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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Mudkipper, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Mudkipper

    Mudkipper New Member

    I would like to start collecting TCG cards...but Im stuck between two games - Pokemon and YuGiOh!
    Yugioh seems cheaper...pokemon seems to be a little more fun to collect.Im not sure!

    Which would give me the highest profit if I decided to sell them one day?
    Whats your opinion?
    please no biased
  2. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    I dont know tbh.

    yugioh has proven its not worth selling with all the reprints either, its only a game worth making money on the moment something comes out. I dont think yugioh is a game you be able to make profit of any kind on in the future.

    Pokemon hasnt really shouted out profit either unless its like yugioh and something new comes out.

    really I would think that Pokemon might bring in more profit later on since you dont see the mass amount of reprints like in ygo.
  3. Mudkipper

    Mudkipper New Member

    I think I'll just start collecting when Majestic Dawn releases.....
    I might buy some old base sets just for the purpose of collecting (no selling)
  4. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Yugioh cards are really lame and depressing to look at. The artwork is just meh, and they are not very collectible since the values drop so fast. Yugioh is not the kind of game to collect IMO. Even the "coolest" monster cards aren't even worth anything. Pokemon cards are more fun to look at, and are a much better investment.
  5. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    its a good idea only for the fact old sets and promos tend to disappear.

    like on ebay and most people collecting its near impossible to find anything from the earlier years when WOTC had it, like base, Base 2 and impossible to find the old Japanese promos which were hard to find even when they were new.

    The thing also is that it might take 40 years down the road before the demand for Pokemon (assuming its not going on still in 40 years which is still a possibility with nintendo) that it may allow some people to get rich off of it.

    yugioh has left a sour taste in my mouth from a collecting viewpoint unlike what Pokemon did, most things that seemed to be the birth of yugioh from the start is near worthless.

    I bought an entire collection of yugioh not long ago, maybe about 2 years ago for $800 and it had just about anything you can think of in it, well since that period till about 8 months ago, I had added some to it, subtracted some from it, I was lucky to get $400 for it, matter of fact I only reached $350 for it, yugioh is a game thats too hard to manage collecting wise and it ends up biting you in the butt because they release reprint after reprint, and it dont help none that most of what people look for is things to win deck wise more then collecting, its just a miserable mismanaged game by the companies that own it thats some how got popular and stayed popular.
  6. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    YuGiOh definitely has the money thing, if you have money you will be good, they also can sell for high prices. (although I think Magic cards sell for even more) (can you say black lotus?)
  7. Mudkipper

    Mudkipper New Member

    is it true that all booster packs come with a Holo card?
  8. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    For Pokemon yes... but that doesnt mean the card will be a good one.. it just means that you do get a foil....

    Yugioh is WAY more expensive than Pokemon... Some cards go upwards of $130 and even more than that... and like homeofmew said.. if you have money you can win at yugioh without having any skill...
    NOTE: I do play Yugioh.. I made a decent deck but it can't be competitive because i dont have the "money" cards that would put my deck over the top...

    Pokemon... $20 or even less you can make tournament winning deck
  9. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    Money over skill seems to be how things go with yugioh, or else get in a team and have everyone lose to you or cheat, thats about the direction that game has went. Glad I got out of it and gotten rid of everything, before long that game is going to get buried and buried hard.

    But all of this aint about how cheap it can be to build a deck, its about whats going to have value later on down the line.

    Pokemon is obviously going to have it for many reasons stated, but down the line could be 20+ years to.
    its whenever the demand decides to occur for the old stuff.
  10. Mudkipper

    Mudkipper New Member

    do you guys know any places online that sell the cards in boxes or in bulk for cheap?
  11. Mudkipper

    Mudkipper New Member

    Finally restarted my collection today!

    I bought two of those 3 packs that come with a coin and free promo. I got a few reverse holos, although no Lv.X's or star pokemon.

    I got a weird Cacnea from my "Crystal Guardians pack". Its a holographic common Cacnea (not reverse holo) with the words "Ex Crystal Guardians" in the bottom right hand corner of it's image.Whats up with that? Its not there on Pokebeach's card scan
  12. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    YGO is a money game. Dark Armed Dragon and Crush Card Virus are both
    over 250 dollars a piece. And it's been even said, the cool cards aren't even
    that good anymore, like Blue Eyes and the Dark Magician.

    If your looking to start a new game how bout... a game that's really cheap.
    For instance maybe you should collect the new Dragon Ball Z Card Game
    that will be starting in July XD.
  13. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    Blue Eyes and Dark Magician never were good even when new. You could make a semi competitive magician or dragon deck, but surly not one you going to win a tourney with.

