Blasted Green Requiem Heartless, where are you!?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Maverick Hunter Zero, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. [Edit - Ok, just realized that certain mushroom heartless will give the Bright Shards if a specific series of events are followed. REGARDLESS, the request for info on the whereabouts of the Green Reqiuem Heartless stands. Thank you.]

    Ok, so I'm more or less done with Kingdom Hearts. I was done Lord-knows-how-long-ago. ALTHOUGH, I'm trying to get everything in the game. I've got quite literally every little thing EXCEPT for a few synthesized items. Now, you'd think I'd have a hard time with the more exceedlingly rare synthesis items, Mystery Goo for example. But no, I have those in great abundance. VERY sadly, I am completely unable to find ANY Green Requiem Heartless. Keep in mind, I'm at the end of the heartless, so the heartless are all out, and the normal rarity ratios of which heartless appears where is different than in the beginning of the game. I'm seeing mostly the more vicious and stronger heartless, rarely anything that was out and about in the beginning of the game.

    SO. Where can I find some Green Requiem Heartless? I desperately need those Bright Shards for synthesizing. (Or, if I somehow missed another Heartless that also gives up Bright Shards, feel free to alert me to that as well)
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    well, although I dont know the answer, I would suggest going to the G4 (as in the TV channel) website. One of their programs, Cheat Pringles Gamer Guide, did a really good episode based on Kingdom Hearts. They also mentioned how to make the Ultimate Key Chain (I dont know if thats what you're making), which had a few rare ingredients in the forumla, and also finding the 101 Dalmations and a bunch of other huge secrets. Here's the site
  3. Thank you very much for the link. :) Although I'm quite literally down to the last few things I could possibly do in the game. I got the dalmations and other such secrets sometime in march, earlier this year. And I have an almost unlimited supply of other such items, so getting the Ultima Keyblade shouldn't be a problem. But the list should come in handy anyway, thank you.

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