Chargers have the best chance of taking down the Patriots.

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by desert eagle, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    Over the last 2 weeks, we've seen what can get to the patriots:

    1. An aggressive pass rush defense that can get to Brady
    2. A strong running game.

    Philly has an aggressive pass rush, and an elite RB in Westbrook.
    Baltimore has an aggressive pass rush, and a pretty good RB in McGahee.

    SD has the BEST running back in the league, and what should be the BEST pass rush in the league (if cottrell doesn't forget what a blitz is, unlike what happened for 11 weeks or so to start the season). If we can shove Merriman/Phillips into Brady's face all game and not give him time in the pocket, we can contain the offense, and put the ball in the hands of LT to run out NE's aging defensive core. SD also has a quarterback that isn't as bad (on average) as Boller or Feeley, and we also lead the league in INTs and passes defensed. SD also has one of the best turnover margins in the NFL.

    If pressure goes to Brady, we can force a few bad throws or forced fumbles that lead to turnovers, kind of like what happened in the playoffs last year (yes we dominated Brady before the collosal choke). Brady threw 3 INTs in last year's playoff game, and last years def didn't start this years INT leader, Antonio Cromartie (god this guys turning into such a stud CB). This year, I'm sure nobody will be retarded enough to ignore LT in the second half, and McCree won't be an idiot and fumble an INT on 4th and 1. Sure the Pats have better receivers this year but receivers cant save Brady if he doesn't get the time to throw good passes to them.

    If anyone is going to beat NE this year, it's going to be the Chargers. If the Chargers lose on Jan. whatever, then the Pats are running the table and I'll die a little bit inside.

    /me retires.
  2. bullados

    bullados <a href="


    aggressive pass rush.....

    strong run game.....

    Isn't there another team in Pennsylvania that fits both qualities?
  3. drmario

    drmario New Member

    Yeah he is better on average than Boller, but Boller had a much better than average game by his standards. The Ravens would've upset them if it weren't for some plain old bad luck(calling the timeout) and bad referees.
  4. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    I can't believe in the Steelers after that Dolphins game, field and all :(
  5. HurricaneWarty

    HurricaneWarty New Member

    The Chargers have what it takes to beat New England as far as players go. The only problem is the coaching matchup couldn't be worse for San Diego. Turner would get so terribly out-coached and not put his guys in the right situations for them to make the plays. It's just the reality of having him coach your team.
  6. Charizardian

    Charizardian New Member

    Ummm...doesn't and agressive pass rush and an elite RB work against ALL teams?

    I agree with bullados, if anyone, it's the Steelers.
  7. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Lol kant I love how you made Philly and Baltimore listed for like the best pass rush when The colts pass rush is better then both!:cool: At tha moment right now even without dwight freeney, robert mathis is showing excellence. You know all this talk about pats going 16-0 is all hype. Ya there team can do it but lets face it the luck they've shown is ridiculous. There next 4 games are gonna be interesting.

    Just that the fact the jets and miami arent in the playoffs makes things very interesting. So if your a team not making the playoffs I guarentee you in those two games against the phins and the jets will go for it on 4th DOWN everytime unless in fg range. They have nothing to lose. The have ruining your record to gain.

    I think the giants game will be the best game outta all 4. But yea its interestin. took a poll on do u think the pats will go 16-0. Under 30 % said yes. Theyre not going 16-0

    O yea but anyway. The chargers are getting things moving. LT no question about is the best RB of the league. The bolts are definetely making the playoffs. It stinks that everybody is taking account to Adrian Peterson instead of him. I would love to see Chargers vs. Minnesota in the playoffs.
  8. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Of the remaining teams on the Pats schedule, the best shot to beat them is very likely the Steelers. Powerful pass rush? Not so sure, but they do have a stingy defense. Elite RB? Lots of yards, few fumbles, but no TDs. Great, young QB? Check, check, and triple check. Good receiving core? Good enough, IMO.

    I still think the team with the best chance to beat the Pats is Indy. Elite offense, good to great defense. They can keep the score close. Basically, whoever has the ball last in this particular matchup is the team that will lose. How does this make sense? The team with the ball in their hands as time expires is the team that couldn't keep up with the score during the last couple of minutes.

    I think that The Hoodie is peeved right now. Spygate. Close games. And now, a guarantee. Pats will win the regular season, I have no questions about that. They will meet Indy in the post season. That game will be the Super Bowl, cuz no team from the NFC can stand up to either Indy or the Pats.
  9. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    I think the Chargers are better than the Steelers overall. SD is the most under the radar team this year.
    Our losses have come against:
    NE on the road (2nd game with new HC vs them, obv no chance)
    GB on the road (look where GB is now. Plus, we should of won this game if it wasn't for a few little mistakes)
    JAX on the road (Again, good team, they dominated us first half but we were in it until that last INT)
    MIN on the road (Castillo injured 2nd half, Jamal injured, the loss points squarely to those injuries)
    KC at home (choked a 2nd half lead)

    The Steelers have had a MUCH easier sked than the bolts, yet they took 3 losses vs mediocre teams, not to mention only winning 3-0 vs 0-12 Miami. SD has had one of the toughest schedules in the NFL this year, and are still going to win the division, and can gain momentum if they can win their wild card game AT HOME vs JAX or the browns.

    Don't forget how bad LT torched NE's virtually same d (which has now aged a year and is missing colvin, even though they added thomas is still same, maybe worse than last year) in the first half before Cam forgot the MVP existed in the second half.
  10. spoinkmaster

    spoinkmaster New Member

    Chargers FTW! <3
  11. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Ya its real man. Come playoff time im pretty sure AFC championship will be colts vs. pats rematch. Both teams being 100% better and 100% stronger since the last years playoff. I felt that this year with indy vs. pats season game if vinerteri sunk both fgs he missed we would have won 26-24. Vineteris got a groin injury. Its weird it comes and goes. No one is giving the colts any props. Their offense and defense is imo the best in the league. but ya i agree with u that this year the superbowl champs will be the colts or pats. To be honest america needs a shocker right now so thad be cool if it was another team
  12. Charizardian

    Charizardian New Member

    All true, but you remember that that game was played in Indy, which may have one of the best home-feild advantages in all of sports. If that game was played outdoors in 12-degree weather and it was snowing, which it is likely to be come the AFC Championship, The pats would have won by a larger margin.

    And as for this "shocker", it'll come next year. All I can say is Arizona Cardinals, 14-2.
  13. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    I think the pats will play WORSE in bad weather, since they focus so much on the passing game. Their home field advantage won't be nearly as good as it was back in September when the weather permitted Brady to throw 2410478120948 TDs a game.
  14. Charizardian

    Charizardian New Member

    Do you know how many home playoff games the Pats have lost since Brady's been the starting QB?

    Give you a hint. It's a number between None and Zero.
  15. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Hey Look! A Chargers Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    chargers dont have that good of a chance
  16. HurricaneWarty

    HurricaneWarty New Member

    Do you know how many of those games New England lined up in 3 and 4 WR sets and threw the ball around the yard? The number is between None and Zero. NE's home field doesn't mean as much this year because they have a weak running game. Also, their front 7 have looked weak at times, and the loss of Colvin makes it worse because their best pursuer/pass rusher in Vrabel has to move inside more often than not. You can line up in double tight and run on the Pats right now. That hasn't been true for a long, LONG time.

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