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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by dkates, Nov 17, 2003.

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    I have actually built three E-on decks so far. All of them had one thing in common -- they used a Stage 2 line. So, I decided to create a decklist (even if I couldn't build it) that didn't use a Stage 2 line. I remembered this combo which was suggested to me a little while back, and thought I'd try building a deck around it. This is a theoretical decklist, and includes cards which I either do not have enough of or do not have at all, including some from Dragons.

    Pokemon (20):
    4 Numel (Dragons #70)
    3 Camerupt (R/S)
    4 Electrike (R/S Uncommon)
    3 Manectric (Holo)
    2 Rayquaza ex
    2 Elekid (SS)
    2 Electabuzz (SS)

    Trainers (22):
    3 Copycat
    3 Professor Oak's Research
    3 Juggler
    1 Town Volunteers
    3 Switch
    3 Warp Point
    3 Energy Recycle System
    3 Energy Switch

    Energy (18):
    7 Fire Energy
    7 Lightning Energy
    4 Multi Energy

    Strategy: The combo I mentioned above was Manectric and Camerupt. Camerupt's Fire Spin does 100 for :fire: :fire: :colorless :colorless and the discard of two basic Energy cards. Note that those basic Energy cards can be any type. So, I use Manectric's Attract Current to power it up. Manectric also covers Camerupt's Weakness. Rayquaza ex is another big hitter, which is also supported by Manectric and Elekid. Trainers should be pretty self-explanatory.

    Spoilers of Dragons cards:
    Basic Pokemon
    50 HP
    Weakness: W
    Resistance: N/A
    Retreat Cost: (C)(C)

    (C) Rollout 10

    (R) Kindle 10
    Discard a (R) Energy card attached to Numel and then discard an Energy card attached to the Defending Pokemon.

    Rayquaza ex
    Basic Pokemon
    100 HP
    Weakness: (C)
    Resistance: (W), (F)
    Retreat Cost: (C)(C)

    (C) Spiral Growth
    Flip a coin until you get tails. For each heads, search your discard pile for a basic Energy card and attach it to Rayquaza ex.

    (R)(L) Dragon Burst 40x
    Discard either all (R) Energy or all (L) Energy attached to Rayquaza ex. This attack does 40 damage times the amount of (R) or (L) Energy discarded.

    Energy Recycle System

    Search your discard pile for basic Energy cards. You may either show 1 basic Energy card to your opponent and put it into your hand, or show 3 basic Energy cards to your opponent and shuffle them into your deck.
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