    DBZ wont have any value whatsoever years down the line.

    I think thats what the OP wants is a card game to have highest profit later on to sell.
  14. Mudkipper

    Mudkipper New Member

    anybody got any info on that cacnea card I mentioned?
  15. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    I got cards like that to, I think its common in those packs, thats it.
  16. Mudkipper

    Mudkipper New Member

    oh, thanks.
    THought I had something rare there,lol.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    oh, and another question.
    Are the cards supposed to be straight? Like perfectly flat?
    Mine have a slight curve in them....nothing too serious though....just a slight curve.
    Last edited: May 4, 2008
  17. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    That is so not true. Special Cards like Champion's Aura, Victorious Drill,
    Champion Drill, etc are actually worth quite alot still and the game is dead.
    The Dragon Ball GT TCG had one card called Broly's Legendary Ki Explosion
    sold over $500 and then another 1 over $300. So your statement is IMO
    completely untrue.
  18. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    Yeah but your talking about now, not later on.

    Japanese Birthday Pikachu was going for over $500 one time.
    ANA Moltres and Zapos were hitting around $150
    Lily Pad Mew Japanese were hitting for around $150

    This is just 3 good examples of pokemon back years ago, today you can find the Pikachu for about $50 if that, and the other 2 is probably going for under $40 now.

    Whats those cards going to do in about 7 years from now?
  19. Mudkipper

    Mudkipper New Member

    anyone know any good places to buy from offline?other than eBay.

    Oh, one little note on that card value topic: Charizard base set 1st edition holo is worth around $60, correct? How much was it when it first released?
  20. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    You know, I disagree with the whole Yu-gi-oh being so much more expensive of a game to play. Sure, if you want to build the absolute best deck, it will cost a lot of money. Remember that LBS with the [email protected]* was really expensive to build too.

    I just recently got into Yu-gi-oh, and boy did I spend a lot of money on it /sarcasm. I bought some cards when the first set came out, back when there were many lackbuster monsters. The game has changed so much, and most of those cards are stupid. Thankfully, around 3-4 years ago, I bought 2 preconstructed decks at a Wal-Mart. Yu-gi-oh Pre-Constructed decks own Pokemon Theme decks SO MUCH. The Pre-Constructed decks often time have below quality monsters, but make up for it by putting in many good traps and spells. In Yu-gi-oh, spells and traps can often time win you more games than the actual monsters, especially if you don't have the money for all the best monsters. So having constructed decks come with them was just awesome. I recently bought another pre-constructed deck, and it came with a whole slew of great cards too. I combined the 3 decks, threw in a few cards from the first few sets, and have had a blast playing people and being competitive. Total, I think I've spent around $30.

    You could NEVER do that in Pokemon.
    Try going out and buying three theme decks (even the same) and building a semi-competitive deck. Decks don't run without staple trainers like Celio/Bebe, Basic search, pokemon retrieval, good draw (mama's concern doesn't count), etc, etc. Even then, you have to have special energy like DRE/Scramble for many decks. And then let's look at the game right now. Most competitive decks can't even beat the popular decks right now. What are the chances that a new player will even be able to stand up to a decent deck right now?

    I see it all the time at the league I go to. People build decks by buying packs and theme decks. I bring a decent, yet nowhere near the quality of competitive decks, and just walk right over them.

    Sure, I won't be able to go to a Shonin Jump tournament and do well, but I can at least win some games in Yu-gi-oh after spending a little money (less than $50). Many people couldn't do that in Pokemon without having to buy each card by itself online.

    On the topic of where to buy Pokemon Japanese cards. They are cheaper, you get more out of them, and they look cooler. Seriously, I don't see a single reason for people to buy english cards right now. You aren't guaranteed a foil, or even a decent rare (that isn't reprinted 3 times). Even when you spend $80+ on a box, you end up with a few foils, and maybe a lv.X or two.

    I recently bought 4 boxes of DP4. It cost me around $270 (after $50 shipping). I pulled 11 lv.Xs (2 Glaceon, 1 Leafeon, 2 Garchomp, 2 Honchkrow, 2 Gardevior, 2 Cresselia), 80 foils (20 packs * 4 boxes * 1 foil GUARANTEED in every pack), a huge amount of Claydol, Pachirisu, Gardevior, etc, etc, etc. I was ecstatic over what I pulled, even though I pulled 1 less lv.X than average. How many lv.Xs would I have gotten in the ~3 boxes I could have bought of english cards? 0-6? I mention 0 because I've seen boxes end up with no lv.Xs. How many foils? 33-36? Look at the difference in numbers.

    Sorry if this was a little long. It was more of a combined rant on topics.

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