Bobby gets T2d by Machamp/Meganium, then T2s Machamp/Meganium

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Bobby, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Bobby

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    I didn't even know I was going until my alarm went off the morning of. So we hopped in the car (CHAD I DROVE 3 HOURS FOR A BATTLE ROAD) and I call Anthoy to reserve 6 wagers for my mom and I. We end up turning the wrong direction down the road and show up 10 minutes late, but they were barely halfway through deckchecks. I went with the MOVING TRUK!

    Round 1 vs. Antonia A (Delta)
    Whaaa?! I see her flip over a castform and exeggcute... I had never actually tested this because delta is pretty dead, but I figured it would be tough. To make things more fun, I started with Electabuzz. I had the mentor though, and got a turn two Blissey with like one energy on it. She delta drew a couple times and I got a load of energy on some Vires after she ran through two of my Blissey. She sent up a Raichu and started zapping the heck out of my Buzzes so I was forced to evo them. Eventually, though, I got 6 prizes and won. GG

    Round 2 vs. Jim Roll (Gatr/Eggs)
    MORE Eggs ughhh. I was ready for a tough game with drag off, fighting weakness, and Lake Boundary, but he drew COMPLETELY dead, getting no energy for 5 turns. =( Better game next time Jim.

    Round 3 vs. Chris M (Kingdra/Flygon)
    Why is everyone playing fighting pokemon? Oh well, whatever, I get Turn 2 two buzzes and a Blissey and start hitting stuff. He has a Spearow, Trapinch, and Seadra benched early with Castform active and I Warp to kill the trapinch. He gets slowed down a bit and I end up an energy ahead and survive the Kingdra because he has to energy link, leaving himself weak to Electivire. I RETREAT Blissey (WTH) and discard all my energy for the KO. He sends up a Flygon and swifts me, to which I respond with another Warp/Blissey attack. I knock out another pokemon and he brings up Kingdra. I swarm it with a blissey, which gets knocked out for his first prize, and bring in another one. I retreat that a turn later and discard with Vire FTW. GG

    Round 4 vs. David R (Kricketune)
    He started with Absol ex so I wasn't too worried, then he played mentor for three Kricketots and I was even less worried. I get T2 Blissey and Buzz, but I whiff on ANY energy except DRE and he dropped a Beach on me. I wager, win, and STILL get no energy, so this game is actually tough early on. Thankfully, he plays a tool so that my LV.X can buy me a turn. From there on I get more buzz and hit draw cards and run through Kricketunes and eventually the Absol. GG

    Round 5 vs. Richard F (Project Evolution)
    Ehh I knew I would have to play him this round =( Rampardos is no fun. He goes first with Fossil and Riolu start, but he's amazing and doesn't try to Turn 1 win :smile: (it would have been tails, but still). I TVR and get a Chansey and have a chance (hehe) but he drops the LV.X and I whiff on Warp Point. He has me under total bored lockdown and I just die after playing 3 blissey on top of a chansey and using swift with electabuzz for 20 damage. GG

    Top 4 vs. Greg C (Electigon)
    Game 1: I think he starts Chingling against my Chansey. I get going quickly with turn two blissey and a buzz or two while he was setting stuff up. I won a couple wagers and kept his hand low. He got Ray ex out and made some good moves with that, and the game went on for a long time. We were tied 1-1 at the end and I had to lay down my LV.X so he couldn't attach the energy and I take the game. GG

    Game 2: Our first game left us with "under 30 minutes" remaining. Our starts were pretty ugly: Chimecho MT vs. Electabuzz. I had the mentor though and get Blissey T2 again and go to town. He loses another wager and I just keep the beatdown going, and he gets nothing. Time is called when I'm at three prizes left and I win. GG and good weekend Greg.

    Finals vs. Richard F (Project Evolution)
    Game 1: I go first with Elekid against the RIOLU =X But! he whiffs on the energy. I have mentor and good cards, so I start drawing. The thing about this is his hand is rarely over 3 cards, so wager is basically useless as a draw card. He continues to whiff on energy for a few turns and condedes to me.

