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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Instinct, Apr 6, 2008.

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  1. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    [Note: I don't have most of these cards but am planning to buy some, so I'm looking for improvements before I go out and buy them]

    Total: 20

    Cyndaquil x3
    Quilava x2
    Typhlosion x3
    Magmar x3
    Magmortar x3
    Sentret x3
    Furret x3

    Total: 25

    Roseanne's Research x4
    Felicity’s Drawing x4
    TV Reporter x4
    Team Galactic's Wager x1
    Copycat x1
    Night Maintenance x2
    Celio's Network x4
    Rare Candy x3
    Warp Point x2

    Total: 15

    Scramble Energy x2
    Fire Energy x13



    - Typhlosion powers up Magmortar
    - Furret helps me get set up, and then I can switch it out and transfer it's energies over to Magmortar


    - Draw many cards
    - Bring out Pokemon quickly/evolve Pokemon quickly


    - Many fire energies to power up Magmortar
    - Scramble energies used if losing
  2. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    if you play magmortar then play magmortar lv.x too.
  3. zman22674

    zman22674 New Member

    My fiancee and i both play Magmortar decks and you definitely need LV. X. Also, why use the Furret line instead of the Baltoy/Claydol line? We use the Baltoy/Claydol line at 1-1 and we both get in the top 3 at our local tournaments every week.

    I would take out the Furret line and add Mag LV. X and 1-1 Baltoy/Claydol. I would also take the Typhlosion line to 3-2-2 or 3-3-2. 3 Typhlosions is too much. Your main attacker should be Magmortar and you only run 3 Magmars. My suggestion on Pokemon is 18 and running:

    Cyndaquil x3
    Quilava x3
    Typhlosion x2
    Magmar x4
    Magmortar (SW) x3
    Magmortar LV. X x1
    Baltoy (GE) x1
    Claydol (GE) x1

    Pokemon =18.
    Deck count total=18.

    Now, you won't need so much draw power with Supporters once you add Claydol, so I would drop Wager and TV Reporter and keep Felicity's Drawing. Once you get a LV. X, you should add 2 Premier Ball. Also, if you add Claydol, you would swap Celio's for Bebe's, since Bebe's thins your hand so you can get more from Claydol. I would take out the Copycat and add 1 more Warp Point. I would also add Quick Ball. Your Trainers/Supporters should look like this and have 22 of them.:

    Rare Candy x3
    Warp Point x3
    Quick Ball x4
    Premier Ball x2
    Night Maintenance x2
    Roseanne's Research x4
    Bebe's Search x3
    Felicity's Drawing x3

    Trainer/Supporter total=24.
    Deck count total=42.

    Now your energy. I think you need to boost it just a little because Magmortar decks rely on attaching energy for healing. I would not use Scramble because you may be behind only a few times. So, I would take out the Scrambles and add in 4 Double Rainbow Energy. You should also add some Holon Energy FF to remove weakness for matchups against those pesky Empoleon decks. Your energy should look like this:

    Double Rainbow Energy x4
    Holon Energy FF x2
    Basic Fire Energy x12

    Energy total=18.
    Deck count total=60.

    Those are my suggestions, which closely mimic my deck and I have been pretty successful with this build.

  4. MarchenHG

    MarchenHG New Member

    Okay, I dont want to be rude to the guy above me, but 3-3-2 is kind of dumb, especially if you have 3 rare candy. Leave the typhlosions alone, but he is right about Claydol, and if you dont have/like claydol you could always use delcatty which actually makes this deck run really fast. I think 2-2 claydol or Delcatty is the way to go though, they are the first things that you want to get out, they set everything up, but make sure you keep them on the bench lol, And with with a 2-2 of claydol/Catty, you would have space for a magmortar Lv. X and a 4th magmar. You are fine with Scramble and actually scramble works really well in this deck. Dont runn FF , there isnt much water in play so you should be fine. So the pokemon line should look something like this. Pachi is the best starter in the game, and I think its pretty self explanitory. You could also tech in 1 tauros if you have space for his cruch chance ability, I know a lot of people are using him now, and he wouldnt hurt you if you had to start with him either. If you want me to give you a trainer engine just tell if your going to use use Claydol or Catty and ill be happy to help you out, good luck!!

