Blazekrow - Blaziken Ex / Honchkrow

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by BlackBrock, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. BlackBrock

    BlackBrock New Member

    Was trying to make a creative and unquie deck. and well, this is what i came up with.

    Comments,Thoughts, Constructive Critizism Are All Welcomed :thumb:


    Pokemon : 19
    3 Holon Electrode
    2 Unkown I MT
    2 Chingling MT
    2 Murkrow MT
    2 Honchkrow MT
    3 Torchic (2 HP/1CG)
    2 Combusken (natural cure)
    3 Blazkien Ex CG

    Trainers : 21
    1 Profess Oak REsearch
    2 Copy Cat
    1 Profes Rowan
    2 Stevens Advise
    3 R Candy
    3 Night Main
    1 Island Hermit
    1 ER2
    3 Dual Ball
    3 Warp Point
    1 Poke Reverse

    Energy : 16
    4 Fire
    5 Fighting
    4 Dark Special
    3 Baisc Dark

    Strategy :
    Starting With any basic pokemon except Unkown will work well for this deck. use Chingling on the start is prefered though to build your search ablity. building Blaziken and Honchkrow on the bench. switch out to start the attack wiht Murkrow/Honchkorw. then using Dark Wing Flap for 50+ how ever many Special Energy is on Honch. dealing a good amunt of Basic / Stage 1 OHKO's. using Honch untill he's KO'd switch out Blaziken and use Drag Off to get the opponets Hevay Hitters off the bench or to snipe out there Bench Tech. then Burn Away for a fast and easy KO depending on the HP. keeping this up untill you win.

    Comments,Thoughts, Constructive Critizism Are All Welcomed :thumb:
  2. Ho Megas Alexandros

    Ho Megas Alexandros New Member

    Pokemon : 20
    2 Absol (disruptive one.. think it comes out this weekend)
    4 Murkrow MT
    2 Honchkrow MT
    4 Torchic (2 HP/1CG)
    2 Combusken (natural cure)
    3 Blazkien Ex CG
    1 Blaziken (Firestarter)
    2 Castform

    Trainers : 25
    3 Holon's Mentor
    3 Galactics Wager
    2 Team Galactic's Mars
    2 Profes Rowan
    2 Stevens Advise
    4 R Candy
    2 Night Main
    1 Dual Ball
    3 Warp Point
    2 Windstorm

    Energy : 15
    7 Fire
    4 Multi
    4 Dark Special

    Rebuilt your list for you. I didn't like chingling for this deck. I've decided to base more of the strategy on disruption with removing cards from your opponents hand.

    Also I've noticed alot of the cards you placed in your deck are not modified. In otherwords they aren't legal for tournament use. Try to keep a better track on what set you use in your deck.

    Also, there are some new cards from the next set that you might want to put in. Honchcrow lvl X might be one of them. If so put two of them in here.

    Edit: Also... Maybe if you could get a hold of one, Umbreon*... Its dark and disruptive...
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2007
  3. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    I don't really see the synergy here...?
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Holon's Electrode....have you been hiding under a rock not knowing about the rotation?
  5. Ho Megas Alexandros

    Ho Megas Alexandros New Member

    Hey, uh thanks for helping the new guy out.
    But, your right. I wouldn't play this deck either. There isn't much synergy.
  6. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    BlackBrock's been on the 'gym for over a year...I don't know who you're calling the new guy.

    But now that I think about it...Blaziken OHKOs a fresh Blissey and covers L weakness...I just think something better could fit in that spot, like Machamp, Gallade, Dugtrio or something. Maybe even Kingdra ex d...? The advantage of going non-ex is that you can make use of DRE, and IIRC it doesn't reduce the damage done from Murkrows.
  7. Ho Megas Alexandros

    Ho Megas Alexandros New Member

    I'm sorry. I didn't realize blackbrock had been on for so long. I also didn't mean to assume he was new merely because he was asking for help on this deck.
  8. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    What IIRC means? Machamp would be cool...
  9. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    After a little bit of appr testing, I think Lucario is the way to go here. Having a stage 2 in the deck really slows it down, and this deck is supposed to be fast and disruptive.
  10. BlackBrock

    BlackBrock New Member

    Thanks alot for the post everyone and the opinions =D really like what you all said, lol and no im not new haha i just have a hard time getting my thoughts and cards together and working right. so i look to the more experienced players on the Gym to help. and you all are doing just that and i really appreciate it.

    Ho Megas Alexandros - i like the deck lisit you posted i had Absol Ex in there at 1st but dropped it because 4 Ex's is just a death trap. and like the idea with Team Gala. Wager.

    Jason - you can say i have, haha i fell out of the game for a few months and picked it back up about 3 months ago.

    mrdraz07 - i wanted to work with Blazkien Ex and Honchkrow, it seems liek a good idea, Lucario ? i will definitely check that out.
  11. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Alright, your pokemon line looks a little "Out of wack" =P First off, Holon Electrode isn't modified anymore. Second, Unkown I's power doesn't work without T, E, and M (I'll just remove it from my list because it's a pain. =P). You should also add in some starter pokemon (Not like squirtle... I mean like Budew or Chingling.) I personaly like Chingling, but the choice is your's. The rest look O.K.

    The trainer line up is a little everywhere, you should try to stick with 1/2 basic stratagies when putting trainers together (Like draw, search, disrupt, speed, ECT.) Try also to add more that one of almost anything you put in your deck (The single Professor oak's reseach, ER2, Island hermit, ECT. Should be switched to make so you have multiple of a few of the right trainers you need instead of singles of everything.) Other than that it looks fine.

    The energies are also O.K. (Although you could put in some DR, Rainbow, or multi energies.)

    Hope that helped. =D
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