    Game 2: Much more legit! I started with Chansey and Kid (WHEW) and had a pretty sexy start. His wasn't bad and he dropped Lucario LV.X early but I didn't have the warp. I knocked it out in a couple turns though, and he night maintenance'd it back in. I aggro'd a couple of Blissey and retreated them like three times... This game was a pain. We got it down to 1-1 on prizes and I have one card in my hand, which is the warp point for when he drops LV.X again. GG :D

    So I 6-1'd a BR with legit comation!

    Winning my first masters event
    Anthoy (Judgethoy) letting me borrow wagers
    Event staff
    Pulling TSD in winner packs

    Lions defense
    "Swift does 20 less for metal resistance"
    Chad never answering his phone

    Sunday, 9/30/07

    I hop in my Pickup TRUK and drive on down to Ft. Pierce where I meet up with Omar and Aaron etc, call Steve and decide what to play. I changed my Pickup TRUK in for an Ambulance (for Kyle)

    Round 1 vs. Antonia A (Garchomp/Delcatty/Blissey)
    I saw a Gible and knew this would be a fun one. I started with Chansey and Skitty after about three mulligans, and I have the T2 Wager but I let her mentor and then steve first. I get going T2 and start taking down stuff. She misplays and puts down a Drake's Stadium and comes up 10 short of KOing my Blissey. I just boost away and run through more stuff til I win. GG

    Round 2 vs. Gabriel A (Straight Blissey)
    He started with Chansey and I started with Skitty and go first. He knocks out my skitty T2 and I respond with a Blissey of my own. He gets a Cessation down and I can't draw into a storm, so delcatty isn't doing much on my bench. I'm scrambling for some stuff but I win two wagers and get back in the game that way. At one point I have a Skitty and Delcatty benched, each with an energy, and send up the skitty hoping to draw the ex... misplay. I'm forced to retreat, boost, triple plus power Max Energy Source for a KO. Later, I have the win sealed and castaway for the strength charm and it's prized. GG

    Round 3 vs. Omar I (bb)
    He starts with Castform and Trapinch and I have Skitty. I go first and hit tail whip, so he plays Chingling, retreats, and get mentor. I castaway for the steve and energy and end up getting T2 Blissey. He gets a decently fast meganium and starts beating up on my Blissey and I have to burn a few boosts to stay in the game. He finally wins a wager and it doesn't look good for me, but I topdecked the energy I needed and drew into more cards with Delcatty. At the end he sends in Ray and delta supplies and does 50 to my Delcatty ex. I have a bunch of PlusPower and I can constrain/upstream ftw. GG

    Round 4 vs. Linda M (Duskqueen)
    I have to play my MOM?! =P She gets a pretty bad start with Nidoran and no energy. I get a Blissey going and take like four prizes off of just one, I win pretty easily :( GG

    Round 5 vs. Richard F (Meggatr)
    I start with Chansey against a Chikorita, I go first. I miss the energy drop and pass. He draws, puts me to sleep, and I don't wake up. I evolve, bench Skitty, attach charm to it, attach double PP and charm to Blissey and wager. I lose the wager (NO ONE beats Richard) but I draw into the energy. GG

    Then of course I somehow end up being the 4-1 that misses cut :( But eh whatever.


    Windstorm (worst card in the format)
    1.23% tiebreak miss.

    Mmmk for Tampa this week I played the REAL Ambulance, which is still Blissey because it's amazing etc (ILY silvestro/garrett btw)

    Round 1 vs. Linda M (Duskqueen)
    I can tell we'll be playing each other a lot this year. I get a pretty hot start with T2 Blissey and hers is... lacking. She copycats into a scramble and queen but I get some flips my way and keep the swarm coming till I take all 6 prizes. GG

    Round 2 vs. Chris M (Kingdra/Flygon)
    I go first after getting like a hundred mulligans, but I have the copycat in hand so it's all good. I use some tricks and take out some basics he didn't want me to get at, so his setup as a little slow and I don't think a Kingdra saw the field. He was forced to attack with Flygon d and it's weak so that didn't work so well. I had board control and a wager in my favor sealed the deal. GG

    Round 3 vs. Larry A (Empoleon/Dodrio)
    He started with two Piplups, attached to the bench, and pecked me. His start was abysmal and the farthest he got was a Prinplup to do 40 to me a couple of times while I drew dead on energy (with Blissey, I know =/). I took out his only pokemon after I draw some cards and win. GG

    Round 4 vs. Jim M (Flygon/Meganium)
    I don't think I even mulliganed this game, somehow. He got out one meganium and I took care of it pretty quickly, and I had boosts ready for the Flygon ex when it dropped. Mew copying Scrunch was hilarious though. I win after a game that gets tougher because he wins wagers against me. GG

    Top 4 vs. Angel E (Lucario/Raichu)
    Game 1: ughh Lucario, that means he can Riolu me for 50 T1. Luckily he misses it every time he plays me in a tournament, so I just tank some sexy energy on Blissey and drop cessation to screw up his LV.X drop. The one time he does get to drop it, I have an answer in my hand. His raichu only having 70 HP made it easy bait and I won, although his speed made it close.

