Chrisrocks 6-2 missed cut oregon states report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by chrisrocks, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. chrisrocks

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    sorry for a late report

    so a month ago i was playing a different card game (naruto) and i met someone at my locals who was good at that game and he decided to play pokemon. koichi and I helped him out with his deck for states and it looked decent (he was running blazechomp i believe). I debated on alot of decks like DialgaChomp, Sablock, Palkialock, Chenlock, HoPe, Magnezone/Regirock/Machamp/Blissey, Gyarados, and Luxchomp. I choose Luxchomp out of all the decks because i felt it was a good choice so I teched it a bit with Roserade (Edmund K added that for me) because the day before i saw some Sablock at the hotel and with roserade i can lock a sableye and initiate the garchomp war, also can work for mirror if i decide to use bright look and bring up a useless azelf. Honchkrow is another tech i added for some obvious reasons of Lostvilegar, Machamp, and Dialgachomp, honchkrow can be a sweet attacker, if setup properly. I did try weavile but i felt it was so clunky to use when trying to counter Lostvilegar. Oh yeah i also have smeargle to setup consistent starts, rather then that my deck has the usual luxchomp staples. Onto the report

    I let a friend from washington stay at my house due to him not able to be at a hotel, I get up in the morning get some caffine and ready to go. Im at the fair grounds and I see alot of the oregon/washington players. I regester and get a cool poisen marker that is in the shape of a bottel cap. I talk to some friends at a table before round 1 began.

    So parings go up and i see that im pared with last years regionals senior champ. the anoucements are up and there was 8 rounds and a T16

    Round 1 vs Amelia B with Luxchomp/dialga starting the day against a great player. we flip our pokemon over and i see she opens with a unown q start she starts, plays call, and searches for draggy and garchomp. I draw attach Dce to draggy with my luxray active and pass. she does stuff and passes. during this point i see she can't spray a bright look so i Lv up bright look her draggy and follow it up with a lookers throwing her cyrus hand away. i attach gain to dragonite and retreat to dragonite and kill her draggy. From there she returns the KO reluctantly and passes and from here it was blury when were trying to decide how we can minipulate the field but she just outplayed me by attacking perfectly with luxray at some points that i couldn't promocroak.from this point it didn't matter if i win the garchomp war seeing she had enough material for a luxray for her last prize GG.

    Round 2 vs scizor/umbreon

    This match was a bit difficult because i couldn't setup correctly but luckily i topdeck collectors and able to grab smeargle. i was able to win this easly because i would use luxray to counter the scizor with no special energy on luxray and roserade locking umbreon, i took some prizes through belted scizors for the win.

    so i head off to lunch worried about my record, hanging with Xander, and finding out other peoples records.

    Round 3 vs Random metagross stuff

    I get BDK up and 6-0 him xD

    Round 4 vs Micheal Chin with luxchomp/Dialga

    This game was alot like round 1 but i noticed dialgas true power in this game, and due to dialga i lost because we would both have the garchomp war ready and the first one who attacks pretty much loses if they don't have the correct DCEs and attacker like dragonite and garchomp, anyways the reason is because dialga is used to fodder out the garchomp while the player with dialga is setting up and hoping they kill somfinsotwins will activate and he can grab DCE and be setup ahead of me, and since he ran dialga i had no choice but to take a balsy prize off of his garchomp through my garchomp X and you know the rest. But still GG micheal and your a great player and sorry bout you not making cut.

    Round 5 vs Linda with Rhyperior/Delcatty

    this game was sadly insane because she had a belted rhyperior X and she has 6 prizes to my 4 from early KOs, but gawd i didn't know how to KO the rhyperior X with her doing a consistent 100+due to delcatty. i go ahead and let her take a prize while i hit her back with promocroak and since i did that she gets another prize and i surprize her with a great move of Gswitching a DCE off garchomp onto murkrow, play dark on murkrow and evo to Honchkrow and i hit for 140 for 2 prizes and from there i sweep for the rest of my prize cards for teh game.

    Round 6 vs ????? with ???????

    i forgot about this match but i won

    Round 7 vs Pokedad with steelix/t-tar
    he seemto be a newer playerand a father of a kid who plays the game. i get a god start and trade prizes in between garchomp and luxray ftw

    one more

    Round 8 vs Vilelostgar
    He gets a really bad start and im able to setup luxray and i am able to snipe a gloom through garchomp and from there he drawed crap.

    so me and my buddy xander go 6-2 and we both miss cut by 3-4 places with me missing by 3 and him 4.

    after swiss i stay and watch top cut and left with scizor winning states lol

    Olliver winning
    Harlan going 4th in seniors
    koichi going T8 in seniors
    Oregon/Washington for hosting such great events
    Chris B for going T4
    Simon B/Blitzer going T16 with MY ADVICE ON LUXCHOMP
    Eleki being a pro with KG FREAKIN L
    Edmund for the roserade tech
    Tim W doing Okay with Magnezone/regirock
    Jerin H winning with SCIZOR
    Xander V going 6-2 at his first POKEMON TOURNAMENT EVAR xD
    Liam W for going T4 in seniors

    Xander, Jason S, and I missing cut by such little places away. Lol.
    Simon for not giving me props on his thread for the luxchomp i helped him with.
    freaking losing to all the luxchomps I played
    and did i mention MISSING CUT?

    Anyways Thanks everyone reading and i'll write more reports when they come CYA.
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  2. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member

    I have slops and pops! I am a legend!

  3. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    Sucks u couldn't go to Washington. I scrubbed out at 4-3 lol
  4. chrisrocks

    chrisrocks Member

    ^Im fine with not going, assuming luxchomp was a badplay. but still that sucks that you went 4-3 with the best deck EVAR

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