BR report, Nanuet NY

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by BloodDraek, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    So I got up at 9:00 am and make an empoleon deck

    round 1 - Kingdra Swarm

    So I whoop him because he cant get nrgy for 6 turns. I also shut down smoke with CC.


    Round 2 - Noob Deck

    I whoop this guy because he doesn't have anything good in his deck and I get out empoleon T2


    Round 3 - Gatr Eggs

    This game was much better. So we both get terrible starts and I T2 his Casty with prinplup. Then he brings out a gatr and starts with the beating. I pull out desperation chingling and stall. He is winning 1-2 with a gatr active, gatr benched, rayquaza d ex with 60 damage on the bench and I have an empoleon with a scramble. I have 1 strength charm, 3 PPs, and a whole load of other useless junk in my hand. So I cant kill quaza d ex (only bring it to 100 damage). He murders my Empoleon for the game


    Round 4 - Meganium deck :mad:

    He gets a GOD start and I get terrible start. He sets up 3 meganiums T2 and I just squirm around the whole game. I lose terribly.


    And I get 7th out of 8 people

    3 more BRs to go


    1st Sam Glasset with Gatr Eggs
    2nd Connar (dont remember last name) with
    3rd Connar's brother with my deck but probobly some changes
    4th Michael Diaz with D-cario
    5th Robert with T2K
    6th Michael with Electigon
    7th me
    8th weird name dude with the noob deck


    mom for driving
    Tournament organizers for doind a great job
    Robert for letting me borrow the scrambles


    1 misplay
    Sam Glasset winning with copyed deck
    losing in war with 4 aces

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