    Game 2: He started with Absol =/ So I killed it around T3. GG :(

    Top 2 vs. Anthoy C (Thoy.dec)
    Game 1: he wanted me to keep his deck secret so let's just say he had a way to do T1 40 to my Chansey every game, and I still won. I attached to the bench Chansey and just took out some random pokemon. His deck is totally anti-Blissey but my draw engine is sooo much more consistant. I win game 1.

    Game 2: I win T3. GG thoy!

    Win! Garrett wins too! <3!

    Day 2: Brandon, FL
    I play the same deck, except I made a couple minor trainer changes.

    Round 1 vs. Orion C (what?!?!) (Moving TRUK)
    How am I playing out of age group ughhh. His start isn't bad but not spectacular, AND he started Electabuzz. He gets one evolved with a T2 Windstorm against a T1 Cessation, then evolves next turn and uses Celio for E-vire LV.X. I take that opportunity to win a Wager and knock out a basic. He brings up a Blissey next and starts killing my Blissey and it takes me forever to knock the thing out. We trade prizes and I have some fun with his LV.X, which discards lots of stuff, but I always have the answer. At the end I knock out an Electabuzz for the win. GG

    Round 2 vs. Jim M (Meganium/Flygon)
    Let's see... I think we counted 12 mulligans? I has a ridiculous hand and I figure I'm gonna lose, BUT! He goes first and I have a castaway, so I grab cessation and Copycat (OBV) and sit there for a turn. He uses Bebe for meganium and does that and does 60 to my Chansey. I draw, copycat, and get some ridiculous goods and start attacking with the damaged Blissey. It goes down and I get another one going and Blissey and Meganium sit there hitting each other for like three straight turns until one gets knocked out. In the midst of this all we find out that Flygon ex is prized (like the last prize, too) so he really can't do anything once he runs out of Meganiums and I have fresh Blissey. GG

    Round 3 vs. Evan M (Electivire/Delcatty/Raichu)
    I only mulliganed once! He plays no windstorm so he ends up evolving Electivires the regular way. He celios for a LV.X and it's the one card in his hand, but I still wager it. I win. He gets some scramble tricks but Blisseys just keep coming. I win pretty quickly. GG

    Round 4 vs. Angel E (Lucario/Raichu)
    This again! He gets another absol start. I win turn 3. Ughhh sorry :(

    Round 5 vs. Chris M (Ambulance)
    Identical setups except I can't win a wager to save my life. I made one idiotic misplay and then we had an in game dispute and I ended up losing, also in part by flipping 1/6 heads on TSD, but you know. Blissey mirror is pretty bad anyway, GG.

    Top 4 vs. Angel E (Lucario/Raichu)
    To save time I'm just gonna direct you to my previous top 4 game, except add in some failed ER2 flips. Sorry and GGs

    Top 2 vs. Jim M (Flygon/Meganium)
    Game 1: I didn't mulligan a million times this time, and I have T1 draw cards for nothing good and miss T2 Blissey for the first time all weekend. I hit the scrunch though (yes!) and get it rolling next turn. We get in another stupid Meganium/Blissey fight until all of his Meganiums are eventually KO'd, then I wager, lose, and take out the rest of his field. I saved the boosts for Gon ex so it didn't run through me. Closer than I make it sound, but I won.

    Game 2: He chooses to go first, so I KNOW he has some weird plan, because he never likes going first. My hand was bad anyway so I wager and end up getting the T2 Blissey. I take 2 prizes by the time he has a Meganium going, and then it's pretty much a repeat of the last game except I won some wagers, finally! I win this game too. GGs bro

    So that's my weekend. Blissey is BDIF, omg omg omg.

