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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by JohnnyBlaze, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    I would like to start a discussion on this new wonderful Supporter. AS you can already tell by my tone I just love Bebe's. Why? Well lets look at the positives: Bebe can now replace Holon Researcher, Celio's and PETM in alot of decks. Bebe lets you search for the following types of Pokemon: Basic, Evolution, Pokemon-ex, and/or Pokemon Lvl X. Bebe is a far superior IMHO.

    The downside is that if Bebe is the only card in your hand then you cant play it. But for decks like Flygon based decks for example you can now search for Flygon-d, Flygon-ex d, Rayquaza-ex d, Trapinch, Vibrava, and/or Castform, you get the picture. The flexibility to trade a useless card in your hand for a Pokemon that you need at that moment is so great. This is for another discussion but along with Nite Maintenance, Team Galactic's Wager and Bebe's these are going to be the 3 most played trainers for the next following couple of seasons. Unless of course the Holon Engine and Rockets Admin get reprinted. :rolleyes:
  2. Ultima

    Ultima New Member

    Ah, reminds me of the old Pokémon Trader days. Times have changed, but still...
  3. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Ah yes you bring up a good point Ultima but unlike Trader where you had to have a Pokemon to trade for another Pokemon, Bebe lets you trade any card like a useless Mentor or energy that you dont need at that particular time.
  4. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    It's definitely worth putting 4 in every deck.
  5. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Only if the deck plays more than one EX. Celios is much better for decks that lack Pokemon ex since it.
  6. Burninating_Torchic

    Burninating_Torchic New Member

    I think it's a sign that Celios will no longer be reprinted.
    In the 2008-2009 format, there will be no more EXs (it will obviously be DP-on). This would mean Celios is far superior to Bebe's.
    They'd never do something like that if not for the fact that Celio's will no longer be reprinted.
    So get used to having to shuffle in a card in order to search out a Pokemon, kiddies, because that's what you're going to have to do for the rest of the DP block.
  7. ThePromise

    ThePromise New Member

    ^not if i play pokeball with a rigged die i wont bt ^_^
  8. Charizardian

    Charizardian New Member

    Celio's is still better for non-ex decks, but for ex decks this card is really good.

    EDIT: Ah, thanks for clarification, Mew*.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2007
  9. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Charizardian, Celios can grab Lv.X's
  10. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    BT, think about how Rulemaster feels.
  11. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    If your not running ex's, then just run celio. You don't have to shuffle in a card and it gets every pokemon other than ex, which won't matter since you don't run exs. If you do run ex's, the card to play is definitely Bebe.
  12. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    You could actually play both if you really wanted to get stuff out. I think it would take up way too much room though.
  13. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Well I have a Flygon ex deck, but I'll continue to use Celios Network becaue I use it to grab Spearow or Fearow, which I'll then use to greab an ex. Or I'll use Holon Lake to get it. But in most situations with ex cards, it is superior.
  14. Jayson

    Jayson Active Member

    In an EX deck, I would rather play a mix of basic searchers (dual ball/mentor) and PETM. Why pay a cost to search out a pokemon when you can get it for free?

    But really, most EXes are just going to be techs in the 07-08 format, like a stray Delcatty EX here or a Flygon EX there. You don't need to run an inconvenient trainer just for something like that. And if you're running basic EXes like the Latis or Absol, just use mentor or dual ball.
  15. Skarmbliss

    Skarmbliss New Member

    Personally, I like Quick Ball because that card can pretty much get you any type of pokemon. It may be a risky card but its not a supporter.
  16. rhodesia123

    rhodesia123 New Member

    *uses quick ball*
    *gets a chingling with it*
    *uses another quick ball*
    *gets another chingling*
    *uses the 3rd quick ball*
    *gets another chingling*
    *kills self*

    i like bebe's search. the only problem is i cannot figure out how to pronounce it. is it "beeb"?
  17. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    "bay bay" or "bee bee"?
  18. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    I pronounce it Mi-zu-ki
  19. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    Meh, I like Celio's better. Simply load your deck with TV Reporter or Adventurer to grab ex's.
  20. eriknance

    eriknance New Member

    I've always said "bee bee." I like this card quite a bit, especially if you run Pokemon ex in your deck. If you're not, Celio's is probably the better play, but Bebe's Search can help keep your hand size small, that way your opponent doesn't get a great draw off of Copycat. Besides, I actually know who Bebe is (after playing Diamond and Pearl for the DS), and she looks like my girlfriend. I don't really know that Celio guy. Steven is okay with me though because he gives good advice. :thumb:

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