    3 Pachirisu GE
    4 Magmar MT
    3 Magmortar SW
    1 Magmortar Lv.X
    2 Skitty CG/ Baltoy GE
    2 Delcatty PK/ Claydol GE
    3 Cyndaquil
    2 Quilava
    3 Typhlosion

    14 Fire
    2 Scramble
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2008
  5. zman22674

    zman22674 New Member

    It most certainly is not dumb. I am NOT speaking without actually playing this deck and have in fact, played against decks that run 3 Typhlosions and I have beaten every one of them almost 100% of the time because they draw into Typhlosions rather than the Magmortars they needed. You act like I am speaking without a lot of experience with the deck. The MAIN attacker is NOT Typhlosion, so why put as many Typhlosions in the deck as Magmortar? Typhlosion is used for support to use Firestarter and maybe some cleanup work to remove DRE or water energies. That is all Typhlosion is used for and there is NO NEED to run 3 of them in the deck. I have used the 3-3-2 line without fail. I have lost only 1 game in tournements and league combined since playing my deck and if you add up all the games I have played, my record with my build is 19-1 (not including playing outside of league or tournaments). I also play my fiance, who ran Blaziken in 3 and I beat her almost 80% of the time, now she went to Typhlosions and runs 2, she beats me almost the same amount I beat her. She also runs Pachi in hers and when she loses, it is normally because she pulled a Pachi when she needed a Magmortar. 2-2 Claydol is something I have tried also and it slowed the deck down greatly. Empoleon decks will be out there during regionals. It will be a fact and anyone not prepared that is running a fire deck will be beaten rather easily. Now, before anyone claims I am saying Pachi is not a great starter, I am certainly not saying that. Pachi is an awesome starter and I use him in my Infernacatty, but he is not as good in this deck as he is with many others.

    Again, I am speaking from experience and not blindly giving advice and for someone to say an idea someone gives is dumb is not a very nice thing to do. I would NEVER come to a board and reply saying someone's ideas on help were "dumb". He asked for help and I have experience with my deck build and have played against several other builds and I have won consistently against every other build except my fiancee's because hers is almost identical to mine now and she only changed hers because mine has been so successful.

    I am not saying my deck or idea is the best in the world or anything even close to that, but I am speaking from extensive play with it.

    Last edited: Apr 7, 2008
  6. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    Claydols are good I guess, but 1-1 or 2-2? With 1-1 won't it be unlikely that I draw them?
    But I think Delcatty is better since I can discard Fire Energies for Firestarter.
    Also, Magmortar lv X is like $20, I'd rather not pay $20 for 1 card.
  7. mpapa88

    mpapa88 New Member

    oh my.......ROFL.
  8. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    If you're going to laugh at least make it useful and say WHAT you are laughing at.
  9. mpapa88

    mpapa88 New Member

    i was laughing at both the deck and the name.
    burning sensation...:(
  10. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    Sorry next time I'll try not to be original.
  11. ulises

    ulises New Member

    If you can not get a magmortar lv.x then add one more magmortar and another magmar
  12. zman22674

    zman22674 New Member

    ^^I agree. If Mag LV. X is too pricey for you, then you need to max out your Magmar and Mag. Mag Lv. X is NOT needed to win, but it helps with the higher HP and to snipe the bench when needed. However, $20 is not that bad for a Mag LV. X. I paid $25 for mine. My fiancee took my first one that I got in a pack, since at the time I was running my Infernacatty 99% of the time and she wanted that was strong enough to stand up to me.

    I thought the same thing about running Baltoy/Claydol at 1-1 (I even tried just 2-1 line), but here is how it works, use Roseanne's to get Baltoy and then the next turn use Bebe's to get the Claydol (the Quick Balls also help a lot). Trust me, neither my fiancee or I ever have trouble getting Claydol by turn 3 (depending on who went first) unless one of them is in our prizes. 2-2 just floods the deck and takes the place of more of your main attacker. Claydol is just a support Pokemon and is not needed to win any given game, but it does help to keep your hand size full of choices.

  13. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    Okay lets say I have $40-50, and the only thing I have from my list are the fire energies, 1 Typhlosion, and 2 Roseanne's Research. (Yes pathetic I know -_-)

    What should I spend the money on. Like can you approximately say what the important cards will cost (Magmortar, Rare Candy, Scramble Energy, etc.) and from where I can buy these cards cheap from?

    Like do you recommend any website that sells cheap single cards? I really want to get all those cards without exceeding the $40-50 mark.

    My location is in Ontario, Canada if you need that to recommend any websites or anything.
  14. zman22674

    zman22674 New Member

    No, it is not pathetic. Some people just don't have a lot of money to spend. I totally understand.