    -Malec T2
    -My ambulance driver (Steve)
    -My nurse (Garrett)
    -My defibrillator (Zach)
    -22-3 record

    -Illegit losses (for other people)
    -Copycats! :O
    Saturday, Oct. 13
    I show up and realize I don't have anything else to play besides Blissey variants, but that's okay since it's the only thing WORTH playing! I give Garrett my Blissvire and go straight Blissey again.

    Round 1 vs. Caitlin C (Eggs MT/Banette PK)
    She gets a bad hand, and mine is OK except I don't see more than 1 energy for a long time. She went something like 7/40 heads this game, or something ridiculous, and I got heads on all but 1 Banette PK flips (Bianchi). I win after setting up all 4 Blissey and going to town. GG

    Round 2 vs. David H (Blisscatty)
    Have you ever looked at your first 6 cards and said "I hope to God the next card isn't a basic?" That was this hand. I had to scrunch a time or two before seeing a Blissey. He mentors for Chansey, Skitty, and SABLEYE and ends up not attacking with the little beast the whole game. Still, I can't keep up and he wins after a very close game. GG Dave!

    Round 3 vs. Linda M (Duskqueen)
    I swear we play at every event. =x I start off really nicely and she... doesn't. We added chinglings to make her starts more consistent, but it didn't want to be in the opening hand I guess. She got a couple good copycats off but could barely take a prize as I threw all 4 Blissey in the ring to take prizes. GG

    Round 4 vs. Elia (Empoleon/Octillery)
    She went first with a Piplup against my Chansey and did Peck for 10. I draw, TVR, discard energy and attach. Next turn she uses Bebe for a Prinplup and hits me for 50. I evolve, Boost, PlusPower for the win. GG :(

    Round 5 vs. ??? (Infernape)
    I go first with a Chansey and attach. I mulliganed like 5 times so I was kind of expecting a T1 Ape, but it didn't come. I knock out a lone Chimchar T2 FTW. gg

    Yesss! Top cut is:
    David H (Blisscatty)
    Carson R (MegaGatr)
    Bobby M (Blissey)
    Miranda C (Machamp/Meganium)

    Top 4 vs. Carson R (MegaGatr)
    Game 1: I take out a Castform start fast and just keep putting the pressure down. He has a load of Lake Boundary but no ER2 to get rid of my FF. I drop a Drake's Stadium so Meganium's only doing 30 to me per hit. I whittle through his Megs and get him to have to drag off Chanseys to buy time, but I have the last Blissey in a small hand. I draw pluspowers off a big copycat and do just enough damage to win. GG

    Game 2: He started with Castform and got a nice big bench. I cycloned out some Totodiles and knocked them off early and let him keep using Delta Draw while I saved my copycats and wagers. I can't find an FF to save my life, but I send Blissey up anyway! I get some decent TSD flips for once and keep the swarm coming until I can find the rest of my trick energies. Another close one but I pull it out, GGs Carson!

    Finals vs. Miranda C (Machamp/Meganium)
    Game 1: Her hand consists of Machop and energy, and she's first. She attaches and does 40 =/ I draw, castaway, and I have a GREAT hand except that she topdecks a Rare Candy and gets Machamp DRE FTW. gg

    Game 2: She has a decent start, and I wish I could have said the same about mine. I stay in the game with topdecked supporters and Scrunch heads, but I miss one crucial flip that would have given me a chance. I lose quickly. GG

    Ehh oh well. Good tourney!

    -Miranda winning her first masters event!
    -Garrett winning again!
    -Mom for driving!
    -The David Hubbs cut.

    -Orion's crutch.
    Sunday, October 14th

    We get to Melbourne at like 11:30 and make Bastiodon! But I don't play that. I play Blissey again.

    Round 1 vs. Cory (Bronzong/Magnezone/Aggron)
    I start off great! He gets 2 Bronzong out and I lay cessation. I knock out things and do 140 to an Aggron with a special metal. I win. GG

    Round 2 vs. Linda M (Duskqueen)
    ;/. CLOSE game! She gets Chingling start and I get T2 Blissey, but fast Dusknoirs overwhelming my first Blissey was a problem. I had her at one point and she sent up a Duskull to disable me... heads. Nidoqueen had a DRE and I knew I was gonna die next turn, so I sent up the Sableye I put in that morning and Disable'd Disable. She retreated for Queen and KOd it and I TSD'd it back. The game gets down to the wire with her 2 prizes vs my 1 and time gets called. I win. GG!

