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    Hey Everyone,

    We wanted to remind you about this upcoming weekend at Kings Games. We will be hosting a Pokemon Steam Siege Prerelease this Sunday, July 31st at 12pm. More information about the event can be found below and also at www.kingsgames.com.

    Pokemon Steam Siege Prerelease
    Sunday, July 31st
    Registration opens at 11am
    Play begins at 12pm
    Entry fee $30


    Pokémon TCG Prereleases are better than ever with the new “Prerelease Kits”. Players will receive a Pokémon “Prerelease Kit” of XY – Steam Siege and will have 30 minutes to build his/her OWN 40-card limited constructed deck to battle other trainers!

    The “Prerelease Kit” consists of:
    • A 22-card sealed evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets. The evolution pack will include preselected evolution chains for more usable cards leading to a more exciting player experience!
    • 4 XY – Steam Siege Booster Packs
    • 1 of 4 alternate art promo cards (You may use this in your Prerelease Event deck if you choose.)
    • 1 Deck building tip sheet
    Basic Energy cards will be provided

    At the end of the event each player receive 3 additional XY – Steam Siege booster packs for participating.

    Please feel free to call us at 718-336-1955 if you have additional questions regarding our events

    We hope to see you at our events soon!

    Kings Games
    1685 E 15 St
    Brooklyn NY 11229

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