Callout for Dragon cards!!!! Please answer me!!! (thanks...)

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by penguin_master, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    Okay, I'm starting a thread listing the 10 cards I need to finish dragon. If you have any of these cards, please leave a reply, or send me a private message. You can check my other thread for my haves, or post your wants here. Now for the cards I need.

    #89 Amphy EX
    #82 Balloon Berry
    #14 Dragonair
    #5 Golem
    #91 Golem EX
    #6 Grumpig
    #94 Latios EX
    #7 Minun
    #98 Charmander
    #99 Charmeleon

    Thanks for your help! If you have none of these, please look at my other thread for my other wants. :D

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  2. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Hey, I have

    Grumpig Holo
    Cacturne Holo
    I need
    2-3 Boost energy
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  3. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    Okay, sorry whoever edited, It won't happen again!
    Krayzie: I'm afraid I have no boost, it is on my new need list. Sorry
  4. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    I have:
    Ballon Berry

    check my wants
  5. spookees

    spookees Active Member

    i have these.......

    okay i have these:

    #82 Balloon Berry RH
    #14 Dragonair RH
    #5 Golem H
    #6 Grumpig H

    I need these (only if they are mint, and no hairline scratches either please check) thanks

    1 Plusle RH
    1 Salamence #10 RH
    1 Shedinja HOLO
    1 Vibra #22 RH

    4x TV Reporter RH (not kidding...) hehehe
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