    Magmortar (SW) you can get in a theme deck and more Supporters (I can't remember right now what ones come in there). However, you can probably get the Magmortar (SW) for a few bucks. Rare Candy can go for as much as $10 each, but that is on the expensive side. Shop around and see where they are cheapest or trade for them. We got lucky and pulled a bunch in our boxes. As I said, I would not use Scramble Energy, but if you insist on using it, it is only a buck or two each. My fiancee just bought a Typhlosion for $5 Saturday. I have seen them around $3-$6 online. I would recommend sites where I buy from, but I don't know if it is allowed to advertise for retail sites on the Gym and I prefer to not be banned. You can shop around online and just look up the best prices. I will tell you what I tell my computer illiterate father, Google is your friend.

    So, to break it down so you won't have to keep going back a reading my ramble:

    Magmortar (SW) (the better Mag): Theme Deck for about $12 ea. or $2-$4 ea.
    Magmar (SW): $1-$2 ea.
    Typhlosion: $3-$6 ea.
    Quilava: $1 ea.
    Cyndaquil: $1 ea.
    Baltoy: less than $1 ea. (it is a common).
    Claydol: $1-$4 ea.
    Rare Candy: $4-$10 ea. depending where you buy.
    Scramble Energy: $1-$3 ea. (I prefer DRE at about $3-$5 ea.)
    Fellicity's Drawing: $2-$3 ea.
    Quick Ball: Theme Decks $12 ea. or $1-$2 ea.
    Switch/Warp Point: $1-$3 ea. maybe less.
    Premier Ball: $1-$3 ea. maybe less.
    Night Maintenance: $1-$3 ea. maybe less.
    Bebe's Search: Theme Decks $12 ea. or $1-$2 ea.

    I hope that helps.

  15. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    Magmortar theme decks are $15 each, and they come with not too good supporters - Bebe's Search and Team Galactic's Mars being the best ones.

    Two Scramble Energies won't hurt, and they help. +60 damage for Magmortar when losing.

    Magmortar and Rare Candies are my major concerns.
    I see Magmortar's at $5-10 each, and Rare Candies like $5-10 each.
    Add them together and it's $35-70, and throw in the shipping ($10) and that's like double the money I have. >_<

    * Also, when I see a reasonable priced card (which is rare) they are sold out. :(
  16. zman22674

    zman22674 New Member

    Not to be judgmental, but those prices are a little high. Magmortar Theme Decks are only $12 at Target and Walmart. The websites I buy from list Magmortar for only $3-$4 and Rare Candy for about $5. My calculations are Mag for $4 ($4x4=$16) and Rare Candy for $5 ($5x3=$15) $16+$15=$31, below your $40-$50 limit. This deck is not that expensive of a deck to build, compared to some others like Infernacatty and G&G/PLOX. Since you already stated money is tight, that is why I suggested try trading for what you need if you can first.

  17. Jakeman

    Jakeman New Member

    lol, In Yugioh there is Dark Armed Dragon that costs around $200-250, Destiny draw which is about $55-$60, Allure of Darkness which is about $40-$50 and dark Lord zerato which is around $80 All of those except Dark lord zerato is ran in 3's of every major deck right now (Zerato is ran usally in One's) compaired to that this game is extremly cheap, although this is a better game anyway.
  18. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    I'm isolated, not really many people to trade with. =\

    Ok so:

    Magmortars - $16
    Rare Candies - $15
    Cyndaquils/Quilavas/Magmars - $5
    Whatever helper I used (basic + evo) - $10
    The supporters are $1-2 each, so around $30
    Scrambles - $5

    = $81 + shipping/taxes
    = $95

    When I see some good deals like Magmortar for $3 or Rare Candy for $3, they are ALWAYS sold out. =\
  19. zman22674

    zman22674 New Member

    Again, I truly sympathize with you. Go to some online sites and price around, maybe even try ebay (but ONLY buy from a reputable seller). I personally don't buy from ebay, but many friends have with great success. I have to be honest, it is hard to make a successful deck for less than $50. However, compared to a lot of other top decks, Magmaphlosion is not that expensive. Try building an Infernacatty cheaply when Delcatty EX is being sold for $30-$50 each! Like anything else, a successful deck is going to cost some money to build. As the previous poster said, Yu-Gi-Oh decks are WAY MUCH MORE expensive to build. I had a YGO deck that was valued at over $1000.00 and was all foil. Pokemon is a relatively cheap card game compared to many others.

  20. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    2-1-2 for typhlosion, run catty with it, not claydol, also definately get a magmortar Lv. X, either buy or trade online for the cards you dont have. I made my Magmortar deck with like 20 dollars and online trading and it came in 2nd at states, so you dont need that much money. drop the furrets for pachirisu, and thats pretty much it.
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