    Round 3 vs. Carson R (MegaGatr)
    He put in ER2 ;x he used one early on an FF and missed, and didn't see another for quite some time. It took me forever to set up with my Sableye start (obv) and him having like 3 extra cards from mulligans. I get the Blissey smackdown going, but the game gets close since, again, I can not find an FF besides that first one. I FINALLY win a wager and hit my cyclone ftw. GG

    Round 4 vs. Jim R (Rayquaza ex/Sableye)
    Oh man, this one was fun! I start Sableye (of course) and Disable his Disable and we start excavating. I warp out a Ray and go at it with Blissey and he hits super scoop. I hit another Ray and he uses double potion. AHHH! We get in another Disable war. My only advantage is that he has exs, and I FINALLY take one down, bringing prize count to 4-4. Time is called. After 5 minutes of thinking, we both make moves and I have just enough energy to KO the Ray. GG

    Round 5 vs. David H (Blisscatty)
    Rematch! I get a suprisingly decent start this time around (Sableye obvvv) and get set up, but hold off on the Cess because I like to excavate. I wager him and win and start attacking with the Bliss, remembering NOT to play Drake this time since it ended up screwing me over yesterday. Blissey tank wars aren't fun, and my Sableye had 40 on it from early rotating Blisseys. I remembered that WP prevents disable, so I didn't do that. I had to time my switching cards perfectly because that Sableye could come up and wall me if I wasn't careful. Time gets called with 3-3 prizes left. My choices are to Copycat for 7 (just under half my deck) and hope to hit one of the two Boost, then hope to survive another turn, OR play the cyclone and cessation and hope he doesn't have a warp point or switch. I opt for the Cyclone and the only thing he has that can survive is a Chansey. It comes up and I hit it. I have the boost next turn for the win, and he doesn't have the warp. This game ended at about 15 minutes past time. GG!

    Top cut is:
    Bobby M (Blissey)
    David H (Blisscatty)
    Santiago R (Blissey)
    Michelle P (Machamp/Meganium)

    Now, looking at this, Michelle should have an OBVIOUS advantage, but it doesn't turn out that way.

    Top 4 vs. Michelle P (Machamp/Meganium)
    Game 1: My opening hand has Celio, Chansey, Sableye, and Energy. I DEFINITELY want to start Sableye, so I do that and bench the Chansey, and I'm going first. I attach, excavate, and disable her Chikorita's sleep powder. She TVRs and doesn't hit a basic, and I retreat, Celio, attach to Blissey FTW.

    Game 2: Similar hand, except no Sableye and I DO have a boost. She chooses to go 2nd. I draw, attach, and pass. She draws, attaches, and deals 40. I celio for Blissey and Boost for 60. GG :(

    This match took 3 and a half minutes. I felt really bad for donking like that after she finally made cut, she's a great judge/person and I hope we can play some real games in the future.

    Finals vs. David H (Blisscatty)
    Game 1: I think we both pretty much knew that the winner of this first game won the match. He starts with Sableye (suprise!) and me Chansey. I quick ball, actually hoping to hit the Sableye, but I find out later it's prized. I mentor rather than Castaway and just power up a benched Chansey. Turn 2 I Warp Point and KO a skitty, putting me up a prize and bringing up Mr. Disable. As soon as he starts attacking, I send up a TANKED blissey with like 6 energy and start hitting. After I take out that, he takes me out with a Blissey of his own. I end up knocking that out with a Blissey with 3 energy, and he brings up the Disabler. I retreat Blissey (yeah, I know), attach Boost/PP/Strength, and do 90 to the Sableye for KO. Prizes are at 2-1 my favor and he has 14 energy in the discard. He has to upstream to have any chance, and I have the boost for the last prize. GG!

    Game 2: My hand is atrocious, Mentor/Mentor/Chansey/Energy. At least I didn't prize the Sableye this time. I stick 3 fires on a Chansey and hit two scrunch heads in a row before he Cyclones it out. I send up another Chansey and let it sit there and die. He kills two Chansey like this, but Excavate is actually getting me draw cards, so I don't attach cessation. I draw a wager and LOSE. Two turns later I get a Copycat for 11 and get a legit hand and actually attack with Blissey. Time is called soon after. GGs man, your deck is a beast!


