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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Parm, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. Parm

    Parm New Member

    Please explian this card to me.

    Today I played someone in my league

    I had my T-tar up. He had Spiritomb on his bench. His attack put Mime to sleep and I had to put a card in the lost zone.

    He would roll and if heads, I would put a card in the lost zone, and then back to sleep.

    So, I couldn't attack because Mime can't be hurt when asleep. I couldn't use dardness howl, bacause Tomb is dark

    So, does he just keep rolling until I run out of cards or he uses Lost world?

    I am not sure how this works, as a noob to the game

    Thanks in advance

  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Well, a couple of things.

    When he attacks, yes, he puts the top card of your deck in the Lost Zone and goes Asleep.
    However, he flips right away to see if it wakes up.
    A player flips for Asleep between each and every turn.
    Between his turn and your turn, and then between your turn and his turn.

    So, if he stays Asleep during your turn, then Darkness Howl won't hurt Mime Jr and won't hurt the Spiritomb (because it is Dark Type). But if he flips heads after his attack, the Mime Jr is awake and you can do damage to it.
    Hopefully he wasn't just flipping after your turn.

    Next, you only mention Darkness Howl.
    You don't like Power Claw?
    Or only have one energy card in your deck?
    Read Power Claw.
    It's damage ignores effects on the Defending Pokemon.
    You get three energy on TTar, use Power Claw.
    ByeBye Mine Jr.
    Asleep or not.

    This is more "advice" than we usually get into in the Rules forum.
    In the future, topics asking for advice would be better posted in the Cards forum.

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