BC Provincials Report - First Place

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Mloclam, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Mloclam

    Mloclam New Member

    Yah so I never play in any pokemon tournaments but seeing as you win cash for this one I decided to play in it. (I play in BR and Cities but not locals cause you dont win much)

    So on the friday I went and met up with Bidier and Paul and played around a bit at the store. Then we went back to Bidier's place. He decided to run torterra/sceptile thing and I wasnt sure what to use cause I didnt know much of the new stuff or what was still considered "good". Eventually Henry and Sam came over they all made decks and I decided to use Banette cause it beats everything. Henry decided to use the same thing as me.

    Get a few hours sleep and am ready to go.

    We get to the event with a lot of time to spare cause it is literally across the street. I look around and say hi to everyone and check out what people are running. GG and Grass are looking like the most popular.

    Round 1

    Malcolm vs Bidier

    Lol sup Bidier. I cant remember too much cause it was pretty fast. Although he can just draw windstorms on command I still was too fast for him and shut him down fairly quickly.
    5-0 prizes (stupid tackle)


    Round 2

    Malcolm vs Ted

    I started off hella fast as usual. Ted was running grass with tangrowth. Too bad he couldnt get the energies over fairly quickly.
    6-0 prizes


    Round 3

    Malcolm vs Gatr guy

    He was running only 1 windstorm so Crystal Beach+cessation>him
    Obviously didnt last long
    6-0 prizes


    Round 4

    Malcolm vs James (Dark Deck)

    Ok my worst matchup and he just beat henry. He used that weaville card and made blissey dark so dark blissey vs banette = *****. He was only running 1 or 2 windstorm so my cessation and beach would be key. Also I dont like blissey decks because they take WAY too long to set back up after a blissey dies.
    I opened with a good hand and so did he. Prizes were in my favor 4-5 and he made a mistake. I played copycat and he thought it was galactic and shuffled his hand back. Obviously it should be an auto gameloss but I didnt wanna win like that so the judge gave a 2 prize penalty and I took his work for how many he shuffled back in. I took it quite easily from that point on.
    4-0 prizes


    Round 5

    Malcolm vs Jonathon

    First GG of the day so I was feeling confident. Banette should never lose in this matchup and Jonathon and I have a lot of fun when we play so its extremely casual. I dont remember much but I won losing a banette in the process to stupid confuse ray and sleep lol.


    So I am in top 4 at first place. My opponent is Jonathon

    Game 1 I won turn 2. First time of the day YES!

    Game 2- He had a bad hand but found out his son was in finals of junior so he didnt really care. I won after being asleep for like 20 turns.



    Malcolm vs Bidier

    Me against Bidier again. He rocked James cause Torterra is an absolute beast.
    Game 1- Well my deck is a horrible matchup for him and I take it after some rough tackle hits. I tried hard to gameloss him but it didnt work =[.

    Game 2- He had no time to get setup at all and I just ate up the prizes. I was playing "slowly" and Bidier tried to gameloss me but got a warning in the process lol. Great judging by Patrick. Yah so after a while of playing around I won and got mah prizes which were pretty cool.


    It was fun winning my first provincials and not having any of my opponents being asses today for a change. (mainly cause the only one who is wasnt there)

    Maybe Ill go to regionals but Ill wait and see.
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  2. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    i believe i Tackle KOed 2 Banette in game 1 :)
  3. Mloclam

    Mloclam New Member

    Maybe, it was a couple weeks ago.
  4. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Great job on the 1st place:)
  5. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    dont say that, he did NOT deserve to win, it was my tournament to win ...

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