Chattanooga SS prerelease report

Discussion in 'Archive' started by filinal, Sep 20, 2003.

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  1. filinal

    filinal New Member

    My day started out at 5.30 am. i woke up really excited and with a very good feeling about what was to come and got ready. i left home at ten to six cause i was meeting a friend at a place. got there and my friend wasnt there so i left. (the fact is i got the place mistaken and he was really waiting for me at another location. my fault). Then i prepared for my 2 hour drove from atlanta to chattanooga. arrive at chattanooga at 9.30 and meet TO Scythking (who is a very nice guy). sign into the tourny and fill in my forms. i get my 2 armaldos and wait for my packs as i sope to a newly met person, Jeff. once i got my packs i opened them slowly and prepared my deck:

    2 growlithe
    2 arcanines
    2 onix
    2 lotad
    1 lombre
    3 claw fossil
    1 zigzagoon
    1 linoone
    1 wingull
    1 pelipper
    1 sandshrew
    1 sandslash
    1 trainer (the one that lets you search for 3 basics)
    2 trainer (the one that lets you evolve the active by seacrhing for evolution)
    10 fire energy
    4 water energy
    4 fight energy

    i thought my deck was pretty bad but it turned out to be a blast!!!

    after i prepared my deck i engaged in my first battle.

    1st game-unknown trainer
    i started out with an onix, i thought i had the game almost one cause i had 60 damage on onix and preparing my rage when up comes delcatty and blows me off. i lost because of one miserable turn.

    2nd game-Ryon something
    he prepared his wobbuffet up pretty quicky, giving me 50 damage per turn. up come my sandslash and wobbuffet goes down. he then pulls 2 anoryths up and byeye sandslash. arcanine to the rescue and his anoryths go down. thanks to arcanine i had won my ist game.

    3rd game-Jeff
    this was pretty quick. i won with arcanine again. it wasnt jeffs day. not a vey good win but a win afterall.

    4th game-unknown lady
    this game was a blast. combination of growlithe and onix helped me take those nasty plant pokemon down. very close match because we were down to the last prize and arcanine finished it off.

    5th game- bryan
    this game was good too. i was faced with another arcanine deck. he began winning with his arcanine, up cam mine and we were each left with 3 prizes. he pulled anoryth i think and then pellipper cam to my aid. 2 straight prizes with pelliper and another finish with my aracnine.

    6th game-unknown lady
    my ist pokemon ex knockout. this game started out pretty equal but then my opponnt ran oput of good pokemon. she was left with no choice but to hang on with wailord ex!!! i had nothing but the lombre with the pokemon power. 6 staright heads and wailord had 180 damage!!!! and he was still trying to get powered up. i wasnt going to recurr to luck to end this so i finally pulled my growlithe up evolved and finished the game.

    7th game-final-he same unknown lady i had battled in the 4th game
    i had this feeling that something told me i wasnt going to win. i had already beaten this opponent once, it wasnt going to happen again. to make matters worse a look at my starting hand just revealed the truth. no box for me. no point in explaining this game. i lost pretty pathetically, i just couldnt manage to get my strong evolutions (arcanine and sandslash)

    but still i walked out with 16 boosters and a grin on my face. on top of that i bought another 16 paks to complete the box and then i had a great time opening booster back at home.

    the tourny was incredible although there were only 9 people in my category (15+) but still second place is not bad at all. i had been thinking that a 4th place would satisfy me and i ended up being more than satisfied. i had a great time. thanks a lot to Jon (scythking) and his family.

    i cant wait for the next one.
  2. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    cool, good to hear you had a nice time, too bad about the final though, I really hope we can go to the EX3 Prerelease, but money isn't quite available right now :s good report.
  3. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

    glad ya liked it

    I certainly enjoyed having you and all the other trainers that travelled to get here. I'm hoping that the next tourney will be even bigger - with a name like EX-Dragons it's GOTTA be good! That one will be November 15 so put it on the calendar. You guys with shakey rides - start getting something together. It would be great if we could see our North and South Carolina friends at the next one! We'll just have to ban picnics for that weekend (inside joke with Prime). Someone should rent a van and everyone share the fare. I keep hearing how many folks are in League around that area.
  4. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Lanette's Net Search

    Wally's Training
  5. Red5bv06

    Red5bv06 <a href="

    Yay, I had a fun time.
    Arcanine was the ONLY thing good I drafted (no holos in my six packs).
    Hope to see you next time!

    Oh, and props to Jon for doing a great job running the event despite all the distractions going on.
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  6. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Now I'm REALLY wishing filinal hadn't accidentally left me behind... :(
    Well, glad you had a good time.
  7. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Funny Funny, yeah hopefully I can make it this time. Dragons sounds awesome for a set name.
  8. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    Great report.... Sounds like things went well and you enjoyed
  9. filinal

    filinal New Member

    yeah, cant wait for the next one!! nove,ber 15th is it? i hope ill be able to make. (my brother has a soccer match that day) but, i think ill be able to convince him and my parents to take me. Ex: Dragons just lets you wondering what sort of pkmn are inside the boosters, i have a feelinf itll be a blast.

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