Black & White Theme Deck Tourney

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    Black & White Theme Deck Tourney

    Uncles Games is presenting the following Tournament to celebrate the new Black and White Set!!!

    Uncles Games
    116507 NE 74th Street
    Redmond, Washington 98052
    Saturday Apr 9, 2011
    Registration Starts 5:00PM
    Registration Ends 5:30PM
    Store Phone 425 497 9180
    Limited to 48 Players

    Cost: $15

    Come and play with the new Black and White theme decks. Players will receive a theme deck to play. After 3-4 rounds of play; and the tournament is completed, each player will given a booster pack from a current set; as Black and White cards will not have been released until later in April. Store Phone 425 497 9180

    go here:

    Note: This is not a prerelease theme deck tournament.
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  2. Pokeplayer

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    SO....Come play in this fun tournament....and get the new B&W theme decks...........
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    Thanks to all the parents, players, that made this a really fun tournament....lots of door prizes given away....

    There were 30 total....17 Juniors.....5 Seniors and 8 Masters........

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