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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pkmn Master Dom, Mar 9, 2004.

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  1. Pkmn Master Dom

    Pkmn Master Dom New Member

    ok this is what i have so far for a modified deck. (are you allowed a mix of normal cards and reverse holos?)

    um... i need some help, if there are any good energy bringing combos, like a poke-power that can switch them then pleasr tell me.

    :fire: :grass:

    4 Torchic
    3 Combusken
    1 Blaziken (FireStarter)
    1 Blaziken ex

    Will probably add some EX Ta/Tm cards when i get my booster box. (i need the deck ofr se challenge 6, elephant and castle march 30th.

    3 Treecko
    2 Grovyle (Natural Cure)
    1 Sceptile (Lizard Poison)

    2 Grimer
    1 Muk ex

    need some more basic non evolvers, maybe magma's torkoal when i get it, or entei ex, if it is good. i also need a scan of blaziken ex if anyone has it.

    Rare Candy x3
    TV Reporter x3
    Energy Switch x4

    need more fire energy than grass, as i can still use them on sceptile. get blaziken pumped up, firestarter onto sceptile, then if sceptile isnt needed i can energy switch sometimes to tm's torkoal (if i get it) or blaziken.

    12 :fire: ?
    8 :grass: ?
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