2 play. You can switch Master Ball back to PETM, or even Fast Ball 1/3 cahnce of any evo basically non suporter style, but tried to lower supporters a bit for you. I would use Recycle System over Fisherman since I added Magneton. ERS will most likely be used to add 3 to your deck, then draw a more into your hand (Catty's Power and Oaks/Seer). Boost is a bonus 30 to Delcatty/Magneton's attack, and 3 extra flips on a Azumarril. Azurril can go get trainers, and complete the Azumarril line. Now your weakness are spread to Fight/Light and while they dont cover each other, it will be harder to type match. All 3 Pokemon can build their attacks based on # of NRG on them (actually Ton does on everyone on your side of the feild)

    In 2-2 Azumarril can super power any of the 3 you need for type matching if possible, since it can put it on either, and uses all attached to both your actives for all 3 I believe.... not completely sure on Catty though.
  6. Nemes

    Nemes Member


    Energy: 19
    17 Water Energy
    2 Bounce Energy

    Trainer: 27
    2 Fisherman
    3 Seer
    3 Energy Restore
    3 Forest Guardian
    4 Hyper Potion
    4 Potion
    4 Switch
    4 Copycat

    Pokémon: 14
    3 Delcatty RSH
    3 Skitty RS1
    4 Azumarill SS
    4 Marill SS

    Energy Restore: Better than ERS, I think. And it isn't a supporter like Fisherman.
    Hyper Potion: -5 counters for 2 Energy cards from a Pokémon... that will be recycled with Restore/Fisherman
    Forest Guardian: Easy to understand why I added that, no?
    Bounce Energy: Well: attach Bounce, return 2 Water, use Drizzle. Max Bubbles says "for each Energy", so that's an useful combo.
    Copycat: It's better than O'sR, in this deck. You need many Energies, you need many cards.
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