Colorado EX Dragon Prerelease Tournament

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    Pokemon Premier Tournament

    Attention all Pokemon players! The Dragons are coming. Be the first to catch them all. Test your training skills and try to master the most powerful Pokemon yet.

    Besides your old favorite dragons such as Charizard, Dragonite, and Gyarados, now there’s Latios, Latias, and Rayquaza, just to name a few. So, “bring it on” and experience the thrill of owning and controlling the ultimate Pokemon team.

    Date: Saturday, November 15
    Time: 9am (registration)
    Cost: $20
    Place: Dale’z Kardz and Komicz
    4341 N. Academy Blvd.
    Colorado Springs, CO

    Format: Players receive 6 boosters of the newest Pokemon set, EX Dragon. From those boosters, players construct 40-card decks and play about six rounds. Players will only play against others in their own age group (10-under, 11-14, and 15+). The players with the best records in each age group will receive prizes (see below).

    Prizes: Special PRERELEASE promo card for each player.
    Winners in each age group receive:
    1st 36 Dragon boosters
    2nd 18 Dragon boosters
    3rd-4th 9 Dragon boosters
    5th-8th 4 Dragon boosters


    - take I-25 south from Denver or north from Pueblo
    - take exit 146 in Colorado Springs (Garden of the Gods)
    - go east on Garden of the Gods road (it eventually turns into Austin Bluffs Parkway) for about 4 miles until you reach Academy Blvd.
    - turn left (or go north) on Academy and immediately get into the right lane
    - go two blocks and turn into the strip mall just past the second gas station on the right side of Academy
    - Dale’z Kardz is in that strip mall next to the Smoker Friendly store

    Other points-of-contact

    - Head Judge – [email protected]
    - Assistant Judge – [email protected]
    - Nintendo website –

    Side events

    - Game Boy Advance (GBA) Ruby & Sapphire tournament
    - Beat the Master Professor challenge

    Additional information

    - Dragon boosters will be sold on tournament day
    - Nintendo rules will be in effect, which include:
    -- One free retreat per turn
    -- First player doesn’t draw a card
    -- Confused Pokemon don’t flip to retreat
    -- Draw 1 card when opponent mulligans

    NOTE: Prizes are subject to change at Nintendo’s discretion.
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    And just for the record. No the Beat the Master Professor Challenge doesn't involve a water dunking tank. ;)

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