Blissey/Weavile... please help

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by panda45, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. panda45

    panda45 New Member

    4x blissey mt
    4x chansey mt
    3x sneasel dp
    3x weavile sw
    1x sableye cg

    3x tvr
    2x birch
    2x n. maintence
    3x warp point
    3x energy removal 2
    3x battle frontier
    3x quick ball
    3x great ball
    1x copycat
    1x holon mentor
    3x castaway
    3x buffer piece

    4x boost
    4x special dark
    7x darkness energy

    Strategy: Hope to start with sneasel so you can evolve into weavile to start gathering energy on a blissey. Then you basicially build on that hopeing for a good turn out.
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  2. mewlover777

    mewlover777 New Member

    Personally I dont like weavile with blissey
    I'd strip out the sneasels and wavils and add to your trainers

    I ran 3 absols and 4-4 blissey line like 34 trainers and 4 holon energy FF 3 boosts 1 scramble and 7 fire energy I beat a mirror match and a gardi deck and 2 electivires

    no need for weavile they just slow you down and give your opponent free prizes

    you might also tech lati-lock for matches against DWD
  3. panda45

    panda45 New Member

    mew- well at cities yesterday i ran a speed blissey with about 30+ trainers and i went 3-2 bc i lost to quicktune bc of 7 tails when i was asleep and i wanted to try something that wont have me decking out by turn 5
  4. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    if you want Blissey to do extra damage run it with 4 pluspowers and 2 strength charm
    But i have this blissey list that is sick with Blissey/pidgeyot/stantler it works well
  5. UFtroll

    UFtroll New Member

    I have made top cuts 2 of three times with Weavile and it works well. You should not give up an easy prize. Turn 3 free retreat and sit on the bench with 4 to 6 damage on him.
    The time make the cut I had absol in the deck - it slowed me down and clogged the bench.
    I would take out the absols and ER2
    I would add a 1-1-1 of Delcatty or 2-2-1 Decatty. I like the energy draw and the last hit for 150 to end the game. If you do this you will have to change the battle frontiers for windstorms.
    I like to use 19 energies but I always use alot of energy. Add your choice 1 Holon WP or FF and the appropriate basic energy for the game in your area. I have been using WP but with Gallad I am thinking FF.
    I like to use the buffer piece instead of the plus power and strength charms. you get an extra attack with the blissey most of the time or with Gallade they have to turn over one more prize card to knock you out.
  6. pro of az

    pro of az New Member

    i play this deck and i have gone 32 games without loosing in az and here is my list cause i have quit playing this deck cause it is so easy and cheap

    4 blissey
    4 chansey
    3 sneasel
    3 weavil
    1 sabelye

    2 tsd
    1 copycat
    3 t.v repoter
    2 castaway
    3 holon mentor
    2 stevens
    3 tgw
    4 celios
    3 strenght charm
    4 plus power

    4 boost
    4 darkness
    10 darkness

    this deck works better without quick ball and other techs including warp point because all of those are risky and situational!
  7. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    ^nice list thats what I would role with if you wanted to play this cheap deck.
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