    Today probably had the best/closest games I've played so far this season. Thanks to my opponents!

    -Sableye starts not making me lose.
    -David for some EPIC games.
    -Zach winning a 6 person tourney, he's SO GOOD!
    -Mom for driving.
    -Currys for letting us stay at their place!

    -Eevee (the dog) for waking us up.
    -Michelle's horribad luck in top cut.
    -Anthony stealing my trades.
    -Getting lost and going like 50 miles out of the way toward Jacksonville and not getting home till 3 AM.
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  2. Burninating_Torchic

    Burninating_Torchic New Member

    Anthoy should be banned from judging because he probably doesn't know how to spell the word.

    GJ on doing so well on your first masters tournament... and getting ANOTHER TSD. >_<
  3. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    yesss go Bobby!

    the TRUKs are for real!
  4. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    I have no idea how your deck works (MOVING TRUK). Could you explain it?

    Either way, props on your first win in the Masters division.
  5. GJ Bobby

    You didn't metion those other 4 super secret cards I let you and your mom have. BEST TEXT MESSAGE TO WAKE UP TO IN THE MORNING!!!

    Also the best moment during that last game-
    We over hear Greg say- "I think my grandma hates me, when ever I say "Hi", she says "Shut up""

    To (insert persons name here)- Bobby traviled 3 hours for a Battle Road, next week I am doing the same.

    BT go post on Poke Crator where you belong.

    GJ again to Bobby, the other winners and to everyone who played this past weekend, and props to everyone who came from 3+ hours away to play.
  6. Curry

    Curry New Member

    I wish i could get my TRUK to move. I'm stuck with this stupid ISCREAM TRUK. GJ on winning and we might see you guys this weekend.

    Anthony: your post is virtually unreadable.
  7. DragonairMaster8

    DragonairMaster8 Active Member

    bobby, wth makes us so good at pokemon

    we shoudl play VS instead to make 10,000 bucks a tourny =/
  8. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    BT: me and anthoy both ripped TSD <3
    Kant: the TRUKS!
    Prime: lol, no one gets it until they play it. Blissey is such a tank, it can survive while you attach energy to it. The Energy gets moved off and electivire cleans up. Swarming with blissey is easy too. So it's fast damage, swarmability, and huge damage to clean up. Thanks btw :D

    Anthoy: rofl that was so funny.

    Aaron: Ft. Pierce? I don't think I'm going to Winter Haven cuz I have homecoming that day.

    James- Someone I talked to yesterday said VS is dying =x
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2007
  9. CleffaGirl

    CleffaGirl New Member

    ughh ur soo good looking yet SO GOOD AT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gj!!! ur amazing at this game hahaha. and uh yeah im totally winning my 1st masters tourney too <_< >_>
    buuut yeah gjj ur amazingg win like, a trillion more and congrats! =)
  10. DragonairMaster8

    DragonairMaster8 Active Member

    thats too bad

    guess ill have to keep playing this game then =/
  11. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    Yeah, you need to think. (oops) Read the report and
    figure it out :)

    btw. Great job bobby :p
  12. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    He mentions Electabuzz & Blissey. DO THA MATH
  13. BretKid

    BretKid New Member

    GJ at your first masters tournament...
    i went 4-1 at my first masters tournament and came in 5th and it was a top 4 cut =( lol
  14. Kenshin's Garde

    Kenshin's Garde New Member

    ahhh, he's all grown up now!
  15. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    Elissa - I know you are, with my list you can't lose. <3
    James - =(
    TRUK - Thanks for being in my deck
    Tyler - I know! I'm so cool!

    5th place sucks.
  16. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Gj Bobby. So TRUK engine consist of what I know for sure: Mentor, Wager, TVR and Celios?
  17. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Virtually??? Anthony's post is unreadable!! Change your font please. (almost misses the all caps now....notice, I said ALMOST) :lol:

  18. Curry

    Curry New Member

    Come on Keith that's a little mean. You can make out a few words in the post or maybe it's just me.
  19. Chewie

    Chewie New Member


    Congrats on your win.
  20. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    Or those might just be in good decks anyway. But thanks!

    Thanks Mom #2

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